I’m Giving Away Tickets to the Financial Fitness Forum 2016

Updated: March 8, 2016

The Financial Fitness Forum is a one-day personal finance event that answers everything you need to achieve your financial goals!

Regardless of your situation in life, whether you are salaried employee or entrepreneur, this is your opportunity to get valuable personal finance advise you can’t afford to ignore.

This event by the Registered Financial Planner® Philippines is happening on March 12 at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.


Why attend?

First, you’ll learn fresh ideas on investing, powerful insights about wealth building and apply new strategies in growing your money.

You can also discover new stategies on money management and personal finance to prepare yourself with any money challenge.

Moreover, you can get valuable advises on saving for your retirement, tips on insurances, and all other money challenges from high-caliber speakers.

And lastly, you’ll be able to get ideas on how to prepare your financial roadmap and autopilot your finances to build your long-term savings.

A total of sixteen Registered Financial Planners, including me, will be speaking and sharing their insights on personal finance, investing, asset management, and wealth building.

My topic for the day will be about investing in real estate and the role it plays on retirement planning. I’m really excited to share my insights on this, so I hope you can be there.

Visit www.financialfitnessforum.org to learn more about the event and see the other topics that will be discussed on that day.

Raffle Time!

Do you want free tickets? Then answer this question in the Comments section below:

Aside from me, who among the speakers are you excited to learn from at the Financial Fitness Forum 2016 and why?

There will be ten (10) winners who will receive one free ticket each, determined via electronic raffle, and will be announced on or before March 7 here on this page.

Winners will contacted via email, so make sure you enter that correctly when submitting your answers below.

Winners List

I used Random.Org to draw the winners. Multiple entries were treated as one name. And here are the names in the order they were drawn. If your name is here, kindly check your email for instructions. Congratulations!

  • Argie
  • Ira Gayll Zamudio
  • Jean Frances
  • Anna
  • Franchette Dulfo
  • GPC
  • Pinky
  • Mary Ruby B. Alinea
  • Omairah Laag
  • Brenda

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  1. Marvin Germo. I was able to attend a talk he gave a few years back to get people to start investing in Philippine Stocks. I appreciated his no-nonsense approach full of actionable tips that made investing less intimidating for beginners.

  2. MARVIN GERMO. To get to know more in depth perspective on the stock market and how to make profits regardless of the economic situations. Overall, the list is pretty awesome. Hope i can get free tickets!!

  3. 1. Salve Dulpito-i want to see her personally as i am following her at “ANC-on the money”. I want to hear her again giving financial lietracy.
    2. Rex Mendoza-i heared about him, i want to hear him personally.
    3. Noel Arandilla-im an avid fans of him, i usually heared him in IMG Cebu.
    4. Actually i want to hear all the speakers to provide me more inputs as far as financial literacy is concern.

  4. Randell Tiongson, is an advocate of Life and Personal Finance. He has become one of today’ most respected personal finance  advocate here in the country. The first time I saw and listened to Randell in one of his seminars, I immediately saw a kindred spirit. Someone who has passion for financial literacy, not as a money making business, but as a real advocacy. He can teach you while having a laugh trip. That makes the teaching moments a lot more enjoyable. Hes one of my favorite advocates and lecturers.

  5. Hi. I’m curious to hear what the others can provide as an advice on financial planning even if I don’t know them. I only know you (Fritz) as I’m following your posts and Salve Dulpito from ANC and I get regular valuable pointers from you especially. So I’d like to hear from the others, all of them, no one in particular. I hope I can get 2 tickets 🙂

  6. Aside from you, I would like to hear from Salve Dulpito. Her insights are practical and straight forward.

  7. Aside from you, SIr Fitz, I am excited to hear from Sir Aya Laraya. I heard great feedback about him from my friends who attended seminar from PFE and I also watched his TV show in GMA before. Nabitin ako actually from his TV show that’s why I am excited to hear him speak again.
    I would like to meet all the speakers from this seminar. I am a solo parent, fulltime working mom of 3 growing kids and would like to gain more knowledge on how I can create passive income for me and my kids. Thank you!

