Be The Best Version of Yourself

Updated: December 29, 2022

We all experience this kind of struggle within ourselves. It’s a debate between being content with who we are and what we already have, versus becoming a better person and getting the things we desire most.

Personally, I believe that contentedness is one of the keys to finding true happiness – and it has in fact, for many times, saved me from unnecessary frustration and disappointment.

However, I don’t believe that my life is already as good as it can get. And I’m very sure that there’s still more that I can do, become, have, and achieve.

Hence, the dilemma… that while there is fulfillment in accepting who we are and appreciating the things that we already have; there’s also a great sense of satisfaction in going farther, pushing your limits, and achieving more.

So how do you find the necessary balance between the desire for self-improvement and having peace of mind in contentment?

I believe it is by becoming the best version of yourself every day.


The Best Version of You

Awareness and Appreciation
Recognize all that is good in your life right now and appreciate your blessings.

Affirmations and Gratitude
Affirm yourself every day and express gratitude to life’s simple joys.

Forgiveness and Healing
Heal the wounds of the past and learn to forgive.

Nurture and Nourish
Nurture the people in your life, nourish them and yourself with love.

Values and Principles
Define yourself not by achievement, but by the values and principles you uphold.

Simplify and Surrender
Simplify, get rid of the unnecessary, and surrender to the process called life.

Visualize and Create
Visualize a path, based on your values. Create that path by working with the process.

Heart and Mind
Follow your heart, but let the mind lead the way.

Learn and Experience
Learning is part of the process. Appreciating the experience will give you joy.

Patience and Growth
Be patient when things are difficult. Growth can only come over time.

Fail and Stand
The more times you fail, the sweeter achievement becomes. So always have the strength to stand up and try again.

Moments and Milestones
Remember that life is not just about milestones, it is also about moments that bring happiness every day.

Being the best version of yourself means accepting who you are, and what you’ve become, but it also means realizing that it’s still a long journey ahead, and it’s up to you how to make each step forward as memorable as your last.

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  1. thank you very much for another refreshing article. The article in some way gives me hope and inspiration :)

  2. Thank you so much for this website Fitz! You never failed to inspire me since I started reading your articles in this site. I already started saving up for my emergency fund, and I’m close to achieving our 6 months worth of expenses! Merry Christmas Fitz, may God bless you more…

  3. Hi Malou! Thanks for the wonderful message. I’m glad I’ve inspired you and congratulations in advance on finally achieving your emergency fund. It’s the hardest step usually, and after that, investing and growing your wealth will be easier. Merry Christmas to you too and your family. :D

  4. Again, an article worth printing and framing. What a great way to live life, happy and contented in all things but using your energy and creativity to reach for the stars. Excellent post Mr Fitz

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