Five Investors Who Made Money in 2018 Amidst The Falling Global Markets

I’ve heard many financial analysts claim that 2018 was the worst investment year in the last 5 years. It was full of market volatility and economic downturns, and many investors now look back with regret at profits that were wiped out, and opportunities that were lost.

Majority of Mutual Funds and Asset Management Portfolios took a loss last year. You don’t have to look far to see how bad the markets performed in the year 2018.

However, any experienced investor will tell you that there are always opportunities for trading and investing. And that seasoned traders can thrive even when markets aren’t in their favor.

Today, I’d like to show you five investors who didn’t just beat the red markets last year, but have been profitable for 3 consecutive years now.

What’s even better, you can simply replicate their success and let them do the hard work of trading and investing through eToro’s CopyTrading feature.

If you don’t know what CopyTrading is, then read this article about it which I wrote. Or, you can just watch this short video that explains how to make a passive income through copy trading.

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Five Investors Who Beat The Market in 2018

Enmanuel from the Dominican Republic has just finished his 3rd consecutive year in profit. He mostly trades currencies and holds these positions open for an average of 3 weeks. He recommends copying him for a full year with at least $2,500 but you can always start with as small as $200 and then add funds if you’re happy with his results.

Albert is a full-time German engineer who analyzes charts in his spare time. He doesn’t trade stocks, but rather trades whole indices and currencies. A modest investor, he’s low risk and aims for consistent greens.

Fabian is another German investor who originally joined eToro as a student. Now at eToro for more than 5 years now, he’s unique in that he allows you to email him directly for questions or help. He’s also very diversified in that he invests in not just stocks, but also indices, currencies, commodities, and ETFs.

Our 3rd featured German, Joachim is a safe, low-risk investor who has made over 3,000 trades in eToro now. His low risk approach allows him to consolidate his trades every month to ensure that he ends each in green. While last year was tough, he was still able to end with 17% gains.

A Norwegian, Tore Kjeldsen is surprisingly honest with his performance from previous years. In his bio, he states that despite being profitable, he wasn’t happy with his results in 2016. He tried new trading systems in 2017 and finally bore good results in 2018. He actually encourages you to start with small amounts and just compound it as you see his gains.

Please note that past performance is not indicative of future gains.

Replicating Success and Earning Passive Income

These are just five people. There are a lot more top investors and traders whom you can search and copy in eToro. That’s what makes it a social trading platform.

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