Earning Passive Income Thru Copy Trading with Lloyd Bazar (Episode 182)

Updated: January 16, 2024

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Our friend, Lloyd Bazar, is back as a guest today, and we talked about copy trading and discussed more about forex trading and how you can earn passive income from it.

Copy trading is a way for you to choose and copy another trader or investor and piggyback on their success. You choose the strategies you want to follow and decide how much to invest in each. Any trades that are made or closed within the strategies will be replicated in your portfolio.

We discussed how it works, the risks and rewards involved, and how to get started with it.

Izanagi vs DD Killa Copy Trading


  • FREE to start and sign up.
  • 500 USD to start, but 1,000 USD is recommended.
  • Monthly expense of PHP 500 for the server.
  • For those who prefer conservative-risk with modest returns.

DD Killa Copy Trading

  • FREE to start and sign up.
  • 200 USD to start. Maximum of 200 USD only.
  • No monthly expense, but must be part of Izanagi community.
  • For those who prefer high-risk with high returns.

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