Filipino Startups: Stories and Lessons with QBO and Qwikwire (Episode 50)

Updated: December 11, 2021

Listen to Episode 50:

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Episode 50 Chapters:

  • 02:11: Introduction
  • 03:18: QBO and Sandbox
  • 05:24: KDrama: Start-Up
  • 08:04: What is a Startup?
  • 12:01: The Philippine Startup Community
  • 18:59: Women in Startups
  • 24:00: Episode Break
  • 26:04: Fail Fast, Fail Forward
  • 30:36: Go All-In
  • 32:17: Startup Success
  • 42:22: Advice for OFWs and Young People

Excerpts and Highlights:

“If anybody wants to do a startup because they want to get out of poverty, probably not the best thing to do. As a breadwinner, doing a startup is not financially smart. It’s very risky.” –Ray Refundo

“In a startup, there must be a clear leader in the team.” –Ray Refundo

“Usually the founders that succeed, they go all-in. It will fail if it will fail, or it will do great if it will do great. What I know doesn’t work is you’re half-doing your startup and still doing something else.” –Katrina Chan

“The secret to good startups is speed. Speed of executing, making the mistakes faster, trying out new things.” –Katrina Chan

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  1. Great broadcast full of encouragement. I was smiling when the three year test was mentioned for new business ventures. Not everything I tried in life worked out as planned. What has worked beyond expectations was the launch of Beautiful Brides first business witch is now past the three year mark and growing like a weed in your garden. I am so happy that she planted that seed and I now get to observe the results.

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