Frugal Things You Can Do During Christmas And The Holiday Season

Updated: December 16, 2023

December is usually the month when we spend the most money on shopping.

We buy gifts for family and friends, purchase new clothes for reunions and parties, and more often than not, our grocery list is longer than usual during this time of the year.

While you may be lucky to have cash bonuses from work to support the additional expenses, it’s still important to take control of your finances and be careful not to spend more than what you can afford.

And to help you save money and curb some of the unnecessary spendings, here are some frugal things you can do during Christmas and the holiday season.

On Giving Gifts

  • One of the best ways to save money is to regift the presents you receive this Christmas. Yes, you can take that picture frame you got from the office Christmas party and use it for your Secret Santa with friends. Don’t feel guilty about it and with the right mindset and the proper intentions – regifting can work. Learn more: How Regifting Can Help You Save Money
  • Buy your gifts in bulk. If it’s possible, buy several, if not all, your gifts from one store – this will not only save you time but it will also give you some leverage to haggle, especially if you’re shopping in a bazaar.
  • Or perhaps, just make your own gifts – it’s usually less expensive. What can you do? Baked goodies, customized music CDs, or even personal gift voucher (offer your services) . And while you’re at it, try to save more money by designing your own Christmas wrapper from plain paper (or just recycle the wrappers from the gifts you received).

On New Clothes

  • If you really have to buy, choose those which can easily match your existing wardrobe collection.
  • You can also choose to wear the same outfit to different parties as long as there will be no overlapping guests from those occasions. However, you can also opt to accessorize to achieve a different look.
  • Read for more tips: Simple and Practical Ways To Save Money on Clothing

On Food

  • Plan the meals, specially your Noche Buena and Media Noche. It may be tempting to have a “feast” but it’s always better to cook and serve food that’s just enough for everyone. People like giving food as holiday gifts anyway so that’s an assurance that you’ll actually have more than enough.
  • And speaking of food as gifts, this is one the best items to regift (can you say fruitcake?).
  • Moreover, it doesn’t really matter what food you serve as long as you have your meal with your loved ones and spend the holidays together. So forego the expensive and elaborate recipes if you cannot afford them.

On Celebrations

  • Secret Santa is always a great way to save some money. I’m sure everyone will be more than happy to do this instead of getting gifts for everyone. This works well for large families and among friends. You’ll be buying fewer gifts without compromising the spirit of giving.
  • Morever, instead of going to expensive bars or dining in restaurants to celebrate, why not just bring some snacks and drive around the city with your friends. Take in the cool night weather and admire the lights and decorations you’ll see everywhere. The bad traffic is usually tolerable when you’re spending it with friends. You can also do this with your family.
  • House parties never go out of style. Again, instead of going out, why not spend the holidays inside your home. Watch movies on your DVD, play board games or just have a good conversation.

Christmas is almost here and especially for those who are working in the corporate world, this is one of the best times to rest and reconnect with your family and friends. Don’t let the commercial aspect of Christmas distract you from the true meaning of the holiday season.

So, can you add more to this list? Then why not share them below. I’d love to get more frugal ideas.

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  1. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for the tips. Actually I was able to save by giving baked goodies to my friedns. Instead of spending 4thou budget for gifts. I only spent 1,500. thats more than 50% savings. plus i was able to sell baked goodies pa, additional income.

  2. Hi Fritz,

    Thanks for the tips. It’s so timely since i’m still at a lost in figuring out what gifts I should give to some people I know.

    Thanks again.

  3. I am now a street vendor, and I recommend people to buy from Divisoria since the items there are really very cheap.

    However, they should really be careful especially with their personal belongings.

    Incidentally, I just made a post entitled How to Buy from Street Vendors especially during Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. It’s the BER months again, and this post comes in super handy. I guess one way to save time finding tips for times like these is to go back to the same places where we found the best tips from years back and do them all over again. 😀

  5. My wife does spend on Christmas but we do so all year as items are found at great prices. Nearing the season and when she knows that clothing will fit and not be a waste due to a “growth spurt “in one or more of the mini-people, she purchases the “MATCHY MATCHY” items. That, friends, is her term for matching family clothing. She shops, gets great prices and then outfits all of us with matching t-shirts, polo shirts and other clothing of that nature. We do stand out when we go places as a family, I must say. The way my wife hunts down bargains it costs little and really brings her great joy to do this. None of the clothing ever goes to waste, it is worn until it is worn out or in a few instances, given to someone who needs help.

  6. I support removing Christmas traditions that would only lead me broke such as gift giving of material things.

    Gift giving is not all about giving material things to your love ones but it is all about giving your time to people who needs your presence most for example you spend quality of time to your family by going to Church, doing Christmas fun activities, participate in feeding programs and charities. In your own way you can donate your unused items to the poor or even special cooked food. You can also give company to someone who are lonely, sick and depressed by helping them on their practical matters that they don’t have energy to work on or listen for their concerns.
    When it comes to money, you give money to someone who has a goal for example they are having a business, wants to study or pursue a hobby that they can turn into a source of income in future or even buy them their laptop of choice for their business.

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