How to Easily Decide Where to Invest

Updated: August 26, 2022

Where should I invest? How do I choose the best mutual fund? What bank has the best UITF performance? Which stock broker has the best recommendation?

If you’re new to investing, then it’s normal to have these questions in mind.

A lot of people actually ask me these, and my answer is always the same…

Invest where it is convenient for you.

If you know someone who works or is connected with a mutual fund company, then go ahead and invest with them. Invest in the UITF of the bank where you already have an account, or open in the branch nearest you.

Choose the stockbroker whose application process is fast and easy. This is how you decide where to invest, in the literal sense.

Because for beginners, convenience is more important than performance.

Accessible, Easy, and Efficient

We all want high growth for our money. But if opening an account with the best performing company requires effort — then you’ll probably end up procrastinating.

And even if you do manage to open an account and invest, there’s a high chance that you won’t be able to do it regularly.

And that’s unfortunate because when it comes to investing, frequency is essential if you want to accumulate a significant amount in the long term.

Because investing is not a one-time thing that you do. Just like saving money, it’s a habit that you should practice for many years.

That’s why if it’s your first time investing, then open an account where it’s accessible; where the application process is easy; and where the customer service is efficient.

Don’t worry about missing out on the best-performing investment, at least for now.

Instead, worry about missing out on the opportunity to grow your money because it is difficult, takes too much time, and you simply felt lazy.

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  1. hi fitz! i just want to ask. is it okay that for the meantime me and my fiancee stopped our monthly investment in stocks and mutual fund and instead put our savings on our bank account since we are saving up for our wedding next year and we want cash to be readily available anytime for payment to suppliers. We plan to resume on our monthly investment after our wedding.

  2. Hi fitz,
    I just want to ask,if i join on the uitf equity with bdo & want a long term,how much % will i gain in that 5 yrs?

    What are the charges i need to know?

  3. @Sara
    There are no charges. But there is no guaranteed gain because it all depends on how the Philippine stock market will perform.

    Historically, for the past 15 years, the average gain has been 12% per year. But it varies year to year. Sometimes, one year will have 30% gain, other years, it will only be 4%.

  4. i have no background of investment but i want to do it but i dont knw how. maybe you can help me? thank you

  5. We earnestly await the day option contract trading will be introduce at the PSE. I know there will be a long line of “shysters” offering their bogus option trading advice that will appear but that goes with the territory anytime there is the small of money. The ability to use options as they were intended, for risk control and for income generation will give investors great opportunities. One reason that I hold out hope for the introduction of these derivatives is that there is already an ETF (symbol FMETF) offered on the PSE. The ETF was introduced in December of 2013. To me, the introduction of ETFs are the signs of a maturing stock market exchange. I believe more products will be introduced in the future. At least for now, Philippine investors have the ability to swing trade with the advancements in electronic trade platforms.

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