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Updated: November 2, 2010

Ask anyone invested in the Philippine stock market today and they’ll probably give you a wide smile.

Why? Because for the past few weeks, the PSEi has been very bullish and has in fact set a new record and broke the 4,000 resistance level.

While the market seems to be approaching resistance now, some analysts say that it’s not showing any weaknesses yet. Local brokerage firm, Citiseconline even predicted that the PSEi could hit the 5,300 level by 2011.

That’s certainly hopeful news for those who have Philippine stock market investments.

How about you? Were you able to take advantage of the recent bull market?

If you don’t know how to invest in the stock market or afraid that you’ll lose money in it, then I suggest you register and attend these two FREE stock market seminars, courtesy of Citiseconline, my personal stock brokerage firm (yes, I am one of their clients). πŸ˜€

Below are the details:

Peso Cost Averaging Seminar

Date: October 25, 2010 October 26, 2010 – Tuesday
Time: 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM (1 hour)
Venue: Citiseconline Training Center, 24F East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

This is actually the COL Easy Investment Program Briefing where you will learn about peso cost averaging and how it can easily be done through Citisec’s website.

Why learn peso cost averaging? Because it’s one of the best ways to avoid losing money in the stock market. It’s an “emotionless” way of investing that’s specially recommended for those who have long investment horizons and those who have little time to study the market movements.

The one-hour session mostly covers the concept of cost averaging, with concrete examples and computations on how it works. There will be a short discussion (around 10 minutes if I remember it right) on the Easy Investment Program that the company offers to their clients and after that, a Q&A portion.

This seminar is recommended for those who already know how the stock market works. And the photo below is me, when I attended this seminar before. πŸ˜›

How To Invest in the Stock Market

Date: October 28, 2010 – Thursday
Time: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (4 hours)
Venue: Citiseconline Training Center, 24F East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Also entitled, Investing in the Stock Market Today, this seminar is for those who have minimal to zero knowledge of how the stock market works.

It’s an information-rich four-hour session that will introduce to you the basic concepts and opportunities of investing in the stock market. You’ll also learn the popular approaches of stock analysis and will be guided on how to make well informed investment decisions.

I’ve requested the concept of cost averaging to also be discussed during this seminar, so for those who are not available on the 26th, you can choose to join this one instead.

All the slots for the October 28 seminar have already been filled, but you can still sign up for the October 26 seminar.

Those who were not able to sign up for the “How To Invest in the Stock Market” seminar but are really interested to attend can just call Citiseconline at telephone number 6333777 and look for Ms. Shan Loquinario. Tell her that I referred you and ask if she can give you a free slot in a stock market seminar scheduled in another date.

It’s going to be the same topic and learning experience, the only difference is just that I won’t be there. So if you’re really interested in learning about the stock market, go ahead and call Ms. Loquinario now. πŸ˜€

October 7, 2010 – Confirmation of slots have been sent via email to everyone who signed up on or before October 6. If you signed up for a seminar and has not received an email, please use my contact form to inform me about it. Also check your Spam folder, the email could be there. Thank you.

Because of the declared holiday, the Peso Cost Averaging seminar on October 25 has been moved to October 26 – same time and venue. Those who previously signed up who is still available need not do anything. For those who are not available anymore should respond to the email I just sent. Thank you.

The sign-up form has been removed. All slots are now taken. Thank you to everyone who registered and see you on October 26th and 28th. Watch out for more free seminars and a probably part 2 of this stock market seminar here on Ready To Be Rich.

Please refer to the post: Learning About The Philippine Stock Market to know how you can attend a FREE stock market seminar at your convenient date and time. Thanks.

Again, these seminars are FREE and there are no strings attached. There will be no commitment involved to invest and all you actually need to bring is yourself.

Please note that the dress code is smart casual, which means no sando, shorts or slippers, as this is mandated by the Philippine Stock Exchange Building Administration.

Sign up form removed. See Update 4 above.

I do hope you can attend on either date because I’m really looking forward to meeting and getting to know my blog readers.

So I guess that’s it for now and please spread the word about this – remember, everyone is invited!

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  1. Hi Fitz,

    Its Carlo, how are you? Saw you visited Gen san a while back, are you going to visit CDO soon? Give me a heads up so I can help you with your accomodations and tours. I can even show you around here.
    What’s the advantage of the EIP program vs mutual funds? I’ve been invited to invest in this program by a Citisec representative and I’m still thinking about it. Should I allocate some of my funds for this? I have a investments in philequity and I’m also thinking of putting some in their bond fund.
    However, my beef about philequity is their load and exit fees.
    How much is the monthly investment needed for this program?
    I’ll really appreciate your advise.



  2. Hi Fitz! It’s a great thing to know that they offer this seminar for free. I would like also to inform you that there’s a financial industry who also offer a free seminar about Practical Money Management Seminar. Hope you can also attend it πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Carlo,

    Yes, I’m going to CDO this November. I’ll email you about it. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, the EIP program is basically applying cost averaging on the stock market through Citisec. Cost averaging, as an investment strategy, can also be applied in mutual funds actually.

    In my opinion, it’s always best to diversify and I suggest you keep those MFs but try to see if you can afford to have some stock investments too.

    For Citisec, the minimum investment for EIP is P5k. And depending on your budget, that can be monthly, quarterly, or whatever regular period you want.

