FAQ on Web Push Notifications

Hello and good day! You’re here because you subscribed to the web push notifications of this website. This page will tell you more about this service.

What are web push notifications?
We have partnered with iZooto to bring you a notification service that will keep you updated with this website.

Depending on where you subscribed, you will receive a notification on your desktop or on your mobile device when there’s a new article or if there’s a special announcement that we want you to know.

Is this free?
Yes, this notification service is totally free for you. No need to pay anything. It’s a value-added service so you won’t miss any important stuff that’s happening here.

Will I receive advertisements?
To make this service free for you, we have partnered with several advertisement platforms who will send and show you ads every now and then. The maximum you’ll receive is twice a day.

How do I unsubscribe for the service?

  • On Chrome, you can go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content Settings -> Notifications -> Manage Exceptions -> Remove permission for a specified website.
  • On Firefox, you can go to Preferences -> Content -> Notifications -> Remove permission for a specific website.
  • On Safari, you can go to Preferences -> Notifications -> Remove permission for a specific website.
  • On mobile, you can go to your phone’s notifications settings menu and unsubscribe from there.

I have more questions, where can I ask them?
You can send an email through my contact form and I’d get back to you and answer as soon as I can. Thank you.