FREE Webinar: Learn the Basics of Forex Trading

Updated: June 7, 2016

People often ask me for stock market trading tips. Unfortunately, I rarely have anything helpful to give them.

The primary reason is because I simply invest in the stock market; and instead do forex trading.

Personally, I like the currency market better because it is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week; and you can make money from it regardless of the direction; among many other reasons.

If you’re interested to learn more about forex trading, and discover why I prefer it over stock market trading — then register and sign up for an upcoming online seminar that will be happening this May 6, Friday, 8PM to 10PM (Manila time).

UPDATE: This seminar is over. Please visit Events by Fitz Villafuerte here to get updates on when the next schedule is. Thank you.

This 2-hour FREE online seminar will teach you what, why, and how to earn from the currency market.

And this is for everyone who has ZERO knowledge about forex trading, as we will guide and teach you the basics in understanding the biggest market in the world.

This webinar will be conducted by my good friend, David Bautista who is a managing trader for FXCM and founder of Rethink Risk Philippines. And I will be there too to assist him, do commentaries, and moderate the Question and Answer session towards the end of the webinar.


What: An online seminar about the basics of forex trading
When: May 6, 2016 – Friday – 8PM to 10PM Manila time
How much: FREE

Quick Questions:

What is a webinar?
It’s an online video seminar. All you need to attend is a computer, a good internet connection and speakers. This is great because you can learn at the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.

What if I’m not available on the evening of May 6?
You can still register, because after the webinar, you will receive a link where you can watch the video replay of the webinar.

Is there a deadline for the registration?
Yes, we are closing the registration 4 hours before the start of the webinar or when we fill up the 100 slots, whichever comes first.

When will this happen again?
This is just a special learning opportunity that I was able to collaborate with David Bautista. It may not happen again.

David explaining to me his forex trading strategy

Don’t Miss Out On This FREE Learning Opportunity

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining this webinar. This is your chance to learn how to make money online through forex trading.

UPDATE: This seminar is over. Please visit Events by Fitz Villafuerte here to get updates on when the next schedule is. Thank you.


  1. Hi Fitz, I didn’t see this until after the event but I’m really interested in learning about forex trading. Is there any chance you could send me a link to the recording of this webinar. Thank you in advance.

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