Noah Kalina: Everyday

Updated: January 24, 2021

This is a surreal video made by a photographer named, Noah Kalina. This photo-a-day project shows pictures of himself that he took every day for six years.

He compiles them into this pensive 5-minute video. Entitled, Everyday, this video has been viewed more than 27 million times on YouTube and has inspired several people all over the world to start similar projects.

I can imagine him taking a picture of himself quietly every day.

And there must have been several times when he thought that this project is crazy and useless. There must have been moments when he wanted to quit.

In fact, he says that there were actually days that he missed but that did not stop him from persevering and following through.

Every day, we are a work in progress. And with persistence, passion, focus, and dedication, like Noah, we can achieve great things.

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One comment

  1. While snapping a single photo each day appears easy, I can only immingle the interruptions regular life might present over a six years period. Parents will know the feeling of waking up to find a child with a fever, interrupting their days plan. A solider will know the boredom of standing guard until there is a security breach, possibly interrupting what was planned for time off. So much could get in the way of a seemingly simple project like this. YES, this took dedication to complete.

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