Good News for OFWs: You Can Now Buy Life Insurance Online

Updated: June 11, 2015

Life insurance is an essential part of a sound financial plan. It provides financial security and peace of mind to those who mean the most to you – your spouse, your children, and dependent parents.

However, if you’re working as an OFW, access to life insurance is not easy. Most Filipinos would have to wait until they can visit home to avail one.

Fortunately, AXA Philippines just launched the very FIRST online store for life insurance, which caters to Filipinos, especially OFWs.


Educational Plan

The cost of college education in a good private school today is over P100,000 a year and tuition fees also regularly increase.

Academic Exentials is an educational plan with guaranteed cash benefits to help you with the costs of college education like tuition fees, textbooks, or learning materials.

Automatic Savings Plan

Savings Exentials is the easy, convenient and automatic way to save even while you’re abroad. Another feature of Savings Exentials is that you won’t have to pay premiums if you get totally or permanently disabled.

Moreover, should you become disabled or suddenly pass away, you or your family will still receive the guaranteed cash benefits on your savings plan when your Savings Exentials matures.

Health and Disability Insurance

More and more people are getting sick with critical illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Treatments for these can be very expensive.

With Health Exentials, you get a value-for-money health plan that can provide you more than P5,000,000 worth of medical benefits for as low as only P59 a day.

Health Exentials gives you high coverage in case you get any of the 35 critical conditions or illnesses covered, 100% upon diagnosis and another 100% if you get totally and permanently disabled because of the condition.

You also get a cash benefit for every day of hospitalization when you are confined in for 3 days or longer, plus double the amount in case you’re confined in the ICU (intensive care unit). You also get a cash benefit if you reach age 55 without using this critical illness insurance plan or in case you pass away within the coverage period.

Life Insurance

You work hard away from your loved ones to give them a good life. But what happens if you unexpectedly pass away, especially while you are abroad? Who will take care of the day-to-day needs of your family?

With Life Exentials, your family and loved ones can receive cash for up to 60 months in case of your death or upon diagnosis of a terminal illness, even while you’re abroad.

Your family can use the guaranteed cash benefit to help pay for daily living costs, including household expenses, food, rent, and utility bills. They can also stay ahead of long-term costs, like education or mortgage, even after you’re gone, so that your dreams for them can still come true, even when you’re gone.



It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your plan and apply for insurance by completing the easy and simple online insurance application form.
  3. Pay premiums online using your credit card

REMEMBER THIS: After payment, a representative from AXA will call you to confirm that all information you provided is complete and accurate.



What are the payment options?
You can use your Visa or Master Card credit card to pay for your monthly premiums. AXA iON provides the convenience of Auto Charge Facility that automatically charges your monthly premium to your credit card.

Can I use someone else’s credit card?
No you may not. You must be the owner of the credit card that will be used to pay for the initial premium payment as well as the succeeding payments.

My credit card might be hacked. How can I be sure of the security?
You need not worry about the security of your credit card details. AXA iON’s payment partner, PesoPay (AsiaPay), is the only online provider in the Philippines to achieve the highest security compliance in the world, PCI DSS 2.0. It is trusted by 7,000 merchants across Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.


I do not have a credit card. What are my options?
You may avail of any of the Exentials products via accredited AXA financial partners in AXA, Metrobank and PSBank branches. You may also set an appointment with an AXA Financial Partner nearest you using

Do I need to submit documents or visit an AXA branch?
No document submissions needed. AXA iON is a paperless transaction from start to finish. No need to print, scan or visit any AXA branches. By going through the online application process, you will provide all the information needed to effect your plan.

Do I need to talk to an insurance agent to complete my application?
Applications in AXA iON are simple, straightforward, and very easy to accomplish. However, if you have an AXA financial partner and wish to be assisted, that is acceptable and allowed.


ABOUT AXA Philippines

AXA is a global leader in insurance, which takes care of 102 million lives in 56 countries worldwide.

