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Updated: May 8, 2012

Personal finance coach, Randell Tiongson, will again be holding his annual Steps to Financial Peace Conference this May 18, 2012.

It will happen from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Friday, about a couple of weeks from now at the Victory Greenhills Center, in San Juan City, Metro Manila.

This year, he’ll be joined by wealth coach, Chinkee Tan and business and motivational speaker, Jayson Lo, as guest speakers.

The learning investment this year has significantly been reduced, from P2,500 last year, it’s now just P1,200 this year and there’s even a student rate of just P400.

If you missed this event last year, then this is your chance to learn from one of the very few people that I trust when it comes to personal finance.

Indeed, from the couple of years I’ve known Randell, I can say that we share the same money mindset and advocate the same financial planning strategies – that’s why I sincerely recommend this talk to all my readers.

For those who are interested to attend or if you have any inquiries regarding the event, then you may get in touch with the Whiteboard Secretariat at 0927-9631376, 0917-2490043 or at 544-1065; or email


As the title of this post suggests, I’m giving away four (4) free tickets to this event. Randell was kind enough to provide me with these complimentary passes for you, my readers.

And all you have to do is to share below as a comment your best money saving tip.

The winners have already been selected through a raffle. See the names of the winners below.

Leave your answer at the comments section on or before May 6, Sunday, 11:59 PM. Please note that entries received after that date and time will no longer be considered.

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The winners will be selected through raffle and multiple comments from the same name will be considered as just one entry, so no need to leave several answers because one money saving tip is enough.

Thank you everyone who joined in. Below are the four lucky winners of the free tickets to the Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2012:

  1. Adda A. Padua
  2. Lois Sanchez
  3. Ennaliza Ong
  4. Tannie Del Rosario

You will receive an email from me with instructions on how you can claim your tickets.


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Thank you and hope to see you there.

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So what are you waiting for? Share your best money saving tip now and get the chance to win free tickets to Steps To Financial Peace Conference 2012.

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  1. Best Money Saving tip: Pay yourself first. Every payday, devote 20% of it to your savings and investments πŸ™‚

  2. Best money saving tip – track spending by keeping an expense journal and establish a regular saving plan

  3. Avoid ATM fees: Be aware of the ATM withdrawal fees charged by your bank. While some banks waive fees for all ATM transactions on any ATM machine, most don’t. So be sure to use only those ATM machines where your bank will not charge the fees, or withdraw directly at your bank.

  4. Best Money Saving Tip:

    Zero Budgeting! Whenever I receive my salary, I make sure that I allocate them accordingly. I have an account for savings, travel, food, etc. Whenever you get a windfall. NEVER spend it all at once. Put it in your savings account instead in order to have something just in case.

  5. Best Money saving tip- Remember to pay back your top investor, God.

  6. Record your personal monthly cashflow in a spreadsheet. Record every income source, recurring costs, expenses, etc. This will give you the current state of your finance. You will also be aware of your expenses which will help you save your money.

  7. Have multiple source of income (aside from your paycheck)..then save those that comes from below your means πŸ™‚

  8. The Best Money Saving Tips are already available at the Money Saving Tip section of this blog by none other than Sir Fitz Villafuerte.

  9. Best money saving tip!
    Buy in bulk and shop early! Beat the demand for school supplies. For fashionistas, students and moms who want to save money this coming school year. They can buy school supplies and clothes in bulk.

  10. Money Saving Tip:

    Do not pay unnecessary bills – like Withdrawing directly from your bank ATM. withdrawing not from your bank charges you from P10 -P15 per transaction. You do it 10 times a month will cause P100/month or paying your credit bills on time avoiding finance charges.

    Cut back on convenience food – If you can cook at home rather eating at restaurants and fastfoods, you will be able to save a lot. Instead drinking Starbucks or Figaro coffee, try coffee from the coffee vendo.

    Give up expensive habits such as alcohol and cigarettes.

  11. My best money saving tip – give back to The Source of all your wealth the Lord Almighty, not necessarily to the church but by paying forward and sharing what you have even how little it is to those around you. Don’t expect that the goodness you have done will be repaid back to you, but trust that the goodness you have shared is worth more than the money in the world.

  12. Set aside 30% of your income every time u received ur paycheck..
    20% for personal savings and the 10% for ur tithe. and always be PRUDENT in all ur expenses..

  13. Best money saving tip I’ve heard – Don’t shop when you’re hungry or sad (or even too happy). These extreme emotions can make you lose objectivity, and leave you with bags full of unneccessary and unwanted purchases that are usually out of your price range.

