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Investing for Beginners: The Two Major Investment Categories

Published: July 30, 2020 | General Information, Investing | No Comments

More and more investments are becoming accessible to Filipinos, and more and more Filipinos are investing. From time deposits to retail treasury bonds, from local and global stocks to real estate investment trusts, from mutual funds to cooperatives–the list of investments that are within reach for ordinary citizens have become much longer than it was […]

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5 Ways To Earn Passive Income Through Real Estate

Published: July 16, 2020 | Income Opps, Investing | 1 Comment

Can you earn money without working? Yes, you can. That’s called passive income. Building massive wealth and achieving financial freedom often requires creating multiple sources of passive income for yourself. Fortunately, there are many ways to create passive income. And perhaps, the most popular method is through real estate. However, most people only know one […]

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How to Invest in Real Estate for Only P1,000

Updated: November 13, 2020 | Announcements, Investing, News and Events | 1 Comment

Investing in real estate normally requires a lot of money because property prices are quite expensive. That’s why most say that only rich people can invest in real estate. But that’s been changing. Over the years, real estate developers and financial institutions have been creating options to make property investing more attainable to more people. […]

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How to Diversify Your Investments (Episode 26)

Updated: July 10, 2020 | Investing, Podcast | 3 Comments

Listen to Episode 26 Summary of Episode 26: What is diversification? When it comes to investing, this means putting your money on different instruments to minimize your risk. (1:01) The 5 different ways you can diversify your investments. (2:04) Is it okay to just invest in mutual funds? (4:30) Invest and trade global markets: Sign […]

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Should You Invest Even If You Have Debts?

Published: June 29, 2020 | Investing, Personal Finance | 1 Comment

That online business you’re doing is starting to make good money, and you now have some extra cash. It’s tempting to spend the money and buy yourself something nice. However, you’re financially smarter now, and understand that it’s important to pay off your debts first before spending on non-essential wants. But then you ask yourself, […]

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Investing in Stocks with High Dividend Yields

Published: June 23, 2020 | Investing | 2 Comments

Most people invest in equities for long-term capital appreciation. And if you buy stocks that often give out dividends, then you’ll also get to enjoy regular and passive income. More often than not, a sideways or downtrend market with low inflation and interest rates would present good opportunities for this because when share prices fall, […]

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Portfolio Diversification: What It Means To Diversify Your Investments

Published: June 15, 2020 | Investing | 1 Comment

Diversification is an advice that many financial planners give when it comes to building your investment portfolio. This investing strategy is often said through the famous saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The idea behind diversifying your assets or investments is that, markets are unpredictable. And by putting your money in different […]

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Don’t Fall Into The Sunk Cost Trap (Episode 22)

Published: June 5, 2020 | Investing, Mindsetting, Personal Finance, Podcast | 1 Comment

Listen to Episode 22 Summary of Episode 22: A pizza story. (1:23) A sunk cost trap or a sunk cost fallacy when a person is failing to see the best outcome because they have a bias resulting from a previous or ongoing commitment. (3:05) Watch a FREE online financial coaching video: Visit An illustration […]

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The 10 Most Traded Stocks or Companies on eToro’s Global Platform

Published: May 29, 2020 | Investing, News and Events | 6 Comments

Social trading and multi-asset brokerage company, eToro has recently launched commission-free trading for US stocks to the Asia-Pacific. This zero-commission offering applies to all stocks on its platform that are traded on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). And this makes them the first platform to offer commission-free stocks and fractional shares globally. […]

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Overcoming The Fear of Losing Money (Episode 20)

Updated: June 1, 2020 | Freelancing, Investing, Mindsetting, Podcast | No Comments

Listen to Episode 20 Summary of Episode 20: The story of my visit to my doctor friend. (1:00) I’m a firm believer that you should not invest on things that you don’t understand. That’s why the first step is always to invest in yourself, to invest in knowledge. (3:45) Watch a FREE online financial coaching […]

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12 Irrefutable Principles of Investing

Published: May 19, 2020 | Investing | 1 Comment

In my opinion, one of the best investing mentors that I have today is Sir Rex Mendoza, the President & CEO of Rampver Financials. He has so much experience in the Philippine market, that I am always excited to learn from him whenever he gives a talk during IMG Conventions. Today, I’m sharing with you […]

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Making Money in Oil: How Do You Trade “Black Gold”?

Updated: August 24, 2020 | Investing, News and Events | 1 Comment

The week of 20 April 2020 will definitely go into history books because for the first time, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the U.S. oil benchmark, dived down into negative territory. What does this mean? If I were an oil seller and you were a buyer, a negative price means I’m willing to pay you […]

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What To Do With Your Finances Now That the Stock Market is in Bear Territory

Published: April 13, 2020 | Guest Posts, Investing | 1 Comment

We are living in an unprecedented time in our history where many people are in a state of distress and panic. With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, almost all countries around the world are currently battling this disease. Almost everything that surrounds us lately has been affected by the virus; […]

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