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Updated: December 30, 2023

If you’re into stock market or forex trading, or if you just searched it online recently, then I’m sure you see ads about it on social media and financial websites.

A lot of these ads are about trading algorithms or bots that promise very high returns. They’re selling an app or software that can outsmart the market, and make you a lot of money.

That’s actually the “Holy Grail” of trading – an trading algorithm that can outsmart the market. But unfortunately, this is still a dream because these machine bots rarely make consistent, long-term profits.

However, around the world, there are some very skilled stock market and forex traders that make consistent money. Is it possible to just be able to copy their trades so you can make money as well?

The answer is YES!

You can do this through eToro and their social trading community, which allows people from all parts of the world to come together and collaborate to trade better.

You can use them to gain insights into the trading strategies or plans of skilled traders. Or better yet, just copy what the experts are doing… automatically!

The CopyTrading feature goes beyond just looking at, and learning from the trades of skilled traders. It basically allows you to do exactly what these traders are doing automatically.

Below are some traders that seem interesting. Please note that the information presented below are from, and are accurate, as of November 13, 2018.

Jeroen Dekker (@AimsTrader)

Jeroen Dekker or @AimsTrader is a day trader from the Netherlands and I simply had to include him here as he is doing really well so far.

He has only been trading with eToro since February this 2018 so he’s pretty new but he already has 4,927 copiers and over 5 million USD in copiers’ funds under him. This means a lot of people have noticed his skills and have trusted him with their funds.

Looking at his trades, we see that he has a different strategy compared your usual stock trader. He trades indices and is a day trader as he opens and closes positions within the same day and has already made close to 600 trades.

The most interesting thing about him is that his drawdowns are low relative to his returns. His max drawdowns are only at 6% and he makes returns of sometimes double that in a month.

Mark Anthony Conde (@laminasia)

I was very happy to see that there are some up and coming traders from our own country who are starting to show their skills. Mark Anthony Conde or @laminasia is a Filipino who is adopts low risk strategies to trade exclusively Euro-Yen.

Don’t let the colors on his performance chart fool you. Looking at the raw numbers, ever since 2017, while he has months where he is in the red, the values of his losses are relatively small compared to the gains he gets.

You can also clearly see that he has learned from his long journey trading at eToro. For his first 2 years trading, he’s lost but you can see now that he has learned and is starting to reap the rewards.

Take a look at his trades, and you can see his potential. He has only made 16 trades so that suggests he takes his time and picks the right time to enter a position. When he finally did open a position, he has been profitable almost 94% of the time.

While he doesn’t have as much copiers and invested amounts under him as some traders, I still think that there is talent here. Hopefully we have more Filipinos like him show their skills through this platform too.

Aaron Wee Chong En (@Alderique)

Lastly, from South-East Asia as well is Aaron Wee Chong En or @Alderique. He is a stock trader from Singapore who has made 16.32% profit during the last year.

He’s been trading with eToro for the past 2 years already and you can clearly see he’s consistently profitable. He already has 2,190 people copying him with 1-2 million USD.

Taking a look at his trades and risk, he mostly trades stocks and you can see that his risk score is low at 4, suggesting that he is conservative and doesn’t over-leverage too much.

The most interesting thing I see with him is that he is over 90% profitable with 2 stocks: Berkshire Hathaway and Visa. That means historically, whenever he trades those 2, he makes profit 90+% of the time.

Try CopyTrading on XM today

The CopyTrading feature allows you to copy the trades of other people, and get similar results with your account. You can even divide and allocate your funds among several traders, and copy them at the same time.

The best way to learn about CopyTrading and how you’ll make money is to experience it yourself, risk-free. How? Just open a practice account and see how everything works without the fear of losing actual money.

Afterwards, if you already know how everything works and you’ve found profitable traders that you want to copy, then that’s the only time you’ll deposit to your account and make real money.

To get started simply click this link and sign up for a FREE Practice account today.


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