Creating Tech Marvels Out Of A $40 Wii Remote

Updated: May 25, 2008

I’d like to share with you this video of Johnny Lee from TED Talks last February 2008. In here, the speaker presents a cool Wii Remote hack wherein he transforms the $40 video game controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.

For those unfamiliar with this gadget, the Wii is the fifth home video game console released by Nintendo. It’s a direct descendant of the Family Computer and the Nintendo GameCube. The distinguishing feature of this console is its wireless controller, called the Wii Remote, which is simply a handheld pointing device that can detect movement in three dimension.

In this short demo, Carnegie Mellon University graduate, researcher and YouTube sensation, Johnny Lee shows to TED how he was able to produce a cheap educational and business tool by hacking this simple gadget. His innovation now helps thousands of teachers and students around the world. Furthermore, in less than five months, his research has been transformed into a prototype gadget in his lab into a major commercial product.

What does this video teach us? It reminds us of one of the things that truly lead to success. Learning to drive our passion and expertise to provide value to others.

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  1. This guy is cool.

    This reminds me of the stuff that they do on

  2. yun ang dapat nating gawin para yumaman, ehhehe.. think of something na magiging baseline ng mga future inventions.. And for sure, you will be a world figure in the making..

  3. @failureblogger
    Yup, a lot of good stuff there in hackaday

    That’s one way, yes. 🙂

    Thanks bro!

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