  8. I’m excited to learn from Efren Cruz, Kendrick Chua, Aya Laraya, Lianne Laroya and David Angway.

  9. I would always want to attend seminars and workshops of Sir Fitz Villafuete and I’ve been an avid reader of his blog for the past 3 years. But aside from him I also want hear and learn from the financial insights of Randel Tiongson because of his expertise in banking and insurance, I also have his book “No Nonsense Personal Finance” which serves as one of my guidebooks in managing my finances. I would also want to learn more from Aya Laraya because of his YouTube channel “Pesos and Sense”, it’s been really helpful and informative for those who wants to learn more about investing.

  10. I’m excited to learn from Efren Cruz, Kendrick Chua, Aya Laraya, Lianne Laroya and David Angway. Besides you Sir Fitz, I have been hearing great feedbacks from these esteemed mentors and excited to hear personally their views and advice. I’ve been wanting to be more financially mature for my kids, as I am one whose parents were not fortunate enough to be financially prepared for me and my siblings. I want to break that pattern and prepare well for my kids. I think this will be a great legacy for my family’s future generation. Thank you.

  11. Question : Aside from me, who among the speakers are you excited to learn from at the Financial Fitness Forum 2016 and why?

    My Answer is: Mr. Christopher Cervantes and Mr. Noel Arandilla. I am sure that they can deliver best information based on their capability, experiences and advocacy.

  12. Hi Fitz. I knew about the importance of financial literacy because of your blog. Been reading your blog since then. Chances had it also that when I became interested about financial literacy, my previous job would send out excerpts from
    So aside from you, I am keen on what Efren Cruz has got to say in the forum. He writes mostly the articles in the said site. It would be nice to see him in person.
    Thank you and more power to Ready to be Rich Blog! 🙂

  13. Aside from Sir Fritz, I’m excited to see Sir Efren Cruz again! He had a personal finance talk in our company back in 2013 during my ‘enlightenment phase’ in my own personal finance life. He made an impact in me and the people listening to him with his simple CD-RW guide. 🙂

  14. I would love to hear from Lianne Laroya, browsed her books and was inspired by her stories there.,,. i would love to attend the seminar would be the best time for me because im looking for a deirection financially.,.kudos to you SIr Fitz!

  15. I would also like to hear from Ms Salve Duplito. I always learn from her when watching ANC on the money.. She is also pretty and would like to see her in person.. haha

  16. Excited to learn from Marvin Germo 🙂 Still haven’t started on stocks and would love to start right!

  17. Aside from you, I’m looking forward to hearing from Mr. Marvin Germo because his book, Stock Smarts, about which I heard great feed back. I’m sure I can learn a lot from him and the other speakers as well.

  18. Aya Laraya and Christopher Cervantes, their background and passion inspired them to share and educate the Filipino people on financial literacy to rise above the painful history of oppression and greed that the govt.failed to address.

  19. Aside from you Sir, I would love to hear from Aya Laraya. I had watched episodes pesos and senses, and really learn about this. I love to attend the seminar , to learn more from the other speakers. Thanks Sir.

  20. Honestly, I don’t know who to choose since I do not know them all as this is my first time knowing about Ready to Be Rich. I was just browsing one day in my Facebook and think of how I am to earn money and Ready to be Rich popped up on my news feed and the rest of the story leads me here. All I want to know now is how should I be financially literate like you guys and I think this is the first step. But reading about the forum, Lianne Martha M. Laroya caught my attention. I would love to be inspired by this woman.

  21. In addition to Mr. Fitz, I’d also like to listen from Aya Laraya and Christopher Cervantes, their background and passion inspired them to share and educate the Filipinos to rise above the painful history of oppression and abuses that those people in position fell short in teaching and empowering Filipinos on financial literacy.

  22. Aside from you I would like to hear Mr. Aya Laraya speak. He gives practical and sensible investment advice, especially on stock market and mutual funds.

  23. Aside from you, I am excited to learn more from Aya Laraya at the Financial Fitness Forum 2016. He’s very direct to the point when it comes to Financial Security. It’s my pleasure to meet all the speakers.

  24. Aside from you, I am excited to learn more from Aya Laraya at the Financial Fitness Forum 2016. He’s very direct to the point when it comes to Financial Security. It’s my pleasure to meet all the speakers.

