Fundamental Analysis For Stock Traders Just Got Easier with the PSE Edge Portal

Updated: June 28, 2023

Doing fundamental analysis is an important part of stock trading and investing.

And for those who regularly buys and sells shares in the local market, the PSE or Philippine Stock Exchange has launched a new online disclosure and reporting system that traders and investors will surely find helpful.

The PSE Edge Portal, located at is your convenient go-to website for relevant and up-to-date information about all the listed companies in the Philippine stock market.

EDGE stands for Electronic Disclosure Generating system, and will show updated company information, the latest financial reports, current exchange notices, the market calendar and other data at real time!

PSE EDGE portal

The creation of the EDGE portal signifies the PSE’s intention to level the playing field for everyone who’s active in the stock market, and a good step towards encouraging more people to learn about opportunities in equities.

I’ve browsed around the portal and I find it user friendly and comprehensive. It can be overwhelming at first, but it becomes easier to navigate after spending some time in it.

What I liked best about it is that the reports are now in HTML format (old reports are still in PDF though). This is good because this allows users to search keywords and phrases within the content of the disclosures.

One fascinating part of the EDGE portal is the “Most Viewed Disclosures” section because it gives you a quick impression of what traders and investors are currently most interested in.

Moreover, journalists will likewise find the portal helpful as it gives them a complete rundown of important business and market news in the country.

Lastly, according to the PSE, the Edge portal will also be rolled out as a mobile app very soon. Their target is by the first quarter of this year.

Special thanks goes out to the Public and Investor Relations Department of the Philippine Stock Exchange for inviting me to lunch to discuss the PSE EDGE Portal.

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