  14. I recently revive my “spending folder.” It’s like a plastic pouch sized laminated plastic envelope with tabs in it. I put in names on different tabs such as savings, insurance, rent, transpo, food and utilities. All of which are my basic monthly spendings. At least 20% of my earnings go to savings tab and the rest are distributed accordingly on other tabs. This way, I was able to identify on which tab I can adjust such as proper planning of my weekly meals, most efficient transpo to take and minimizing utility use. Whatever exceeds from my food, transpo and utility expenses automatically goes on top of my allocated savings.

  15. I use to save by maximizing the BENEFITS of my credit card. I only use it if I have the money to pay for an Item I like. Example: My credit cards gives me 2-5% rebate @ supermarkets,electricity, and gasoline (ALL of which are my necessary expenses). So instead of using cash I use my credit card. Thats like saving 2-5% of money and as a bonus I get to have rewards points, discounts, freebies like gift certificate, and FREE ANNUAL FEE. Of course be sure to pay FULL and ONTIME when the bill comes to avoid unecessary fee.hehehe!

  16. Buy only the things that you need, not what you want. This has helped me avoid spending on unnecessary stuff. Live simply. Plan your financial future, tithe, invest, and save.

  17. For me, the best money saving tip is to open another savings account and have your bank (if it has the facility as what BPI does) automatically fund transfer a portion of your salary (say P1000 per payday) from your salary account to your 2nd account. And, since you won’t get your hands on the money.. this way you won’t get lazy saving coz it will be treated as just another deduction.

  18. Best: After receiving your salary, keep some of it for your emergency fund, before spending on anything. Better yet, subscribe to automated transfer to your savings account upon payday, so you basically not notice you are already saving. And if you are thinking of buying expensive gadgets or luxury items, set aside a month or at least two weeks before buying, so you have time to change your mind. That way you don’t impulse buy.

  19. Buy an insurance coverage with investment options. It will not only add to your cashflow (thru dividends and/or endowments) but will also force you to save for your future.

  20. Money saving tips
    -go public transport using fx and jeep on ine days rather than taxi or pay up gas and parking everyday,
    -i bring baon to work rather than buy food on fastfood
    -i maximize telco prepaid promos rather than apply for a post paid one,
    -often i use the and install its app on my windows fone and get connected to the free wifi to send text free sms.
    -i send emails or free web phone connections instead of buying call cards for calling overseaes.
    -i bring reusable small water container to avoid buying overprized drinks on the road.
    -when having a vehicle, i advise drivers to go visit the out of way ga stations depends on ur location that offers cheaper by centavo petro and go on full tank and load up in the evening, go after rollback news updates.
    -i usualy sell old clothes to ukay ukay stores, and buy other stuff in ukay too.
    -i go for a suki vendor on wet market groceries that advices me priec changes and usually provides ‘suki discounts’ or ‘suki add-ons’
    -i go online to buy stocks instead of calling inhouse broker.
    -we eliminated electric stoves and heaters, replaced them with LPG.
    -we stock rice when price is low and go directly to big distributors by giving them ‘bonds’ or sort of money bonds that provides us rice.
    – i also visit province of office mates and finance farmers and profit money or rice itself when harvesting.
    -forget credit cards when shoping.
    -buy on off season when shopping or visit factory outlets instead of the malls.
    -i haste away from video games and watching videos to a minimum, since i dabble with online easy jobs like
    -also i am setting up online mini store to sell graphics and office e-cards and bought them cheap to legit graphic designers and developers.
    -i sell bluetooth headset by going after the distributor price of a suki supplier. sell them in the office or friends and top it with a goodwill profit.
    -i refer new grads to various inhouse company job openigs and have referal bonuses – i did not spent a dime on them, even helped them for work by preparing them in the interviews and topics for review.
    -when traveling, i am booking the midnight of a holiday eve in CEB pac or other airlines then fix my own itinerary rather than get pakages on other trave agencies, i just schedule evrything and prepare everything ahead of time to get good prices and reserve preferred acomodation.
    -i use to be a guest on other small town or barrio events to be a judge on something and get premium for attending it.
    -i dont have a piggery but i know a friend has and provided them finacing and they took care of everything and cleaning then got a profit after pre-selling the stock to individuals and they claim them on events. we split the profit and got to learn how to farm hogs.
    all savings are invested and very liquid in increments and not sit on the bank. hope i can learn more on this financial talk if given the chance.

  21. Always think that you don’t have money πŸ™‚

    Pare1: pare friday ngayon… beerhaus tayo!
    Pare2: sorry pare wala akong pera eh… libre mo?

