Focus on What You Can Control (Episode 9)

Updated: December 7, 2021

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Summary of Episode 9:

About the Financial Fitness Forum (0:40)

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Credit card debts are a common problem. (3:15)

About the Debt Snowball Method (4:40)

Read the blog article: How To Get Out Of Debt With The Snowball Method

About the Philosophy of Stoicism (6:10)

In life, there are things that are beyond our control, and there are things that are within our control. (8:30)

In paying off your debts, you need to focus on what you can control. (11:20)

Instead of thinking about your debts, why not focus on earning money so you can pay off your debts. Kahit isipin mo ang utang mo buong araw, hindi mababawasan yun. Pero kung magtanggal ka ng mga unnecessary na gastos at maghanap ng raket or sideline business, “˜yun pa, di ba? Pwede pa ‘yun ang makatulong sayo na mabawasan ang utang mo. (12:40)

We don’t have control over the global economy nor the national economy. However, we do have control over our personal economy. (13:40)

You can use your time worrying about the next recession or being afraid of the falling stock market prices. Or running away from your debt collectors. Or you can use your time and focus your energy in helping your family learn smart money habits, or you can track and minimize your personal expenses, or to diversify your investments, or creating multiple sources of income. It is your choice. (14:25)

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