How Developing an Abundance Mentality Can Lead to Riches

Updated: September 27, 2014

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

How about the Abundance Principle?

I first encountered these concepts when I read Think and Grow Rich back in high school.

I’ve actually forgotten about it for many years, only to be reminded of its lessons again when I got my hand on The Secret.

And from that moment on, I’ve taken and applied the power of positive thinking into my every day and I am now one of the many people who will attest that it works – a mentality that I share with Jane, our guest blogger for today.

Below, she shares her own thoughts regarding The Principle of Abundance and how it can lead you to riches and wealth that you deserve.

Let’s now read what she has to say.

The older I get, the more I realize the openness of opportunity in life and the affect of my attitude on achieving them.

The first step toward achieving anything you desire is believing that you deserve to have your dreams come true.

There is no need for bitterness, jealousy, or self doubt because you can create anything you choose once you accept that you can have abundance in your life.

Believe in Abundance

There are two kinds of people in this world, one is bitter stingy and fearful of an uncertain future, while the other is cheerful, upbeat and confident, knowing that they have a lot to offer.

The latter see themselves as generous caring people who will reach out to help others, simply because they can handle whatever life throws at them, and still have an abundance of mental, physical and financial resources to share with others.

Life flows well for these people, and there is nothing they cannot do.

Abundance Starts in the Mind and Heart NOT in the Wallet

Even when times are tough, those who have an abundant mindset realize that they can find a way to provide for themselves and help others along the way.

It takes tremendous confidence, self worth and security to maintain an abundance mentality in the wake of difficulty; but once mastered – this mental discipline can really pay off.

Instead of bemoaning what you lack, see the abundance of opportunities present to get exactly what you want.

Abundance Mentality Attracts Abundance

People with an abundance mentality draw others to them like a magnet. Everyone draws great security from abundant thinking friends, and they are a tremendous benefit to the world.

The most wonderful thing is that the universe reciprocates the gift of abundance mentality. When you believe in positive possibilities – they become realities in your life.

To a large degree, expectation determines outcome. If you believe it, then you can receive it; but if not, then you aren’t likely to accomplish anything.

How to Develop an Abundance Mentality

Most children are born with an abundance mentality, but at some point, this instinct becomes eroded.

We lose our self confidence and come to believe that we do not have the potential for greatness. Sometimes we began to feel helpless, and as if we are not masters of our own fate at all.

There is a condition known as learned helplessness, in which a major failure in life can result in the false belief we cannot help ourselves.

Overcoming Learned Helplessness

The prognosis for learned helplessness is very good, because the cure is simple.

Assign yourself small tasks, and do not give up until you finish them, and then celebrate your success.

Then choose some slightly larger tasks, and complete them, then reward yourself more, and assure yourself that you are able to do what you set out to.

Work your way up to major life goals, and enjoy success, because you can do anything as long as you really try, and do not give up.

In Conclusion

Remember that life is not a competition. Everyone is a winner unless they decide not to be. Success is a choice, which involves hard work, determination, and cooperation with others.

There are many people in the world who have become convinced that they are helpless, miserable, and must cling to every small scrap of life that have inadvertently been given to them – but this is no way to live. Believing in your lack only leads to poverty, but abundant thinking leads to an abundant life.

This article was contributed by Jane Sanders from Visit her site for tips on managing credit card debt.

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  1. hello, this is the first time I’m commenting, though I’ve been here several times. anyway, i just want to ask if there’s a way I can put my extra 5k to good use? is there a safe investment out there? I saved that money for a year so I’m adamant, but I want it to grow. i’m 19 sir, and my parents aren’t familiar with business or bank stuff. I’d be thankful for your reply.

  2. Hi annie, it depends on how much time you have and what your interests are. If you’re really busy with school, then just putting the money in a bank account is financially smart enough at this point.

    But if you believe you can be more entrepreneurial, then use that money to buy or make something which you can sell for profit.

    Lastly, investing in learning is also a good option. Use the money to buy books about your interests or perhaps about business and investing.

  3. for annie hi, this how i invest my money me and my two sister secure some amount every payday. the one who handle the money was my 17 year old sister and she invested that money to add around 10 percent per month interest. in that way she learned how to handle money.

  4. hi millionaires side, can i ask what kind of investment your sister did? that’s quite a good idea, investment with a 10percent earning per month! i would really appreciate your help. thanks.

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