How Financial Independence Changed Me

Updated: May 24, 2024

Most people change over time, some for the worse and some for the better.

How a person changes depends on his or her decision. However, I also believe that the circumstances in one’s life are a big factor in affecting that change.

For example, I’ve been out of the corporate world for ten years now, and the journey has been a great roller coaster adventure.

Looking back and remembering who I was and comparing that person to who I am today, I can’t help but see how financial independence has changed the way I think, act, view, and respond to the world around me now.

Here are 10 things that happened and changed in me through the years:

  1. I am no longer stressed about life. I now look forward to each day, regardless if it’s a rainy day or a Monday.
  2. I’ve given up the habit of worrying and learned to accept life as it comes. No matter what happens, I can always rely on my skills (or learn new ones) to adapt.
  3. I don’t get bothered anymore by small and petty things, like people who drive slowly on the fast lane of the highway or unfriendly and unhelpful department store salespeople.
  4. I stopped blaming others when things became hard for me. I’ve accepted the fact that whatever happens in my life is caused by my own decisions and not because my parents, my teachers, or the government did something wrong.
  5. I now have a healthier self-image. I don’t have six-pack abs, big biceps, or broad shoulders – but I will not hesitate to take off my shirt on the beach and enjoy the sun and the sea.
  6. I now believe that the world is abundant with opportunities. I used to think that “opportunity knocks only once”, but I’ve learned that all you need to do is open your door, and you’ll see that they’re just all outside, waiting for you to come out.
  7. I’m always excited to try new things, especially those that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance before. Moreover, I don’t mind asking for help from others who are better than me at learning those things.
  8. There’s now less drama in my life. Gone are the days when I used to sulk in my bedroom to wallow in self-pity and regret. Whenever I feel sad or depressed, I simply exercise and run. Minutes later, I feel better and invigorate about life.
  9. I now care less about what other people think. What’s more important to me now is that I’m the best person that I can be to my friends and family.
  10. I am no longer afraid to fail or make and admit my mistakes because I’ve discovered that failures and bad decisions are not just learning experiences, but they also make success so much sweeter in the end.

I could say that pursuing financial independence was the best goal in life that I’ve ever worked really hard for, and it can be yours too. Try it because it’s all worth it.

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  1. Congrats Fitz, I envy you. I hope one day ill be able to get out of the rat race and achieve financial liberty.. By the way Fitz, need your thoughts on index fund investments here in the philippines. Do you think its a good investment? And should one desire, saan at paano ito gagawin? More power and Godbless!

  2. I love the number 1, that what financial freedom gives us. A worry free life, we don’t mind if it’s Monday or Friday. Everyday is like always a holiday.

    Because of your financial independence, you are living now in your own terms. Congrats bro.

  3. congrats for reaping what you planted for over the years. it’s been 2 years since i wanted to get rich and first subscribed to your blogs. and until now, your articles are still interesting because you make it (being rich) feel like a journey, and not just a goal to achieve. i still go to work, and every morning is painful leaving the house as I look at my 5 year old kid who’s still sleeping on the bed. In my mind I will become rich one day so i can spend more times with him… so far, it’s a challenging but enriching journey 😉

  4. I’m far from being financially independent but I’m in a better position financially now as compared to where I was two years ago. Even this little improvement in my circumstances has made me generous to my family. I feel confident walking in stores knowing that I can buy whatever takes my fancy.

    Hopefully, I can be like you Fitz 🙂

  5. You never cease to inspire a lot of your readers, Sir Fitz. I just started my journey to financial freedom just a year ago and I am somehow seeing some improvements in my life. Thanks!

  6. I can easily relate to your experiences and now litte by little, i’m enjoying my new journey. I’m still employed now but just counting days for my resignation and forgetting my company e-mail :-). My sincere thanks. Hope that you’ll inspire more,and more people.

  7. this cracked me up – #5 I don’t have six-pack abs, big biceps, nor broad shoulders – but I will not hesitate to take off my shirt on the beach and enjoy the sun and the sea.

    I can just imagine you running through the beach 🙂 love this post

  8. Inspiring post. In your list, my favorites are 2, 6, 7 and 10. If we take out blaming in our lives and accept that every thing that happens to us are results of our decisions (actions or inactions) we can change everything for the best.

  9. Like this blog a lot! Anyways, I need financial advice for my cousin. She has $300,000 and wants to invest it to earn at least $1500 a month. What is the safest investment she can make to avoid losing the principal? TD, Tbills, etc. Thanks in advance!

  10. This is very inspiring, Fitz!

    I know that a lot of your readers (including me) are having their own personal journeys toward financial independence, and sharing some of the best life-changing lessons you have learned really motivated me to strive harder towards my goal of freedom.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. 11. Fitz has become even more generous in sharing his wisdom. He has always been generous, cheerfully helping people who ask for his advice. He’s not afraid of revealing his business secrets. Perhaps it is in line with #6… his abundance mentality, belief that there are so many opportunities for everyone.

  12. That is so true sir, you get to live life to the fullest when u’r financially independent. truly less worry. I’m looking forward to achieve that as well. But maybe only once I got out of the jailbars of being employed and successfully establish my own business hopefully that I’ll never have to work for a moody boss, lol.

    I wish I could learn more of your practical approaches (or maybe, hopefully u can share them all, haha my wish) in life, career and business. So I stay tuned to your postings just in case u would spill more of ur practical secrets haha.

    Thanks for nice articles Sir. I look up to u.

  13. I love No. 7. You will not know everything. Look for mentors that will guide you along the way. Instead of standing on the ground, stand on a giant. Thanks Fitz for this.

  14. The benefits of being financially independent is really awesome, i will be having them soon too, especially dong what i want when i want and where i want. Thanks for this

  15. It is a very special day in any persons life when they can honestly say “I no longer work my @$$ off for money, I now allow my money to work for me. ” The more free time you have away from struggling to live, the more time you have to invest in greater productivity, higher potential business ventures and especially invest in YOURSELF. You jump off the merry-go-round that spirals down and onto the financial “freedom train” that really can, with a bit of knowledge and effort climb those big mountains. I am loving the ride. The best part is, you do not have to become the arrogant, high & mighty, I am better than everyone else. pompous jackass that humble people dislike. You remember your roots in life and find joy & happiness in helping others to improve their lot in life.

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