  25. I want to learn more from Mr. Marvin Germo about stocks investing. I heard that he teaches more about stocks trading and so I want to compare these 2 worlds of making it to the stock market and how one person should approach them regarding his or her portfolio allocation.

  26. Aside from you, I am interested to learn more from Aya Laraya at the Financial Fitness Forum 2016. His Blogs and Youtube Channel are very informative and easy to understand. It would be a good year-starter for me if I can attend the Forum.

  27. Aside from you, I’d love to hear from Sir Efren Cruz. I’d like to know more how he promotes financial literacy through planning. His practical tips will help me pursue financial freedom. Thanks!

  28. Aside from you Sir Fitz, I want to hear Mr. Aya Laraya to discuss new strategies on investing. I’ve been following him in peso and sense. This one day event would help me understand and raise investing/investment questions in mind. Thank you.

  29. Hi Fitz,
    You had me at Fiitz but if I have to choose another one, it would be Efren Cruz. I often see him on TV and his approach to personal finance is very practical.
    Regrads 🙂

  30. Hi Fitz,

    I look forward to hear you, Aya Laraya, Marvin Germo, Randell Tiongson and the rest of the RFP speakers because I know I would learn a lot from you guys. As even if I don’t have time on my side, knowing what would be the best tools for Financial Freedom would be more than enough for me and pass it on to my next generation.

  31. I would love to hear from Marvin Germo. Aside from you, Marvin Germo helped me to dip into the stock market. Been reading about stock market for years, but I can’t help myself sa pagapply sa COL. Nothing, as in no book will ever gave me confidence sa investment dahil takot ako na maloko. Then I found your blog and saw Marvin Germo’s book on this site. I got curious and found myself addicted sa paulit ulit na pagbasa ng book nya. Para akong grade 1 student na nagaaral ng technical. Ang galing nya! It boost my confidence para magbukas ng COL. Now, I have my own checklist before buying.

  32. Aside from you, I want to hear from Ms. Salve Dulpito. As a woman, I wanted to learn from her how to become a financial literacy advocate and help women become wise investors, financial planners and financial wealth educators.

  33. Aside from you, I would like to hear from Salve Duplito. I always make it a point to watch her show On The Money at TFC here in Qatar. Her insights on financial planning are helpful especially for an OFW. I will be in Manila for vacation next month and I would love to attend the 2016 Financial Fitness Forum.

  34. Aside from you mentor Fitz, gusto ko po marinig ang lahat ng 15 speakers. All of you have different backgrounds and iba’t ibang mga ideas regarding finances but still, with the same end, to help Filipinos gain Financial Freedom by helping them to be financially literate. I have heard already from Sir Noel and Rex Mendoza, and so far they are one of the best speaker I have heard. They change big time my perspective in life, especially emphasizing our LIFE GOALS when you do investing, So I am also positive that the other speaker will give a big IMPACT to my life, and not just me but also to everyone na mag aattend sa forum. Not only in finances but they will also touch and move our lives.

  35. Aside from Sir Fitz I would love to hear Rex Mendoza’s input on finances and investments. I heard a lot of great things about him from their public viber chats. It will be an unforgettable experience to be able to learn from the top RFP.

  36. Aya Laraya because of PesosAndSense – one of the first YouTube channels about saving and investing that captured my attention because the videos are fun to watch and easy to understand : )

  37. I’ve always been a fan of Rex Mendoza from his stint at Ayala Land to assuming the presidency of Philamlife and now at Rampver. I remember him speaking to a large group of ALI brokers at the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. His explanation of the causes of that bloody episode in economic history is the only lucid exposition I’ve heard. He has the ability to make complex concepts easily grasped by the average layman. I’d love to hear his wisdom again.

  38. i am just new in this site and got interested in joining the discussion too.been reading tips and coaches online about how to be financially free and educated.ready to be rich tips, etc, by mr.fitz V. allows me to be more open on other possibilities for being financially free! if i would be given a free ticket to attend this seminar,it would be more challenging to know other insights about the topics through other speakers like Efren Cruz ,Rex Mendoza ,Randell Tiongson ,and many more!!looking forward for being more financially free through this seminar! Kudos and more power to you all!!

