How To Avoid Lifestyle Creep (Episode 75)

Updated: June 21, 2021

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

In this episode, I defined what lifestyle creep is and illustrated how it could happen to someone.

I tell the reason why lifestyle creep is so common and yet many don’t immediately recognize it.

Finally, I shared a few tips on avoiding lifestyle creep and the best way to upgrade your lifestyle without compromising your finances.

Excerpts and Highlights:

Lifestyle creep, or lifestyle inflation as it is also called, is that gradual increase of your spending as your salary increases. And it’s a bad money habit that many don’t immediately notice.

I’m not saying that you should not upgrade your lifestyle. What I’m saying is that you should do it the right way.

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your lifestyle – you work hard and you certainly deserve it. But you also deserve a life without debt and financial worries.

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  1. When I stepped off the airplane in December eight & a half years ago to explore early retirement in the Philippines, I had no idea such a thing as “life style creep” existed. The eleven year bull market we have all enjoyed was young and going strong. Money was easy and I guess I was itchy to live large and enjoy what I was earning. I spent a lot, at times you could liken me to “the drunken trooper.” Not all my spending was stupid, I still live in the home I purchased as a retirement project although there are times these days I would rather have the cash to invest. Old guys (over sixty) & Gals also, can not obtain a new mortgage here in the Philippines. That cash spent on property could be invested in one of the future business ventures but I had not yet met and married my second Beautiful Bride after years of being alone when my first wife passed at a very young age.

    Normally, I am super conservative with money because of growing up in the home of my great depression era Grandparents. Apparently I needed a few years of excessive fun & spending to ready me for married life again. Never once have I regretted spending my time helping Beautiful Bride start up and grow a new business project. I get as much (perhaps even MORE) enjoyment looking over our portfolio growth as I did out carousing with the guys. Was it the marriage five years ago or the new business ventures that cured my Life Style Creep? I think it is the combination a super smart wife, three great children she brought to our union (now plus one new member) and finally ceasing new opportunities while we watch the growth. Yeah, I think I am cured.

  2. Thank you for this, Sir Fitz. I admire how you craft your contents po. Ang tagal ko na pong na fofollow sa inyo. I am happy that even if you already have your podcast, meron pa rin pong written insights because I super admire your writing style. God bless po and keepsafe.

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