Beach Resort Vacation: Eight Ways To Save Money

Updated: March 8, 2024

It’s officially summer in the Philippines, which means it’s time once again to hit the beach. However, going on a nice and relaxing beach vacation can be really expensive, especially if you’re staying at one of the many first-class beach resorts in the country.

So, for those who are planning to experience some sun, sand, and sea this summer, here are eight tips on how you can lessen your expenses and perhaps save some money.

1. Do Research

Learn about your destination, especially if it’s your first time going there.

Aside from asking people you know, you can search for information online. Travel forums and blogs can really help you find the best and cheapest beach resorts, affordable but delicious restaurants, and budget-friendly yet fun activities to do at your planned destination.

And just in case you’re going to Pagudpud Beach, here’s an Ilocos Tour Vacation post of mine.

2. Plan Your Budget and Stick To It

Never go on a trip without enough money – if you want a great vacation, plan and save for it.

When creating your budget, it helps to visualize your vacation and plan the activities you’ll do there so you can account for as many of your costs as possible, especially the recreational expenses—the massage on the beach, the parasailing ride, the pitchers of Mindoro Sling, and others.

3. Bring Food, Specially Snacks

Beach resort food is expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, then scout for places where you can bring and cook your own food.

There’s usually a wet market nearby where you can buy fresh ingredients. But if cooking is not on your agenda, then trust me on the snacks; it’s really a money saver.

4. Bring Your Own Toys

Renting beach toys such as volleyballs, Frisbees, snorkel gear, and others can be expensive. If you already have one, you can bring it or borrow it from a friend who does.

This also applies to things you might need at the beach, such as flip-flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion, which are always cheaper to buy at home than at the beach resort boutique.

5. Watch Out for Free Events

There will always be free activities to enjoy at a beach resort—free concerts and beach parties, sponsored beach games with free registration, free 10-minute massages at the beach spa, extra drinks on happy hour at the bar, and things like that.

Ask the resort receptionist or your fellow vacationers when and where they are, and have fun.

6. Know Where To Buy Cheap

Just a few meters out of the resort perimeter, there are, more often than not, stores where you can buy things at a lower price– souvenirs, snacks, and some things that you might have forgotten to bring.

If you’re lucky, there could also be an affordable place to eat nearby. Don’t be afraid to ask a local if you need directions, but just to be safe, always go as a group and never be alone. Lastly, don’t forget to haggle.

7. Avoid Peak Days

Rates are always cheaper during lean months—that’s a fact. That’s why you will find me at the beaches of Laiya every August.

But anyway, if you’re not much of a crowd-lover and your friends can afford to file a vacation leave on a weekday, then consider avoiding the weekend for your beach trip.

8. The More, The Merrier

The more people you are, the lesser the expenses usually.

Beach resorts can offer group discounts for accommodation, and you’ll always have people to share some of the expenses with. But vacation trips are always more fun when shared with your friends.

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  1. Me and asawa ko plan to visit a few of the nice resorts in the Philippines, so I must take your advice! 😉

    Maybe if I learn tagalog well, i won’t get the puti-price 😉 napaka mahal price for Foreigners! lol!



  2. Not actually kuripot, just being frugal. I honestly enjoy my wife’s food much more than anything we can purchase outside the home. My inlaws all want my BBQ, my homemade spaghetti sauces and the like over restaurant food. Both of us cook with great care and the very best of ingredients plus a big dash of LOVE. So yes, we do pack food for family trips to resorts. Our indulgence is a great pizza. That Is one item we do go out to enjoy.

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