  39. Lianne Laroya – because I want to learn more about different kinds of VUL. Another is, I got a crush on her 😉

  40. Aside from you, I’m interested to learn more from Mr. Aya Laraya I also read his blog and I find it very helpful and informative esp to beginners.

  41. I would like to hear from Randell Tiongson. I have been a follower of his viber group chat since it started. It would be an honor to see and listen to him.

  42. I would love to hear again and again Mr. Rex Mendoza for his fresh market updates, insights and wisdom all the time he speaks. He is highly inspiring and make things simple to understand for everyone, even those who has no idea in investment.

  43. Hi Sir Fitz A side from you i want also to hear sir aya araya to hear in 2016 fitness forum,i really so much appreciated all the statement that he says when it comes to investing to the stock market..

  44. Hi sir Fitz, aside from you (that’s for sure), I would like to hear also from Mr. Aya Laraya for his straightforward and easy to digest advices. But frankly, I look forward to hearing and learning from everyone. I am not yet very familiar with some of the other speakers so it would be good to get new perspectives and fresh insights and inspiration.

  45. I like to hear the talk of Aya Laraya because i heard that he’s able to discuss about financial investments in a simple way in which everyone will understand.

  46. Rex Mendoza! I want to hear him talk live! I always see him together with Bo Sanchez and I want to gain wisdom from him. And of course I want to listen to everyone especially to you sir Fitz. I want to know more about real estate investing. 🙂 I hope I win. hehehe.

  47. Aya Laraya. My journey through financial literacy started with Pesos and Sense tv series. I like his approach in simplifying complex investment principles.

  48. rex mendoza, randell tiongson, marvin germo, salve duplito…i could go on but even just to see this guys live in person it would mean so much to me. it would be an amazing experience to learn from them in person

  49. hi sir fitz! I would like to hear ms salve duplito but i am also excited to hear the others. thank you.

  50. Aside from you sir is Christopher Cervantes. I am waiting to have my second attendance in this event. I always been interested in attending this event because it fuels and burns up my determination continue the things I am doing right now in the name of financial literacy. I always find the fun of what I am doing when I had a chance to see like minds talking in front inspiring everyone in the audience and it was never boring!

  51. Mr. Marvin Germo – because I want to have more insight in the Stock Market, aside from that, we are both Electronics Engineers. 😀

  52. 1. Marvin Germo – for his insights about stocks investing
    2. Salve Dulpito – I like her financial advise on ANC On the Money

  53. Marvin Germo the mister stock smarts. I have not attended any of his seminars, but i have read his Stock Smarts book series. He is a very humble man, that is able to transform a complicated to simple things or scenarios on his books and explains well. I’m excited to meet and hear his knowledge together with his teammates on the road to financial literacy.

  54. To be honest all the speakers are very good & brilliant. But if im going to choose only one (aside from you Fitz), that would be Mr Randell Tiongson. Why? Bec he was able to consolidate his thoughts in a simple & short explaination (article online or newspaper).

  55. As I look at the site, what came into my mind was “this is WOW! :)” I’m excited to learn more from these 16 awesome speakers! I’ve already attended some talks of Sir Rex and Sir Noel, I’m also following Sir Aya, Randell, Marvin, and you Sir Fitz of course! Surely, there is so much more waiting for me on this forum! Aside from you, I would love to see Ms. LIANNE LAROYA. She’s gorgeously successful at her early age, and she inspired me on what she have already achieved. I love how she gives financial advise – simple, yet helpful insights. I think, we are on the same age range, and I can relate on her during my first year of working, like “OMG, wala na naman akong pera!” 😀
    I’m hoping to meet her on this upcoming forum! 🙂

  56. Bo sanchez , randell tiongson and you of course… The nurse wants to know more things other thAn sticking iv’s ^^, thank u

  57. Iam an IMG member and ive heard mr rex mendoza and noel arandilla for several times. These men taught me how tobecome financial lietrate and on how to be great in the future. I want to hear other wisdom frm other men. I hope this forum may increase my horizons

  58. Lianne Laroya. She writes interesting, valuable, and extensive but easy to understand articles. Her commitment to inspire and influence her generation seems effortless and very impressive. She is a role model to both young and old.

  59. Aya Laraya. I believe in his advocacy. His financial tips are so practical and very easy to follow and hits you to the core.

