How Building Relationships Can Save You Money

Updated: February 14, 2022

Social networking has become a big part of our everyday lives.

From our family, friends, and other “real world” contacts; to our online communities and internet pals – our social connections and how they affect and influence us has greatly increased over the years.

While it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to “keep up” with all of them, we should really do our best to give it proper time and attention.

Because in more cases than you could expect, these connections will present their value to us in unexpected ways.

To give an example, we have a guest post from Raine, who will now share how a simple gesture of friendship turned into a rewarding experience she enjoys today.

A Sandwich Story

I have a favorite sandwich shop that I occasionally like to visit for lunch during the workweek. It’s a short walk from my office and is located in a little park downtown.

It has a nice covered patio to sit on while you eat. They make really good breakfast sandwiches for two dollars less than the lunch sandwiches, but these breakfast sandwiches are just as filling, in my opinion.

Unfortunately for my lunch budget, they stop making these sandwiches around 11:00 AM.

One day, I was waiting in line to get lunch and I noticed the owner outside, sweeping up some trash.

I said hi to him, and he introduced himself and asked me how I was doing if I had any thoughts on the food or the service.

I said that I loved everything on the menu, told him I come here once a week, but that I’d really love to be able to get the breakfast sandwich during lunch.

Guess what he did?

He turned to his workers and told them to whip up whatever I wanted. I made a point of thanking him and introducing myself to the worker at the counter.

Since that day, I have often done my best to say hi to the owner and ask him how he’s doing. I am polite to the workers, and I always ask for the sandwich by my name; I like to call it “my special”, and they know what to make me, even if it’s not during breakfast.

And best of all, I get the savings on the sandwich and still eat a hearty lunch.

The point of this story is to say how important it is to make sincere connections with people around you; because you never know if you’ll get a good deal out of it.

By initiating a human relationship, you can put a face and a name to a service, and the business person can likewise do that for a client. Sure, it’s only a few dollars a week, but at the end of the year, that will add up to a good amount of savings that I can put towards something else.

This guest post is contributed by Raine Parker, an accountant based in London.

Do you have your own story to tell? Then why not share them here.

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  1. Nice article bro…I am doing the same thing to save on my parking just being friendly to the staff and treating them like your friends I also gave them a little something last Christmas and now I get to park for Free! =D

  2. Yep. building a good relationship with any person that you think would be a great asset to you is one way of building wealth. Just for me. And it literally is building wealth. When you need assistance, they can help you and will help you. That’s wealth.

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