December 2008 Business and Livelihood Training Seminars

Updated: September 22, 2014

Have you gotten your Christmas bonus and your 13th month pay? If so, then why don’t you invest some of that money to attend a livelihood training seminar this December.

These events will be held in Metro Manila, but I encourage you to contact the sponsors and organizers if these events if they have local partners in your province.

Also, the details of these events were checked for accuracy during the time of posting. I suggest that you contact the respective offices to confirm the schedules and learn if there are any changes in time, date and venue.

Lastly, please be advised that this website is not connected with any of the organizers. Please get in touch with their secretariat if you have further questions regarding the event. Thank you.

World Bazaar Festival

The World Bazaar Festival will be held at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila from December 5 to 16. Aside from being a grand shopping destination for interested bargain hunters, market travelers and folks who just love fun shopping, this is also a great opportunity for you to find suppliers for your retail business.

For more inquiries, please contact Worldbex Services International at 5316374 or 5316350, or fax them at 5322026.

Mega Balikbayan Christmas Expo

This Mega Balikbayan Christmas Expo will happen on December 10 to 14 at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong. This event aims to display the widest possible range of gift ideas, including the latest designs in clothing and fashion, winter sports articles and equipment, games and toys, beauty and cosmetics, food and beverages, all sorts of gift items and a variety of Christmas and holiday decorations.

This is another great place for any type of retail and wholesale exhibitor to find suppliers and business partners. For more details, please get in touch with Ex-Link Management & Marketing Services Corporation at 6433887 or 6401280.

Technology Resource Center (TRC) December 2008

Some of the available courses this month from TRC include:

  • How to Operate and Manage Money Changing Business – identifying suitable locations for the business, business registration processing, tools and equipments for the business, identifying different convertible foreign currencies, profitability analysis, check rediscounting as a revenue source, and many more topics will be discussed.
  • Advance Meat Processing – preparation of different types of meat products, quality control, marketing and packaging. Includes hands-on training on how to make siomai, embotido, quekiam, luncheon meat, meat loaf, pork and chicken nuggets, pear-shaped ham, morcon and many more.
  • Perfumes and Colognes – how to start a perfume and cologne business, formulations, blending of essential oils, cost and return analysis and many more. Includes hands-on training on how to make oil-based and water-based perfumes, cream perfumes, body splash, gel colognes and eaue de toilette
  • Specialty Cakes and Pastries – attend lectures on material and equipment specifications, functions of ingredients, product formulation, costing and pricing and many others including how to make mousse cake, black forest cakes, crema de fruta, sans rival, apple pie and other pastries. (now, I’m craving for sans rival 🙁 )
  • Fresh Flower Arrangement and Flower Shop Operation and Management – this seminar includes a field trip and lectures on creativity, balance, proportion, texture and color harmony as well as the business side of organizational management, costing, pricing and sourcing of materials.

Complete details and more business courses are available at the TRC website.

Negoskwela Seminars December 2008

Business and livelihood seminars this month in Negoskwela are:

  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Commercial Hydroponics
  • Basic Beadworks
  • Chicken Layer Production
  • Hog / Pig Raising & Health Management
  • Masteral Cake Decorating
  • Catering, Restaurant, Carinderia & Fast Food Business
  • Native Kakanin Business
  • Starting Your Own Beauty Salon
  • Meat Shop Business

To get a complete list of the business courses available this month, please contact Negoskwela at telephone numbers 4330621 to 37, 4974163 and 9245111 or download the Negoskwela December 2008 Schedule.

For more information other institutions that offer business trainings and livelihood seminars, please visit this directory

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