Great Things Start With Small Beginnings

Updated: December 10, 2020

Great things start with small beginnings.

If you’re in the Philippines, chances are – you didn’t read that first sentence.

Instead, you sang it to the tune of the local Milo commercial theme.

I know because I did – several times.

Originally taken from an American proverb, that line has always served as a reminder for me whenever I find myself faced with a difficult goal.

Baby steps – that’s how others would say it.

Take baby steps. Break your tasks into smaller pieces. Solve a simpler problem first. That’s how you start.

How do you get to manage your budget and live within your means? It starts by just tracking your daily expenses.

Have you always dreamed of owning a chain of retail stores? Why not start with something simpler like selling your stuff online.

Do you want to be rich and achieve financial freedom? Then start by simply writing those goals down on paper, yes that’s how you start.

Small beginnings, fueled by passion, discipline, and perseverance, that’s how you get to do and achieve great things.

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  1. Guilty 🙂 I was singing those lines sa email ko pa lang and while waiting for your blog to open. But that’s a very good reminder, especially if we are overwhelmed with things we want to do and do not know where to start.

    Thanks for making my Monday!

  2. A simple but great reminder, Fitz. I think this is what all of us should realize, that all big companies starts from a dream.

    Afterward, this dream will create plans and few small steps will follow.

    Later, this small steps will be a high jump towards a continuous success.

  3. Excellent advise for those just starting out or those who have faced a setback and must recover lost ground.

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