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A few months ago, a reader asked me for book recommendations. Particularly, she wanted me to suggest good titles on personal finance and investments.

I asked her what books has she already read, and she enumerated the most popular ones like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich”, and a few others.

I then told her that I couldn’t think of other books that might interest her because those she mentioned, in my opinion, are the best books she can read today.

And so she asks, “What book are you reading now?”

“Made To Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath,” I answered. “It’s a business book on how to make your ideas thrive – how to make it stick in the minds of your customers.”

Indeed, while I am better known by most people as a financial advocate, I am and will always be an entrepreneur at heart.

The best evidence of this would be the books that I keep in my shelf, and the things I do on routine. I like consuming books about entrepreneurship, marketing, and lately about tech startups.

I spend my usual days managing different ventures, and even brainstorming new business ideas.

And as of late, I’m exploring the world of dropshipping and selling online.

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I am excited to tell the different stories and lessons I have learned from the past, and reveal my time-tested strategies on how to find and cultivate business ideas.

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