BDABOSS: The Manny Villar Entrepreneurial Program

Updated: September 22, 2014

I recently stumbled upon an online contest that all budding Pinoy entrepreneurs out there might be interested to join – it’s called BDABOSS.

This is an entrepreneurial program by Sen. Manny Villar which hopes to encourage Filipinos to come up with business ideas for a chance to be win P25,000 start-up capital.

The contest opened for submissions last August 7, 2009 and will accept entries until September 4, 2009.

I know it’s been open for quite some time now but the deadline is still more than a week from now; that’s more than enough time to brainstorm for some good business ideas in my opinion.

So what’s in store for those who will join?

If your entry is chosen as one of the 10 finalists, you will receive P25,000 to help you start your business. Moreover, the top 50 semi-finalists will each receive P1,000.

This contest is open to all Filipinos aged 18 and above who are residents of Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. For more information on how to register and to read the complete mechanics of this program, you may visit the official BDABOSS website here.


So are you planning to join? Then let me give you some pointers to consider:

Think of a business idea that’s unique.
When brainstorming for your business idea, try to come up with something original – a product or service that does not yet exist in the local market. This will definitely give you an advantage. However, you can also choose improve or innovate on existing ones.

More help: Good Business Ventures and Opportunities

Keep it simple.
Some of the most successful businesses start out with just one great product or service. So I would suggest that you simply focus on one (or at most two) in your proposal. When you already have one, write down a production plan and see if it’s easy and simple enough to execute.

More help: Planning a Business Production System

Make a marketing plan.
You only have P25,000 to start with, so unless you know a very cheap commercial space that’s for lease, it seems that the most plausible business idea would be something home-based. And this means you need to have a good marketing plan to sell your product or service.

More help: Marketing Campaign Planning in 10 Simple Steps

Remember to create value.
One of the things that the BDABOSS program is looking for is to see how your business idea will benefit not just you but others as well. And if you can take some time to create and present in your proposal your business mission, vision and value statements, then I’m sure it will definitely help the organizers in understanding the value that you’re trying to create for others.

More help: Mission, Vision and Values: Defining The Purpose of Your Business

To sum it up, if you want to be one of the 10 finalists in BDABOSS, then you should come up with a unique but simple business idea that’s easy enough to execute (produce, market and sell).

But also, have a product or service that offers good value to others. Remember that entrepreneurship is not just about making money. In my belief, it is first and foremost, about solving problems and giving solutions.

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  1. Good Day Sir,

    I am happy if you select my name because I really want to have a business but unfortunately I don’t have much capital to start a small business. I hope & pray that perhaps I have this time.
    Thank you more power.God Bless!

  2. Wow! This is something! Sen.Manny Villar is really utilizing all forms of medium to reach the voter. On the good side, supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs or would-be-entrepreneurs is a great cause. After all, businesses affects the economy at a larger scale than jobs. GoNegosyo! Thanks for the post. ^_^

  3. Yeah, it’s a nice program from Villar but I just don’t know how well they can execute this. I’ll try to see how this one goes in the end. 😀

  4. thats a nice idea to our neighbor to have a gud business to start a better life..and i hope dat manny villar will help me also to have a small capital to start my small business…and i pray 4 dat…

  5. i have a small business na…. but i dont have enough capital to pust it thru! hope mr manny villar can help me with my finacial needs… to move on to my small business…..and it will be agreat for me and to my family… esp. to my children who needs me to educate them and finish their studies…….thank you and GOD BLESS!

  6. HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR JR. GET TO BE RICH? It may bear and serve the Filipino nation well to investigate and know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through from Tondo-ragged accountant to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because its affairs involve sensitive issues that affect civil rights, territory, sovereignty, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia Inc. way back before the Villars became political aspirants? Unfortunately, sighting American presence at the Crown Asia, Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it naturally became strategically imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among legislators instrumental in passing general law limiting real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespectacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent? fronted? non-express? implied?) of Crown Asia Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Apart from being born with a silver spoon, most of us often have “humble”, sometimes “rotten”, beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do even more good than harm. The answer may go as far back as Villar’s auditing days at internationally-patronized Sycip Gorres Velayo (SGV) or, perhaps, good Senator Manuel Villar would like to comment on this matter at this time?

  7. hi. good day when is your another seminar or program? tackle more about how to start your own business? hope you read this message. my name is mackee a young and aspiring Entrepreneur from makati city. thank you sir.

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