Different Points of View on Personal Finance and Investments

Updated: March 8, 2015

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And the same principle goes for personal finance and investments.

What I mean is… if you ask an insurance agent if you need life insurance, then you’ll probably get “Yes, you need it!” for a reply.

Alternatively, if you ask a stock broker where’s the best place to put your money, then you’ll surely hear “The stock market, of course!” as the answer.

Each person has their own bias, depending on their education and experience – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, if you’re an individual who is still “learning the ropes” of wealth building, then you should remember that every financial advice that comes from others will always be anchored to that person’s principles, business and advocacy.

So my tip, as someone who spent years of self-study, always make sure that you’re getting educated on every aspect of personal finance and investments – not only on its many subjects, but also with respect to the different points of view available.

points of view

What do I mean by this?

Take for example Ms. Salve Duplito – she is a financial journalist, and as such, her views on personal finance and investments are certainly built upon her experience as a financial consultant and business columnist.

Check out: ANC: On The Money, a video collection of “Salve Says”

Meanwhile, if you get to meet Mr. Rex Mendoza, current CEO and President of Philam Life, then you’ll see that his points of view on personal finance and investing are slightly different as he’s coming from the world of insurance and mutual funds.

Check out: Mr. Rex Mendoza, How An Insurance Agent became CEO of Philam Life

How about Mr. Antonio Moncupa Jr., current CEO and President of EastWest Banking Corporation, and now a “lifestyle” columnist on Inquirer? Yes, his points of view are different as well, because he’s from the world of banking.

Check out: Demystifying Banking by Mr. Antonio Moncupa Jr.

many spotlight

So what happens now?

If you’re currently educating yourself on financial matters, then never limit yourself to just one point of view, and learn from as many different sources as you can.

Too often, I’ve met people who have been so “blindly fanatic” about one person, or one book that they’ve read – that they already stopped seeking new ideas and dismissed other opinion on personal finance and investments.

From my experience, it always pays to be open-minded about different points of view, specially about wealth and money management.

Not only does this enrich your wisdom and widen your perspective, but it also gives you more than enough information that you can process and use – to craft your own personal finance and investing strategies, which will work best for you.

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  1. This I can relate and I do agree with being OPEN MINDED. So many strategies that being introduce these days and for me , I do RESPECT , LEARNED and OBSERVED. Like in stock: I ask myself why they recommend this, what makes them recommend this, how they arrived in their recommendation and from there I DECIDE which and ACT on it. Example: I am a TRC member but I already am ahead of their recommendation so I learned . (I have personal reason why I am still a member). I do read others and try to learned how , what and why they recommend.

    When I am still a Teacher in Chiang Kai Shek, I teach advance algebra at that time, we are 4 teachers in one grade. We have this topic and I ask each one of my co-teacher to share to me how will they teach it. AMAZING, one lesson , 4 different ways of teaching to student. I learned from them as well as they learned from me.

    Bottom line: IN TEACHING, the objective is to let the student knows and understand the lesson REGARDLESS of method you use. IN INVESTING, the objective is EARNING. try each method you study, who knows, using this gives you earning 10% , choosing that lets you earn 20%.You never knows unless you try.

    As I always said , there is no perfect way (only God knows it), the important is to RESPECT those did not work for you but may work for others and SHARE what benefits to you.

    I speak in the first person .

    P.s. I learned a lot from Sir fitz blogs and I highly recommend you subscribe to READY TO BE RICH.

  2. Very true, Sir Fitz! Personal finance is just that — something “personal”…One vehicle might work for others, but it might not work for me…So we should never stop learning, and as you said, learn from different people with different points of views…We should see what would work best for us depending on each of our personal situation… πŸ™‚

    As a side note: It’s been a great privilege to have finally met you, Sir Fitz! You might not remember me anymore, pero we were introduced when you quickly visited Dr. Jaime and Dr. Jo sa IMG office last month. Medyo nagmamadali ka nun e…Pero ayun…Haha…Medyo na-star struck lang ako kasi isa po kayo sa mga financial mentors ko (one of your regular readers here…haha)…So thank you po uli for being so generous with your knowledge and wisdom! πŸ™‚

  3. @Jeanette

    As always, I am very grateful for your heartwarming comment. Thank you!


    Yes, I remember you of course! Pasensha na nagmamadali talaga ako, a friend was waiting in the car sa baba, at ihahatid ko kasi siya sa airport that night.

    But I’m sure we’ll meet again, at makakapag-kwentuhan din tayo. This coming Wednesday, I’ll be there sa IMG office for the Philamlife term-life insurance seminar – just in case available ka. πŸ˜€

  4. Could there be any posts of yours that I don’t agree with? πŸ™‚ This one sure isn’t one of them. Yeah it’s definitely an advantage to be on the edge of the coin and see the two sides of the story.

  5. I definitely agree with this sir Fitz,

    What’s great with having different mentors is that you can blend it all, take what applies to your situation, make it yours and then teach it to everyone else!

  6. Hi Fitz, long time no see hehe, just saw your blog when im checking on the bdo navpu. musta na? financial guru ka na pala. pwede bang mag join sa email listing mo to learn more sa mga blogs mo? few years ago nag join ako sa isang iternet forum about money matters \ finances etc. naging eye opener sa akin ito. may natutunan at importante na try ko i apply sa buhay namin. although im still in the rat race but slowly trying to do other things on the side to equal my works pay. its difficult lalo na ang mga bata naglalakihan and so on. i bobook mark ko na itong site mo πŸ™‚ kamusta ulit

  7. Goi! Long time no see nga! Hehe. No, am not a financial guru – just trying to share the things I’ve learned. πŸ˜€

    Nasa upper right part ng sidebar yung email subscription, just subscribe there so you’ll get alerts when something new is posted here. πŸ˜€

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