FREE Online Summit: Learn From 30+ Experts on How to Achieve Success

Updated: June 21, 2019

Would you want 30+ experts to help you succeed… for FREE? Then read on.

First, here’s a fact: The road to success is really, really HARD.

All the stress, costly mistakes, episodes of depression and anxiety, risks, crab mentality comments that put you down, physical labor–it’s no wonder only a small percentage of ambitious dreamers make it.

But we’re here to change that.

If you’re like me, then you believe that we should learn from our mistakes. Fail fast, fail often, fail forward – this is a good mantra for success.

However, I also believe that there’s a BETTER and FASTER way to learn… and that’s learning from the mistakes of successful people!

And hence, this FREE, life-changing online summit where 30+ proven experts have gathered to tell their stories of success.

10x Your Success Story Online Summit

I’m excited to invite you to join this unique learning opportunity. This is an online summit where 30+ experts reveal the skills, secrets, and shortcuts they used to turn their ambitious dreams into reality.

In the 10x Your Success Story Online Summit, you’ll get to discover the secrets to success from:

  • Ace Gapuz, Blogapalooza
  • Marv de Leon, Freelance Blend
  • Allan Ngo, Digital Solopreneur Inc.
  • Jay Castillo, Foreclosure Philippines
  • Jon Orana, Negosyo University
  • Nix Eniego, Social Media Academy
  • Jason Dulay, Virtual Assistant Bootcamp

…and much, much more including ME!

Yes, I am part of this event! So if you want to learn from me, and 30+ other experts, then claim your FREE tickets NOW:

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But wait there’s more!

Be sure to use the code 10x_FITZ when you sign up to get your free ticket PLUS a bonus offer on the next page!

STEP 1: Go to the 10x Online Summit Registration Page

STEP 2: Click “Get Your FREE Ticket Today!”

STEP 3: Fill up the registration form

STEP 4: Be sure to put my referral code: 10x_FITZ

STEP 5: Click “Sign Me Up For This Online Summit!”

And that’s it!

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Who should sign up for to this FREE event?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business faster, better, and surer or maybe even start turning their “million-dollar idea” into reality
  • Freelancers who want to speed up their freelancing success and chase their ambitions by reaping the ROI of continuous learning
  • Corporate Employees who want to climb the corporate ladder even faster or one day quit their day job and run a successful business or freelancing career
  • Coaches & Consultants who want to learn the secrets to building their following fast and monetizing it so they can help more people
  • Aspiring Experts who want to one day be part of awesome online summits like this one and give back to the community
  • And basically ANYONE who wants to experience success

Don’t miss your chance to learn for FREE

Just remember to use the code 10x_FITZ to get your free ticket PLUS a bonus offer! Go ahead now and click here to claim your FREE ticket

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