Giving Away Free Tickets to DigPH: Digital & Mobile Marketing Summit for SMEs

Updated: July 11, 2016

Are you an entrepreneur looking for digital and mobile solutions for your business? Then you need to be at the 2016 Digital & Mobile Marketing Summit (DigPH).

This event is happening on July 13, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, and hopes to help entrepreneurs understand different platforms that can improve the productivity and scale of their business.


DigPH was born out of the collaboration between Globe myBusiness and Globe Digital Advertising (AdSpark) after seeing an opportunity from the desire of SMEs to expand their businesses through a strategy that is cost-efficient and effective.

The event will feature case studies, digital business tools, and practical tips for becoming digitally ready. Topics include the following: Learn how to maximize social media, venture into e-commerce, be present in digital moments that matter, optimize backend processes for your growing business.


Through the forum, entrepreneurs will learn how to keep up with a market that has moved into the mobile and digital age and transform their business into one that will generate their desired results.

Entrepreneurs who want to push their businesses to the next level may register until July 11 to redeem the Early Bird Promo for P1,000. After the said date, registration fee will be P1,500 which comes with a packed lunch, access to all sessions, and tokens.

For more details of the event, you may visit

But wait there’s more…

I’m giving away five (5) tickets to DigPH. To get a chance to win a ticket, just answer the following question in the comments section:

Which of the four main topics are you interested the most to learn and why?

Please use your real name and a valid email address when leaving a response. Deadline for submitting answers will be on July 10, 11:59PM. Winners will be chosen via raffle and will be notified via email.


  • Arturo Moldez
  • Chinnie
  • Jaylord Mutia
  • John
  • baby lyn ann salazar tanalgo

    1. That would be Venture into E commerce. I really want to start an ecommerce business and this seminar will really help. I have been reading blogs on how to start selling in amazon fba, shopify or ebay. I dont know where to start and maybe this what i am looking for. 🙂

    2. I would like to learn more on how to use social media to grow my future business. This seminar will help be equipped in starting and growing my future business.

    3. I am interested to learn more on how to utilize ecommerce platforms(Venturing into Ecommerce) and learn valuable insights on the ecommerce trends in the Philippines to further bring my msme’s products and services to a wider audience

    4. I would love to learn how to Maximize social media, since everyobody uses it now a days and the most easiest in expensive way of expanding and promoting business

    5. Venture into e-commerce. Im interested in growing my business to take advantage of digital market.

    6. Hi Fitz, thank you sharing this opportunity, I’ve been using social media as a marketing tool for our business and I would like to continue to learn more on how I could maximize social media through this event. I hope you consider me as one of the winners.

    7. Hi FItz! l would love to learn how to maximize social media,. since i’m a freelance web and graphic designer.,,. i love learning new things and passionate on my craft!

    8. Of the four main topics, I’m interested the most on “Learn how to maximize social media” because I feel like I’m not using Facebook and Instagram in its highest potential. There is more to learn to be successful in offering my service and products to a wider array of clients. I believe this topic will help me be equip and grow my business. Thanks Sir Fitz!

    9. This summit is perfect because I’m currently working on my e-commerce site. I’d love to know more about how to maximize social media because that’s where I could easily reach my target market and make my business known at a more affordable cost.

    10. Hi Sir Fitz, I would love to learn how to maximize social media and want to set-up my own site. I want to learn new things that will enhance my skills.

    11. That would be Learn How To Maximize Social Media, I believed that can help me a lot on my online business and can add value to my knowledge in growing my business that can leverage me. Thanks Fitz for the ticket 🙂 if I will won a ticket can i have my son attend the seminar because he is also into online business and is available immediately on that day of seminar

    12. I would love to learn more about optimising back end processes because it can help manage my online busines and delegate the tasks remotely to my team more efficienty.

    13. Hey Sir Fritz, I would say that the topic I’m really interested in, How I can maximize social media in order for the market to be aware of what products or services my business is giving. I already have an idea about using Ads in facebook, but I would really like to learn more 🙂

    14. Sir Fitz, I would be glad to know more about the topic “Venture in E-Commerce”. Im a marketing graduate who also put up my online business in social media like Facebook and Instagram, I also have a little knowledge in making an advertisement in Facebook and try to handle backend process in my previous Internship but I want to know more about the E-Commerce since it is the modern way of buying and selling in the most convenient and easiest way to update them regarding any promos, etc.

    15. Hi Sir Fitz! In this age where social media becomes a way of living, I would love to learn how to maximize it for business growth, it will be helpful for me to learn such! Thanks!

    16. Hi Fitz, thank you for sharing this event. The topic I’m most interested in is how to be present in digital moments that matter. I’m really curious how an SME with limited resource (no social media team/budget for ads) could compete / be visible in the highly saturated social media world we have since basically every is one is making noise social. Is hoping for virality realistic?

    17. I would love to learn about the ‘Venture into E-Commerce’ module.

      This is very timely because I am contemplating on dipping my feet into e-commerce for the first time. This conference will surely give me the proper ammunition I need to set up my e-commerce business.

      I believe there is a lot of potential in the e-commerce space in the Philippines and it would be great to attend this Dig PH event and get a head start.

    18. Hi, wish to learn how to maximise social media and utilise what i learnt into my own business.

    19. I want to know more on how to maximize social media. Currently, my sister and I manage a small business and we depend on social media to expand our market.

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