15 Responses to “High-Yield Savings vs Time Deposits vs Conservative UITFs”

  1. KCOM says:

    Still stocks investment on blue chips is quiet more profitable when i distribute 100k on 3-5 companies that would yield even better profit from disposing them after 4 years (plus dividends.) Compare them with previous posts here about stocks. 🙂 im happy to have started earlier.

  2. robby says:

    Hi fitz, this is a good post , thanks for the information, any suggestions or alternative on how to pay huge credit card debts, thanks

  3. Joel says:

    All of the investment choices mentioned have yields lower than the inflation rate.

  4. Fitz says:

    Yes, well-placed stock investments do perform better. 😀

    You might want to look into this snowball method strategy

    That’s correct, high yield savings and time deposits could never protect you against inflation. However, some conservative UITFs are able to do that.

    Basically, HY savings and TDs are primarily there for emergency fund protection. But for long-term savings, you should really go for moderate to high risk investments which beat inflation rates most of the time.

    Thank you for the thoughtful insight.

  5. nix says:

    how was it? better a savings account right? again. thanks for the article!

  6. Glenda says:

    Hi Fitz,

    This article is very helpful. Thank you so much!

  7. Sean says:

    American Banco of Asia is now offering a high-yield savings account boasting no fees and very low balance, but high security and highest savings rates. You could see big differences in rates by ABOFA (+16% per year). And fully different savings approach.

  8. maricris says:

    i like to know if there existing american bank of asia in the philippines .thank

  9. Raymond says:

    Hi Fitz,

    Any sugestions where I can venture for a HY savings and Conservative UITF? By the way, your blog site is really helpful. Thanks!

  10. Inflation will eat up your investment! Stock market is still the uncontested and more profitable than any other investments. Four years of faithfully investing (good companies)a fixed amount monthly would draw a big difference!

    Compounding interest is much seen in stock market if you’re on long term investments!

  11. Fitz says:

    Thanks junorquillas for that insight, as a stock market investor myself, I completely agree.

  12. Cristy Laderas says:

    your blog is very helpful..I hope you could e-mail to me the answer to all my questons..How could I invest safely in stock market?Pls. give suggestions where to invest and process to invest,whom I talk to..thanks!

  13. xtin says:

    time deposit your money in cooperatives (e.g ficco) for they don’t have withholding tax

  14. Felipe S Diman says:

    What is a high-conviction stock or high-conviction fund?

  15. wils says:

    when is the right time to start investing in stocks and what indicating factors should i be concernd with?

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