The company has given out 15 million US dollars in customer benefits in 2013, and invest in technology to pioneer solutions and services that can continuously meet customer’s ever-changing needs.

In the Philippines, AXA has partnered with Metrobank Group, the country’s strongest bank according to The Asian Banker.


Do you have questions? Type them below in the comments section.

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  1. I called AXA at the number given on their website 5815292. A machine answered. You know how is it when a machine answers-press 1, press 2. It’s infuriating for a would-be client to hear that. I need a human answering my calls or directing my calls to the right person. AXA spends so much on marketing but fails at first contact. I hate it when a machine answers my calls. And this is a feeling shared by many.

  2. Hello, Mr. Edgardo Roxas. Thanks for calling our hotline. We apologize for this poor customer experience you had. We completely understand your frustration. We are actually in the process of changing our telephony system so that you can reach an AXA customer service representative in an easier way.

    In the meantime, you may try the chat facility on our website ( You will find it on the lower right portion of our homepage as a tab labeled “Chat with an AXA Rep.” We would be glad to assist you with any of your queries. The facility is live from 8am-8pm, but you may also leave a message outside of these hours through the same facility, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

    You may also choose to set an appointment with an AXA financial partner. Simply go to and choose a financial advisor nearest you or whose qualifications and credentials meet your standards.

    Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We look forward to serving you better.

  3. After payment, how will you confirm if an OFW (seafarer) has only one roaming number (can be reached thru text only) and most of the time has no signal?

  4. Hello, Mr. Ed Escueta. Yes. You may avail of any of the plans available in AXA iON. Simply visit the site, fill out the application form and pay via credit card. It’s that simple and convenient.

    Should you need further assistance, you can email us at

  5. Hello, Shane Roma. Thank you for expressing interest in AXA iON. If we are unable to contact the client on the first try, we will send an email to ask the best time to contact him/her and proceed to call on the date and time indicated.

    If you have other concerns, you can email us at

  6. How much is the annual pay for health insurance for the family? Where can we found some details of the insurance that we to we want to apply like coverage , payment, etc.

  7. i have read about the educational plan ang it says it is payable for five years. question is how much will i pay for the educational plan and is it monthly or yearly?
    hope to hear from u soon..
    thank u and Godbless

  8. how much the monthly pay for health insurance fo the family,and what are the requirements that we want give,if we want to apply this insurance..thank you..

  9. hi AXA Phils! interested ako sa online insurance program nio, but I guess we need further explanation on the following: “THIS FINANCIAL PRODUCT OF AXA PHILIPPINES IS NOT INSURED BY THE PHILIPPINE DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (PDIC) AND NOT GUARANTEED BY METROBANK”. how can AXA guarantee na safe and protected ang investment namen with this online insurance program if it is not insured by PDIC and metrobank?

  10. Hello! About the health insurance, will the coverage is per sickness basis? How will be your coverage, will you pay the hospital directly or will it be on reimbursement basis which I heard from a friend? Shall appreciate to hear from you

  11. I am an ofw however i belong to an lgbt community. When you say family that is either by blood or binded by law? What are my options if i would like to get one for me and my partner and her child?

  12. @Edith
    Please visit this link:

    You can create a “Life Insurance Trust”, and then assign the trust entity as your beneficiary when you get life insurance.

    A Life Insurance Trust is a set-up wherein a trust entity or a bank collects and distributes the proceeds of your insurance, according to whom you want it to be given to.

    You may inquire with Landbank, DBP, PNB, and Philippine Veterans Bank for more details as they offer Life Insurance Trust.

    I will also write about this soon.

  13. I am an OFW and an account holder in Metrobank. Instead of using credit card, I would prefer fund transfers and scheduled payments for my monthly/quarterly premiums using the bank’s online facility. Can this be arranged?

  14. i just want to ask on how to avail the retirement plan and what are the requirements.

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