How I Was Able To Turn My Life Around

Updated: September 26, 2018

I am often asked by people how I was able to quit the corporate world and become an entrepreneur. And many times, I would simply share my life story to them.

I’d tell them how I planned my resignation from work, how I built my first business, and how exactly I managed my finances. I thought that if I shared the concrete steps I took, then people can just choose to “copy” them. And then eventually they’d find their own success.

However, I realized that if I really wish to help them achieve their goals, then it’s not enough to just share the details of my life story.

More than that, I should be telling them, the most important and critical decisions I made. The choices that really allowed me to turn my life around. Things which I am now sharing with you below.

1. I decided that I will retire young, and retire rich.

I used to “dream” and “wish” that I could retire young and retire rich. This was what I did for many years but nothing really happened with my life.

Then one day, I made a commitment to myself – an absolute resolve. It was a “nothing-will-stop-me-from-doing-this” decision that I will retire young and retire rich. And from that moment on… everything started to change.

2. I stopped waiting for the “right time” to do things.

October: “I’ll wait for the year-end bonus before I resign from work.”
January: “I could be up for promotion, I’ll wait and see first.”
April: “I’d like to enjoy summer, so I’ll just tender my resignation in June.”
July: “Times are hard, it’s not a good time to be unemployed.”

These are the things which prevented me from leaving the corporate world year after year after year. Then finally, I said to myself, “If I don’t do this now, I’ll never will.”

I can’t recall anymore which month I actually resigned from work. And all I could remember now was the feeling of excitement and freedom; and the great realization that I should have done that much sooner.

3. I started to pay attention to the future.

During my first job interview, I was asked where I see myself five years from that time.

I answered with a well-rehearsed, “I’m looking for a stable and long-term career. And based on what I’ve learned about this company, I’m confident that there’s opportunity for me to grow here in the next five years.”

That was a BS answer just in case you’re wondering. However, that really got me thinking. And several years after, I finally had an honest and straightforward answer to myself.

Indeed, it was not until I started to really think about my future… the life that I wanted to live five, ten, twenty years ahead – that I began to live the present moment much differently.

Suddenly, owning the latest mobile phone seemed shallow compared to owning a business. A weekend spent in Boracay, began to pale in comparison to travelling the whole country.

When I shifted my time perspective – my small, short-term goals quickly gave way for big, long-term dreams. These then changed not only how I manage and spend my money, but how I make decisions in life.

How about you?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Remember that wherever that is, you should decide, commit and start working for that dream today, not tomorrow, not next week, next month nor next year – but today.

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  1. I hope to have my own company and not to be an employee anymore. I am only 24 but at 22, I started to feel unhappy. Considering that my salary is enough to pay my tuition (Im a working student) and cover for my daily expenses, still I am not happy about it. Just like you, I’ve had those reasons not to tender my resignation when I knew that that was the only thing that will keep me happy. When I got promoted, I thought I’d be settled but it just worsen the situation. There ware times when I cried simply because I don’t wanna go to work anymore but just can’t. I told myself, “May mali ba sakin? Masyado bang mataas ang ambisyon ko para magkaroon ng sarili kong business?. Mali bang gustuhin kong walang kumokontrol sakin?” Until 1 fortunate day, I was one of those employees affected by retrenchment (last in first out). And yes, I consider it to be fortunate day, my independence day. Now I am enjoying what I long wanted to do. Having my own business which is related to the things I love to do most while focusing on my studies.

    Your advices work on me and I wanna thank you for that! I really hope to see you in person 🙂

  2. At 30, 5 years from now, I see myself retired from the corporate world as well. And having my own business. Or businesses. Hopefully, I will. Of course, I will. 🙂 thanks for this inspirational thought, sir Fitz.


  3. Very inspiring article Sir Fitz. Though most people still think I’m young, I would like to start early. Also, I just would like to say that you’re one of the people that influenced me to start my own website blog, after reading one of your posts on blogging. Keep it up and I hope I can have a huge name like you in my site one day. Thanks Sir Fitz. 😀

  4. Your blog really inspire me. I’m 24 now. Now I’m decided to have a goal of having financial freedom 5 years from now. 🙂 I hope you continue to help us and inspire us in achieving our dreams. Thank you!

  5. i am an ofw (31yo) working for almost 4 years now but still have no sufficient or shall we call it ”enough savings” for my planned business. i am afraid if i will go on exit my life there would be difficult.Thank you bro because of your blog i am seeing a little light on it that i considered as my guide..keep it up bro..Godbless!

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