1. Another good read article… I prefer commercial banks… mostly of the leading banks today are in this type…

  2. hmmmmmmmm, i’ll choose Commercial Banks. hehe, you should choose the type of bank that suits your needs and requirements. as what you have said on your article post, if you’re doing an online business you should choose the bank that can handle online transactions such as PAyPAl withdrawal and other online transactions that needs your bank account.

  3. wow! another article with useful tips.. thanks Mr. Fits! would u mind sharing or suggesting a specific thrift bank?

  4. im a malaysian but i do have small bussiness in philipine. which bank can i open account and doing online banking? what requirement they need for overseas people to open account bank in philipine. which bank is good easy and convienience

  5. Quoting Fitz: “Recently, I went out and asked several bank managers about this, it’s unfortunate to discover that out of five, only two of them actually knew what Paypal is.” That would be a tad scary for me. I always like redundancy in the important things I do. When I moved to the Philippines 6 1/2 years ago, having several ways to access money from my US accounts was a top priority. PayPal with a Union Bank linked account was one of my back-up plans to send money to myself and always have at least two places where I could get emergency cash. I had to travel a good distance to open that account and PayPal exchange rates are way too high but the folks at Union bank were super helpful and made that part of my back-up plan work for me.

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