Angel’s Burger: A Winning Recipe for Burgers and Business

Updated: August 13, 2021

For the family of Joseph and Vicky Mojica, there is nothing sweeter than being able to run a business in the Philippines. The couple owns the popular Angel’s Burger food kiosk that has more than a thousand outlets all over the country.

Before Vicky and Joseph started Angel’s Burger, they were franchisees of another burger kiosk chain. Eventually, they thought of putting up their own burger business, which they named after their daughter, Angel.

Facing challenges

They started the business in 1997 and it was mostly a daring leap of faith on their part. Their independent venture, however, was not an overnight success. By 1999, the business was struggling and their financial situation reached a point where even paying for their daughter’s tuition was a big challenge.

They received an offer from a friend who wanted to buy their business for one million pesos. At the time, Angel’s Burger had 13 stores. Vicky admitted that they strongly considered the offer. But an unexpected opportunity came – a relative offered them a chance to work in the U.S. as OFWs.

They planned to work together overseas so that they could earn enough money to save their business, pay off debts, and start over. While working overseas, they received an unexpected windfall of $10,000. With this development, Vicky and Joseph decided to return immediately to the Philippines and go full-throttle on their business.

Now, Angel’s Burger is one of the most popular food kiosks in the country. It is successfully run not only by the husband-and-wife tandem but also by their children Cholo, Angel, and, Joma.

Finding the right banking partner

BDO Unibank has been providing support to Angel’s Burger since the start. Even before the venture was established, Vicky and Joseph had already been BDO clients since 1994, and the bank has proven to be a reliable partner through good times and tough times. As Angel’s Burger grew and evolved through the years, BDO kept on providing useful, relevant, and reliable banking services, particularly in the area of cash management.

“For example, BDO handles our payroll service. They set it up so that our employees could access their payroll anywhere, from any ATM. We appreciated this so much especially during the pandemic when people were having a hard time moving around. During this crisis period, kailangan talaga ng tao ang sweldo. It’s safer for them to get their salaries through ATM rather than having to go to our office,” she said.

Cholo, who is now president of the company, added BDO’s Cash Management Services greatly helped them adapt to the new normal. Angel’s Burger is now using a BDO Corporate Cash Deposit Machine (CCDM). Essentially, a CCDM is similar to an ATM as it electronically and remotely facilitates bank transactions. It’s a way for a business to deposit cash, say from sales collection, anytime they want.

Once the BDO CCDM is in place at a secure location, a business no longer needs to go to a BDO branch to make a deposit—whatever deposit they make to the machine is credited to their account: it’s as good as having made the deposit at the bank itself.

“Nung simula, very reluctant pa nga ako. Sabi ko, is it really necessary? May cash pickup naman. Nung nagkaroon ng pandemic, doon ko na nakita yung advantage niya. Sobrang convenient! Anytime pwede ka mag-deposit sa sarili mong account habang nasa loob ka lang ng sarili mong kumpanya. Kaya ang galing nun, actually. Ang galing ng BDO doon,” he said.

Online stock payment

The newest service that Angel’s Burger is enjoying from BDO is the franchise stock payment facility. Through the service, Angel’s Burger franchisees send their stock payments online through the BDO Online App.

“Sa Angel’s Burger, hindi naman lahat ng stores ay amin. Karamihan diyan, franchisees. Dati, yung mga stock payment nila are either cash payment sa office or bank deposit tapos magse-send sila ng deposit slip which is very tedious for them. When we availed of the BDO Online Bills Payment service, yung mga franchisees namin hindi na rin kailangan lumabas. Yung comfort na pwede mo siyang gawing online, malaking-malaking tulong sa amin yan.”

Having known financial hardship themselves, the Mojicas always put people first—their customers, employees, and business partners—when it comes to running the business.

Obviously, Angel’s Burger has a burger recipe and a business strategy that are both heaven-sent.

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