Getting to Know AXA: The Most Valuable Insurance Brand in the World

Updated: July 16, 2015

A company needs a strong brand to be successful.

However, this is easier said than done, because to have a strong brand requires people to believe and trust in your products and services.

For example, when it comes to smartphones, which brands do millions of people prefer? The answer would be Apple and Samsung.

When it comes to handheld cameras, which brands do you often see being used by professional photographers? That would be Canon and Nikon.

You can say that Apple, Samsung, Canon, and Nikon have strong brands because consumers trust and believe in the quality of their products. It’s a reputation they’ve built and worked hard at for many years, and the reason why they’re now successful companies.

In the financial services industry, AXA is reputed to be the global insurance brand that people value the most, as recognized by the world’s leading brand consultancy company, Interbrand.

The Story Behind the Name

The origins of AXA can be traced as far back as 1817, nearly 200 years ago, through the merger of several insurance companies. The company first started using AXA as its brand name in 1985. Through the years, it has gradually expanded worldwide. It entered North America in 1955, Central America in 1991, the Asia Pacific in 1995.

Contrary to popular belief, AXA is not an acronym. The name “˜AXA’ was chosen as it was short and snappy, dynamic and vibrant, will be found near the top of alphabetical directories, and could be pronounced the same way in every language, which aligns with the company’s vision to be a global brand.

AXA in the Philippines

AXA Philippines was born in 1999, when the company partnered with Metrobank, one of the country’s largest and strongest financial institutions.

It is in the same year that they established the framework for Bancassurance (the selling of insurance through a bank) in the country, which instituted best practices that were eventually emulated by other players in the industry.

Through the years, AXA Philippines quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the top 5 in the industry based on premium income. Currently, it is the 2nd largest life insurance company in the country based on total premiums earned in 2014.

AXA Philippines has the whole country covered with 34 branch offices, more than 2,500 independent financial advisors and 500 financial executives located in 750 Metrobank and PSBank branches nationwide.

Trust in the Global Leader in Insurance

Interbrand releases an annual ranking of the best global brands, based on a brand’s financial performance, role, and strength.

In 2009, Interbrand recognized AXA as Best Global Insurance Brand and it has received the same recognition every year until 2014, its 6th consecutive year so far.

At present, more than 103 million customers in 59 countries trust AXA to help them secure their financial future. AXA has more than €1.2 trillion in assets under management and reported €92 billion in revenues in 2014.

In the same year, AXA released €11 billion in benefits to AXA customers, continually fulfilling its promise to support customers whatever their need may be.

A First in the Philippines

AXA Philippines is the first company to start the selling of life insurance products through bank branches in 2004.

They are also the innovator behind, and the market leader in variable life insurance product offerings that help their clients secure their financial future.

And recently, AXA Philippines launched the very FIRST online store for life insurance, which caters to Filipinos, especially OFWs, through AXA iON.

It is AXA’s commitment to provide customized financial solutions that fit customers’ needs. Whether it’s to start a savings plan, provide funds to cover the cost of major medical emergencies and critical illnesses, prepare for their child’s college education, or provide for their loved ones even after they’re gone.


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Disclosure: AXA iON is a brand partner of this blog


  1. Hi fitz! Can u give a review of axa’s vul products? Im particularly interested with their ambition x. But after reading your post on vul, i put on hold my decision to get one. Now that you have written about axa, i would be happy to know what you think of their vul particularly the ambition x product. My axa agent was suggesting to get this one and use to invest and to save my and my family’s annual fees for my bluecross health insurance. Do you think this is feasible and reliable to use as saving mechanism for health care insurance fees? Thanks

  2. thanks for this article.. I got ambition x and axelerator which I think its a very good investment for the future. Add pa more like uitf and mutual fund,,cheers to millions in the future LOL

  3. Got axelerator and im very satisfied on my investment portion. Plan to invest in ambitious X

  4. In 2012, I invested USD 5000 in Ambition X in Metrobank hoping that my money would grow in 5 year period.It is a single-pay life insurance. Thru a glib-talking agent, I learned that
    if it is left untouched for 5 years it may earn a yearly 3-5% depending on the performance of the fund. Come 2017, I went back to Metrobank to claim my money. I never expected that I would face a great disappointment. My USD5000 earned a measly $125!!

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