How To Choose The Right Bank For You

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Are you planning to open a bank account? If so, then the first crucial step you need to take is to determine which bank is the appropriate one for you.

There are so many banking institutions available nowadays that choosing the best one can be a bit confusing.

However, this process need not be complicated. All you need to do is to answer the following guide questions and I’m sure you’ll be able to easily choose the right bank in no time.

What type of bank do I need?
In the Philippines, there are basically three types of banks – commercial, thrift and rural banks. List down the reasons why you need to open an account and check if the bank of your choice satisfies your current requirements.

There are other classifications and sub-categories of banks but in general, these three cover the products and services that you typically need:

Commercial banks provide services such as accepting deposits, offer financial investments and loans. Their products are usually geared towards the needs of businesses and corporations.

Thrift or Savings banks are focused on cash deposits and originating home mortgages. They help individuals and families to plan a stable financial future.

Rural banks help rationalize the development of the regions by financing projects that support agricultural progress in the country. They usually offer high interest yields for deposits and investments.


Where is it convenient for me to do my banking?
The bank’s location should be a primary consideration in your selection process. Open your account in a branch that is accessible to you. It may be near your home, your office or in a place you often pass by or visit.

Evaluate your daily activities and check if a visit to the branch can easily be incorporated within your usual schedule. The days of operation and banking hours is also an important matter to study.

If you’re typically busy during the work week, it might be wise to open an account in a bank that’s available during weekends or those that offer telephone and online banking.

Moreover, you might want to consider the number of branches and automated teller machine (ATM) locations of the bank.

Is the bank’s rates and fees acceptable to me?
Go to your desired branch and ask their new accounts officer to orient you with their policies, rates and fees.

If you’re planning to open a savings account for example, it would be important to see if the required average daily or maintaining balance is acceptable to you.


It’s also essential that you become aware of their penalty charges and other fees so you can compare it with other banks. Choose the one that’s fair to your judgement.

What are the products and services that the bank offers?
Evaluate your short-term and long-term goals as well as your other financial requirements.

Check if the bank has the products and services that you need or might need in the future. For example, if you’re planning to invest in the money market, it’s appropriate to ask them what investment products they can offer you.

Or if you have an online store in eBay, inquire about their policies regarding online transactions.

Recently, I went out and asked several bank managers about this, it’s unfortunate to discover that out of five, only two of them actually knew what Paypal is.

How’s the customer service?
Here’s a suggestion: when you’re inquiring, don’t go in a business attire. Dress down and wear something casual.

I usually go to the bank in walking shorts, a plain shirt and sandals and check how the bank officers treat me. There should be no sign of discrimination between you and the others who look “more corporate”.

Observe how the tellers interact with the clients specially during busy times. Do they remain pleasant and courteous?

Lastly, you might want to solicit feedback from other depositors, specially those you know, about their customer service experiences in their banks and ask for recommendations.

Is your money safe in this bank? Do you feel safe in the bank?
To strengthen public confidence in the banking system, the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) requires all banks to provide deposit insurance coverage of up to P500,000 per depositor. Verify if the bank is a member of PDIC.

Furthermore, you might also want to consider the stability of the bank. Ask questions such as how long has it been in service? Who are its major clients? More importantly, check the security setup. Is the branch located in a safe area? Are the security officers alert?

Banking is one of the basic and most common errand we do in our lives. As such, it’s only appropriate that we consider where we do our banking.

Choose the right bank and they will not only meet your financial requirements but they will also become your guide and reliable partner in your journey towards financial freedom.

How about you? Where do you do your banking and why did you choose that bank? I hope you can share some more insights on how to choose the right bank.

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13 Responses to “How To Choose The Right Bank For You”

  1. juler says:

    Another good read article… I prefer commercial banks… mostly of the leading banks today are in this type…

  2. hmmmmmmmm, i’ll choose Commercial Banks. hehe, you should choose the type of bank that suits your needs and requirements. as what you have said on your article post, if you’re doing an online business you should choose the bank that can handle online transactions such as PAyPAl withdrawal and other online transactions that needs your bank account.

  3. Fitz says:

    Juler and Gusher,

    I also prefer commercial banks but I do keep a savings account in a thrift bank – that’s where I put the money I’m paying myself. Thank you guys for always coming by.

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    wow! another article with useful tips.. thanks Mr. Fits! would u mind sharing or suggesting a specific thrift bank?

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  10. che mohd hazidi says:

    im a malaysian but i do have small bussiness in philipine. which bank can i open account and doing online banking? what requirement they need for overseas people to open account bank in philipine. which bank is good easy and convienience

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