  22. Money Saving Tip:
    Use the microwave oven to boil water for your cup of coffee or chocolate drink instead of using the stove. It will save you time and money. LPG (and even firewood) is now very expensive.

  23. Money Saving Tip:
    Read Before You Click! Be sure to verify/decide if you really need that baggage allowance, insurance and prepaid seat assignment when you purchase airline tickets online (and even over the counter!). Some airlines include these additional fees by default and you have to remove them manually if you don’t need them.

  24. Money Saving Tip:

    50% of your income must go to your savings. Spend the rest for your needs.Keep only 1 (one) credit card.

  25. Money Saving Tip:
    Stop spending a certain amount. for me, I stop spending my P10 coin and stashed them away under my bed in a shoebox. i do not collect them like my friends and family thought (though claiming that you collect them helps because they give me their 10peso change every now and then)
    every new year’s eve, I count my 10 peso coin. amazed how many i have acquired without noticing then I put them in the bank the next year!

  26. Discipline yourself to save regularly. Automatically allocate at least 20% of your monthly income and put it to savings. Live within the remaining 80% of your income. If 80% is not enough, then increase your means. Any excess must be put to savings. Build your emergency fund first and insure yourself medically so that you will never have to touch your retirement savings in the event that you get hospitalized or other emergency cases. Never touch your retirement savings, let it grow by putting it in investment instruments that will yield interest more than inflation.

  27. Tip:
    It doesn’t matter how much or how little money you have. What matters is your attitude towards money. Know that every Piso counts. If you know the great value of each Piso, whatever you have now will surely multiply in the future.

  28. KNOW…before you buy, invest, rent, subscribe. Remember, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

  29. my best money saving tips:

    turn – off the TV most of the time when at home and do something useful instead like cleaning the house, reading books, playing with your kids, etc.

    don’t hesitate to ask for 2nd hand clothes from your relatives/ friends abroad. i do this, and i rarely buy clothes for myself or my son. the clothes are usually branded, and doesn’t look too used up since most people abroad are up-to-date when in comes to fashion, and you’re pretty sure that they are clean since you know very well the person who used them.

    however, when you really need to buy personals, only buy trusted products on bulk/sale/discounted price.

    replace some things, like a shoe, a tv set, a sofa, and cellphone only when it is already all worn out and damaged.

    however, don’t wait for an illness to be full blown before checking it with the doctor at accredited hospitals where you can use your health insurance benefits.

    get healthy and sign up at your local city government sports complex and gym.

    whenever possible, if weather, time and distance permits, walk (or bike)instead of taking a ride.

    don’t eat out a lot but stick to home-cooked meals. it’s only on special occasions that we usually dine at not-so-expensive restaurants. πŸ™‚

    always buy vegetables and meat products at the wet market. stock on necessities to avoid buying at the sari-sari store.

    keep your grocery reciepts to compare the prices from different supermarkets and you will know that some well-known supermarkets usually have higher mark-ups on their products than their lesser competitors.

    when going out to run errands, always be ready with a bottle of water and some crackers or biscuits to avoid those unnecessary food expenses just because you’re tired and hungry.

    always check your gas tank and be sure to full the tank at your favorite lower-priced gas station before going on to any trip.

    join raffle contests and other like these to avail of prizes and freebies. πŸ™‚

  30. Best thing that i am doing on savings is always set a goal first. Always have a target. There is a saying that “A goal that is not written is only a wish”. I write my goals and action plan large enough to notice it and post it to where I will see it everyday. This would remind me and focus myself to achieve or exceed my goals and save a lot of money. Never ever lose your sight on your goals.

  31. Best money saving tip – Love what you have. If you do, you won’t feel the need for more. People who love what they have do proper maintenance and see to it that they get the most out of their purchases.

  32. I do not use credit cards
    Never borrow
    Pay bills early to avoid extra charges
    Educate yourself financially
    to be able to SAVE SAVE SAVE wisely

  33. Buy a generic drug instead of branded product. Generic drugs are required to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage form, and route of administration as the brand name product. When it comes to price, there is a big difference between generic and brand name drugs. On average, the cost of a generic drug is 80 to 85 percent lower than the brand name product.

  34. best money saving tips:

    – cut electricity bills:
    > by using CFL or compact fluorescent lamps energy saving lamps available now on your favorite hardware or diy stores instead of traditional ballasted fluorescent lamp and incandescent bulbs. Also, using newer technologies like LED lamps are also a very good energy saving option.
    > turn-off lights when no occupants on that area of your house and not in use.
    > use or get water from deep well instead of from electric motor-pumped water supply or from water utility line (this will also reduce your water bills) when watering your plants or garden, for cleaning and even for washing clothes.
    > use flat-iron or do ironing your clothes once a week only, and un-plug it before finishing the job. So plan your ironing; light clothes, hankies, and under wears can be ironed after you unplug the device.
    > replace old CRT tv’s with LCD or LED tv’s.

