Good Business Ideas For Tourism

Updated: January 27, 2013

I started really traveling to different destinations and attend festivals in the country last year.

And in my travels, I realized that there are a lot of good business opportunities with regards to tourism in these areas.

Personally, I believe that the tourism industry is a good market to tap for business because your customers are people with money to spend.

Basically, your market is composed of three segments – business travelers, local tourists and foreign guests. Realize that these groups have different needs and wants which you can focus on. But nevertheless, as tourists, they also have common interests which your business can take advantage of.

Let’s look into more detail on these as we enumerate some good business ideas for tourism.

Everyone who travels will need a place to stay. While hotels and timeshare resorts are the usual choices for tourists – a cozy bed and breakfast place or even just a simple but comfortable bedspace can be very profitable. There are a lot of budget conscious travelers (i.e., backpackers) and if you can provide a cheap place to stay, then you can expect guests to always “check in” to your business.

More importantly, learn how to advertise and promote your business online because it’s usually where people do initial research. Such was the case when me and my friends went on our Ilocos Tour last year. We didn’t know anyone from Ilocos that’s why all information on places to stay in, we just found on the internet.

Food & Dining
Another basic necessity which you can provide. But keep in mind that since you want to cater to tourists, then you should offer a dining experience that’s unique and memorable for tourists. The best way to do this is to serve the famous dishes in your area and provide the right ambiance for it.

Bacolod is famous for its Chicken Inasal, ask anyone there and they will say that the best place to have it is in Manokan Country. You’d really want to build that kind of reputation and be a must-eat destination for tourists. Such is the case, in my belief, is what Calea in Bacolod has done.

Entertainment, Leisure & Tour Guides
Bars, museums and local festivities are the primary sources of entertainment for tourists. But as a simple resident, I believe that income opportunities still abound. You may not be able to have enough money to build your own bar or restaurant, but you can definitely start your own small tour guide business and offer services like simple walking tours of the city.

Meanwhile, those who have ancestral homes in the province can also consider turning their place into a museum. Also, one can also consider making a website or a blog that will serve as a virtual tour guide to potential tourists the area, just like what my friends of Visit Sagada has done.

Moreover, in my opinion, one business idea that would do well is selling “survival kits” to tourists. You can start by making a handbook with the local map, a destination guide with transportation rates, some information on local history and trivia; then add a language / dialect translation guidebook, include a few souvenirs and package it all in a nifty bag and you’ll have a winner.

Lastly, selling souvenirs is another way to bank on local tourism. Local crafts top the list of souvenirs for tourists. You can choose to make these at home and sell them through consignment in tourist shops. Homemade delicacies is also a favorite pasalubong so if you’re good in the kitchen, you might want to try that as well.

But aside from these, one can also start their own line of souvenir items such as the shirts, postcards, keychains and other items. Personally, my favorite souvenir to buy when I visit a place is a shirt and I often have a hard time looking for good quality locally made shirts that will last as long as the memories of my vacation, if you know what I mean. :)

Do you live in a place that’s often visited by tourists? Then why not consider starting your own tourism business and share your local pride to the rest of the world.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your good Ideas in Tourism Business.. Actually, I am a Boholano,and I leave in a very popular town of Loboc..if you heard about Loboc Childrens’ Choir,? WELL, that’s exactly the place where I leave.

    I have also a business initiative, that I believe that this is going to happen very soon. But if you are Honest, a peson to be trusted and wanted to be my potential partner, I am willing to share it with you,to whom are interested in this business concept i had in mind.God Bless Us All!

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  2. I want to start business in the tourism industry which has to do with promotion of local tourism. What I want to do is to promote locals to invest or bank money for their dream vacation. Is it workable and how possible is it?

  3. Hii m a girl studying bachelor degree in tourism…i want to explore the richness of natural beauty of my natively meghalaya ,as in meghalaya dr is still unexplorable magic beauty like cherapunjee,mawlynnong,etc..thanks for your kind suggestion :)

  4. hi there,
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  5. Great Article, Thank you for your efforts to create awesome Post, it will help to many new start-ups, there are lots of opportunities in travel industry, you can start your own travel agency or become a certified travel agent or start travel blog to share travel guides and share expertise in travel destinations. you have to put the efforts in some research and start with innovative ideas, Thanks for sharing.

  6. i also want to start my travel and tourism business,i love travelling and meeting people. how do i start and go about it.

  7. Really worth reading ..I am in tourism sector for more tham10 years I have tried lot of ome o promote my village which is only 10 min drive from the main market but still I am not being able to understand.why the tourist like o stay in crowded place

  8. Hi
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