All About Credit Cards

Credit cards are very useful. It is a powerful financial tool that we must learn to use properly or else it will become our worst enemy. Below are some of the articles about credit cards that I hope you will find educational and informative.

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Before Applying For A Credit Card

I believe that the only valid reason why you should get a credit card is because you want to use it as financial leverage. So before you go and submit that application form or use that pre-approved credit card that was mailed to you. Ask yourself first these questions and see if you have the proper mindset and skills to handle this power tool.

Choosing The Right Credit Card

Don’t just fill out the first application form that’s been handed to you nor accept and use that pre-approved credit card that you received in the mail. It’s important to take the driver’s seat and actively select the one that can provide the products and services you need and gives the rewards and incentives that benefits you the most.

Credit Card Security Tips and More

Protect yourself from financial losses by following these simple security tips. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, you should also be aware of your consumer rights whenever you use credit cards. Knowing these facts will help you avoid committing unnecessary expenses and make you save some money as well.

The Bad Credit Hotel Online Game

This online game was commissioned by the U.S. Treasury and the Advertising Council in America. It hopes to teach young people about responsible credit card use and educate them regarding debt management and basic personal finance.

Philippine Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

There is abundant evidence of the widespread use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many creditors and debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices have contributed to a number of unwarranted personal bankruptcies, to marital instability, to loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy. Existing laws are inadequate to protect borrowers. In fact, the borrowers’ only recourse is Article 287 of the Penal Code.

Should You Save Money If You Have Debts?

Should you set aside money for your savings if you have debts you need to pay? Wouldn’t it be wise to pay all your debts first (specially credit card debts) and then work on your savings afterward? Yes, that is true. But personal finance is not all about money, interest rates and figures; it is also about mindsets, positive habits and personal rewards.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Credit Card Debts?

I know there are a lot of horror stories when it comes to credit card debt collection. That’s a sad reality that many people around the world actually experience. The best thing to remember is that all those are just empty threats so stay calm and don’t worry.

How To Get Out Of Debt With The Snowball Method

In the past, when I was still struggling with my finances, I discovered a debt reduction strategy which made it possible for me to eliminate my debt with ease – it’s called the snowball method.

There will be more articles about credit cards in the coming weeks, including debt consolidation and how to save and keep yourself out of credit card problems. Stay updated and subscribe to Ready To Be Rich.

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