    – sell your gasoline fueled vehicle and buy diesel-fueled ones. If you have no car to sell, and planning to buy a car, just buy e-cars or electric fueled vehicles now also available.

    – Stop bad debts, start good debts.
    > “wag mangutang ng mangutang para may ipambayad sa utang” resulting to overhead interests and worst losing your
    appliances or jewelries or even house. This set-up is good when the new loan has a lower interest compared to the old loan. Get a loan only to finance an income generating endeavor instead of financing your wants.

    – Live healthy, stay fit.
    > quit smoking. Save the money you intend to buy for cigars in a piggy bank, and after a month see how much you had spend then calculate how much money you lost in many years of smoking. This will make you aware that you had lost huge money and decide not to loss money again next years.

    – Use kamias juice to remove stains in your shirt instead of commercial stain remover available.

  35. Money saving tip:

    Before going to grocery/market, least what you think you need and divide all these stuffs between what you “want” and what you “need”.

    Scratch off those what you want, and then buy just those what you need. Next step is to buy them in bulk as most of the time, it’s cheaper to buy them this way plus you’ll also save on gas or transport fare if you will lessen your trips to the grocery/market.

  36. Buy groceries in bulk so you can avail of the wholesale prices!:)

  37. Make saving automatic. Talk to your HR and have a portion of your salary automatically deducted and put in a savings account.

  38. When I want to buy something that is a “want” rather than a “need”, I ask myself first “how many needs can I buy (or fulfill) if I don’t give in to this want?” Asking myself this have proven to be very effective in eliminating unnecessary purchases.

  39. The best money saving tips are the traditional piggy bank of coins, auto-deduction of money from your salary/income to your savings account and being thrifty or frugal with your life in general.

    If you follow these three simple money saving tips, you will eventually know the value of money in your life.

    Money, if used correctly and wisely, will surely bless yourself, your family and other people.

  40. Best money saving tip:
    My 10-20-70 principle, 10% of my monthly salary is allotted to my tithes in church. Then, 20% on personal savings and lastly 70% on NEEDS (not wants..^_^)

  41. Money Saving Tip:

    Save half of your salary every payday and put it in time deposit. Once you have save enough, invest in treasury bills and bonds. Then progress to investing via mutual funds, depending on your needs.

  42. My best money saving tip when buying stuff is to look for the best price for the stuff you need. You could usually find a better price for the same stuff. Do not buy compulsively. Also be mindful of the change even those loose cents.

  43. Best Money Saving Tip:

    Include your amount to be save in you expenses.
    For example: you want to save 5K a month. Put 5K in your monthly expense column then take your 5K and save it.

  44. I will educate the children early on how to value work, perhaps give them a chance to earn by doing chores at home other than their responsibilities. I will teach them how to give back to God and others, how to save and how to spend their money wisely. Of course, prior to teaching the children these things, we must be applying them ourselves.

    Teaching financial literacy to our kids is my best money saving tip because it can save my family from spending unnecessary expenses that kids may insist on having.. Instead of spending, when kids are trained to work, they will find the value of hard earned money. This will give them a headstart for their future life.

  45. -13th month, bonuses and unexpected income were directly deposited to the savings account.

    -Avail salary deduction (sort of retirement or retention scheme) of the company. The company will match your total contribution at certain percentage if you will stay with company for a certain years.

    -As a couple, have only one credit card. Other as the principal card holder and the other as extension card. This way expenses are monitored by the couple.

    -For maried persons, budgeting and savings were discussed and planned. It is a two man team to meet the goal to save.

  46. Thank you to everyone who joined and shared their best money saving tip. I will announce the four raffle winners of free tickets to the event Monday night.

  47. This one worked well for me. Salary divided into 2 parts : For
    I desperately wanted to attend this so here is my attempt to answer as honestly as I can on how to save money:

    Savings and Expense. Alot how much you can save per salary earned (try 60% for Savings and 40% for expenses if you can )and STICK to it no matter what! If you need to cut those dinner dates, concert dates, shopping spree, just to cut down loads of expenses, then so be it!

    Doing this taught me the discipline I needed and gave me focused mental attitude to save.

    So please…Now I need the free ticket to attend and learn ways to invest my saved earnings for good. πŸ™‚

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