    Hope this helps. πŸ˜€

  4. Hi Fitz,

    Are these seminars also available on weekends? I know it’s already free and I only need to make time for it… But I thought it’s was worth the shot to ask. Thanks!

  5. Hi Fitz,

    thank you for sharing this info…been eager to invest in stock market but don’t know where to start first…

  6. Hi Tim, I’m not sure if there are other stock brokerage firms who do seminars on weekends. But as for Citisec, they only have them on weekdays, sorry.

    Personally, I think it’s worth it to file a VL at work for this. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Randy, no it’s not a one-time deal – Citisec does the seminar regularly (usually Thursday) but sometimes, the schedule gets canceled if there are only a few sign-ups.

    Anyway, you can always call them at 6333777 to get their latest schedule. My contact there is Ms. Shan Loquinario, you can ask her for assistance if you want. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  8. Hi Fitz,

    I hope this email finds you well. How do I find out if I got a slot? I am really excited to attend it. I’ve been waiting for you to post one like this. In fact, I have already filed a VL for that. Thank you.

  9. Hi everyone. All those who were able to get slots were given a confirmation email. If you haven’t received yours, then please email me about it and I’ll check. Thanks!

  10. Hi Fitz,

    I am very much interested attending the Peso Cost Averaging Seminar. But I’m not sure if there is still available slot for me. I am currently working as trainer in one of the call centers in Makati. I hope to get a reply from you. Thanks

  11. Hi Melody,

    Yes, there are still available slots for the October 26 seminar on Peso Cost Averaging. Just sign up above and you’ll instantly have a reservation.


  12. Hi Fitz,

    I filled out the form above (sorry, can’t remember when) and I don’t know if I am able to get a slot for October the 28th on How To Invest in the Stock Market. I am really interested to attend.

    Thanks and more power!


  13. Hi Fitz,

    Correction on my comment above. Forgot to check my email (sorry). I received a confirmation email from you last Thursday October 7th. Thanks so much.


  14. Hi fritz

    im interested to attend the october 28 seminar on how to invest in the stock market. are there still available slots ?


  15. Hi rustan,

    Sorry there are no more slots for the October 28 seminar. However, you may call Citiseconline at telephone number 6333777 and look for Ms. Shan Loquinario and request for a slot in another date. This is something they do regularly.

    However, if you’re interested, you can wait for November as I am planning to sponsor another seminar like this next month. Thanks!

  16. question ko lang po. is it a requirement po ba ng citisec na mag invest na or bumili na ng stocks agad after mag attend ng free “seminar on how to invest in stock market”? At the moment kasi, priority ko muna ung mutual fund, pero gusto ko lang magkaroon ng background about investing in stock market kaya ako aattend ng seminar…. hope to give me enlightenment.. thanks a lot…

  17. @Leandro, yes you have a slot. Please wait for the confirmation email later today.

    @mart, no there will be no pressure at all to sign up to Citisec. While you will be oriented about the company at the start (around 10 minutes or so), the rest of the seminar will be focused on the stock market.

    And at the end, you will be given an application form to sign up with Citisec but only as you make your way out, and that’s it – you’re free to go home. No “sales talk” unless you specifically ask for it.

  18. follow up question lang po… is this application form mandatory? or bibigyan lang kami ng application form then pwede namin ifill-up na lang sa bahay just in case? or may choice kami na wag muna mag sign-up with citisec?


  19. I am interested to attend a seminar on how to invest in the stock market, kailan ulit kayo mag i-sponsor? Thanks

  20. @mart, no it’s not mandatory – you can refuse not to get it, and if you do get it, you can just keep it and take it home, you will not be required to do anything

    @kristine, i’m looking into sponsoring another seminar by December but you can call Citisec anytime to ask for the schedule of their regular seminars in November – they’re all free, just say to them I referred you πŸ˜€

  21. hi.. Fitz! just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend on “how to invest in the stock market” seminar. I’ve learned a lot…and planned to invest as soon as possible. Thank you so much!!

  22. Hi,
    I already start investing in COL Easy Investment Plan just last month. I also attended the seminar and right after I opened an account. Just one question, I would like to ask if they give referal fee if I can refer a friend to them? Just want to have some more extra income.. πŸ™‚

  23. Your site is very enlightening! it’s only now that i’ve encountered a financial blog and the best of it all, it is written in very easy to read and understand. i’ve learned a lot thank you so much!

  24. Yes Frenchie. You may call Citiseconline at 6333777 to inquire on their schedule. You may also look for Ms. Shan Loquinario, she’s my account manager there. Tell her I gave you her name so she can assist you in attending the seminars.

  25. hi
    i am willing to attend the free stock market seminar..what will i do? this is my mobile number 09232183769. pls inform me soon…i will wait….

  26. To citisec staff,

    Good day, i’am interested and willing to attend the free stockmarket seminar.Can i attend this afternoon? Any requirements needed? here’s my cephone number 09994564985. Kindly inform me if there is a slot available for today seminar, waiting for ur kind response.

  27. the above email is my facebook email address, my question is.. is there any free stock market seminar in Cagayan De Oro city? because i’am really interested to attend the free stock market seminar.

  28. Im in Cagayan de Oro City too.
    let me know once a seminar will be conducted here. Thanks

  29. Hi, Fitz. I registered in pse seminar for their free seminar. Do I have to wait a confirmation e-mail from them before actually going there?

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