  60. David Angway is one of the best guy to make a commitment to the education of new breeds of investors, the Millenials. His approach is great and very relevant to Yuppies, that’s why I want to attend this forum because of guys like Fitz and David. I want to learn more, I want to be motivated, I’m really hoping I could join you guys!

  61. Randell TIongson and Marvin Germo
    Because I learned a lot from them through their blogs and I consistently follow their blogs as I follow yours. I want to meet and listen to you guys in person.

  62. Mr. Aya Laraya and Ms. Salve Dulpito

    Simply because their good on what they are doing (all of them actually) and i want to keep on learning on how great it would be to be one of them as investors and advocate of financial literacy.

  63. Lianne Laroya – wants to know what motivates young people to become more financially prepared

  64. I love to learn from Chris Cervantes a seafarer who has a mission to help our ofw families to find financial Peace. Also Sir Rex Mendoza I heard that he acquired so much knowledge from his experiences in the country and now internationally about global investments.

  65. Marvin Germo. Stocks investing seems so easy with him explaining. I started investing 2 years ago at age 22, and I am still VERY hungry to learn more. 🙂

  66. Lianne Martha M. Laroya. I’ve been living my life from paycheck to paycheck with only a little savings for the rainy days. Until I found her book “OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?”. From that point on – my life changed.

  67. I’m looking forward to hear from REX MENDOZA again. I heard his story before and he was AMAZING! His story was very inspiring and I want to hear more about it.

  68. I’m actually looking forward to hearing David Angway. Hopefully he can knock some sense out of my “millenial” money mindset.

  69. I would love to hear from Noel Arandilla and Jake Lingan that might give me ideas on new trends in marketing and personal finance. I want to enhance my knowledge and think that other than you, these 2 guys will inspire me like what you do to me. Thanks a lot.

  70. Marvin Germo. While I was driving to work, I heard him talk on Money smarts at Mellow 94.7 about investing. He talked in simple terms that I easily understood especially since I’m a newbie and works in a different field. Hope to learn more about investing!

  71. Marvin Germo. I heard him talk about investing on Money smarts at 94.7. He talked in simple terms with no difficult jargons. Coming from a health field, It enticed me to learn more about being financially smart and making an investment early on.

  72. Aside from you Fritz, I’m excited to meet and learn from Salve Duplito. I am a follower of On the money and I’ve learned alot from her aside from Eric Medoza.

  73. You, sir Fitz. I’ve been reading your blog for almost half a year now and I learned a lot on handling personal finance and investing. I believe that this is the year of financial breakthrough for me and this forum is a great way to level up my financial knowledge.

  74. I’m looking forward to hear from all of you share your wonderful insights about investments, retirement and the road to financial freedom.

  75. Randell tiongson. Im just new in investing, but when ive read his book he was just so amazing that he was able to explain concisely and easily every detail the in and outs of investing.

  76. Apart from you Fritz I also look orward to hearing Aya Laraya fr Pesos and Sense.

  77. Mr. Rex Mendoza. I heard him speak once and he’s so inspiring. 🙂 hoping to hear him again.

  78. I’m a fan of Randell Tiongson and Aya Laraya’s blogs.
    Looking forward to hear their words of wisdom

  79. Marvin Germo from Money smarts. I like how he explains investing in stocks in simple terms. He makes me want to learn more.

  80. Aya Laraya. Because I used to watched his show in GMA. A have not yet attended any financial forum. Im excited and I hope Ill get a pass to this forum. Im looking forward to what the speakers will teach and impart to us. Thank you and God bless.

  81. Aside from you Fritz, I’m excited to meet and learn from Salve Duplito. Because she is my kababayan from Bicol and I am proud of her achievement from rugs to richest stories. 🙂

  82. Of course fitz villafuerte, randell tiongson, salve duplito and marvin germo.. Kayo po kasi 4 ang binabasa ko na blog.. At gusto ko rin po marinig at makita kayo ng personal, at sigurado mas marami akong matututunan… Thanks and Godbless

  83. Thank Sir Fitz for signing my Cyberprenuer book last Financial Fitness Forum 2016. I really like your Guide to Investing Book. It’s textbook style works for me. One of the investing book I can recommend. 🙂

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