ANC On The Money: My Money Story Feature

Updated: December 30, 2012

Those who have ANC and frequently watches the channel have probably already seen last week’s episode of “On The Money”.

If not, then don’t worry, because ANC recently uploaded that episode on their YouTube channel, and you can now watch it below.

“On The Money” is television program which talks about business, investments and personal finance topics. It is hosted by Edric Mendoza, along with Melissa Gecolea and Salve Duplito.

Last week, they aired the episode where I guested and I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I had sharing “My Money Story”.

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  1. We don’t have ANC (or cable), we just rely on your blog & the internet to find out about these inspiring and educational shows. It was certainly a joy for my family to see you being interviewed by Edric Mendoza. I have 3 boys and 1 girl, and let me tell you Fitz that I use your blog to teach financial literacy to my boys ages 12, 8 and 6 because I want their minds to be aware at an early age. I love how the interview quoted the things you said as you spoke and recapped them during break. You presented yourself as a person who really took control of your life, and took ownership of your mistakes. And the best thing is you didnt come out as mayabang or “‘di ko ma-reach”, you appeared humble like your average guy next door which makes it more inspiring.

    It’s great to have a Filipino financial resource person such as yourself, I mean there are a lot out there, but for some reason I am able to relate to you better than the others!

    Ever since I resigned from my corporate job, I’ve been looking for a financial mentor who walks the talk and I really feel like you’re the one.

  2. Congrats Sir! When I first met you at Sir Randell seminar, you are on the way and now you reach your dream already , guess you are free from the rat race. Really happy for you Sir.
    As for me, I CHOSE to be a whole time Mom, so my investment is kind of slow but prospering. I Thank all of my mentors and that includes YOU.
    Please keep doing what you are doing Sir! My goal now is to teach my KIDS (9 AND 5 ) to get out of the rat race on their 20’s

  3. I salute you Engr.Fitz. Kahangahanga ang experiences mo.It inspire me a lot and motivates more to what am I doing right now.God bless po.

  4. I am an avid fan of your blog for almost a year now. I must say you inspire me so much Fitz. I will never forget that day I bumped into your blog. From then on it changed my life and because of that inspiration, I am sharing what I learn from this blog to all my friends.

    Thank you and God bless you more. I am really so glad to see you on tv:)

    OFW engr from Taiwan

  5. Hi Fritz,

    Ang mutual funds po ba is in general good one kahit anong types and where? Kasi dito sa Germany there is a lot of Mutual Funds Products hundreds of them and I cant read them all and decide which one is the best.

    But I found 2 interesting, Latin America Equity (Latin Equity, but according to the site, non-diversifed product?)and Emerging Market (most invested in Asian Equity).

    Here are the links:

    What can you say po?


  6. An open faced sandwich! that’s a pizza! HAHAHA
    Forgive my dry humor, but yeah I really liked your advice to be both realistic and idealistic. I’m trying to work on it 🙂

    Thanks Fitz!

  7. Thanks Fitz for sharing your experiences. I’m an avid fan of ANC on the Money and I watch it via I have even watch the episode that feature you way before this post appear in your blog. Hehe. This is my first comment in your blog, although I have been following it for some time now. Your article is easy to understand for common people, that makes it more readable. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  8. Hi!

    I never miss an episode of ANC in The Money. Got hooked 🙂

    What fascinated me on your episode…you simply explained everything in so simple words that anybody can easily understand. Many for sure was encouraged to invest and think wisely on how they make use and save their hard earned money. Their future was somehow been given a new inspiring journey.

    Thank you so much for unselfishly sharing your story and knowledge.

    May God Bless you more!

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