All About Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs with Marvin Germo (Episode 66)

Updated: February 7, 2022

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Episode Chapters:

  • 01:03: Introduction
  • 01:56: How Marvin started
  • 07:58: Self-taught
  • 12:35: What is Bitcoin?
  • 16:51: My Bitcoin experience
  • 18:27: Bullish on Bitcoin
  • 19:34: Episode Break
  • 21:54: What is Ethereum?
  • 23:25: Non-Fungible Tokens
  • 28:21: HODL
  • 32:13: Asset Allocation
  • 33:00: Crypto platforms
  • 36:37: The best investment

Excerpts and Highlights:

“The narrative now is that Bitcoin is a storer of value. It is digital gold.” –Marvin Germo

A lot of US Dollars have been printed because of the pandemic. This can lead to an inflation of the currency. With Bitcoin, because there’s a limited supply, it is very possible that one Bitcoin can become more valuable in the future.

“Ethereum is programmable money.” –Marvin Germo

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are artworks and collectibles in a digital format. It is artworks and collectibles for the future.

NFTs will benefit artists the most.

The best investment today, as it has always been and how it will always be, is an investment in your financial education.

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  1. Cryptos are probably a realm that I should not enter as I approach sixty seven. Perhaps, if there is a good pullback (I read Bit Coin is bouncing up & down around 60K USD as I type this) , picking up some of these products and forget about them may be OK, futures heirs could wake up one day with a big smile. Here and now, I am thinking my remaining time on earth should be spent trading and profiting from the instruments I know and understand best.

    We do appreciate this presentation as it has given us a lot more understanding about the crypto products. Maybe I will not sound dumb if our young troops bring up the subject and ask if we can invest in it. I will certainly NOT hold them back should they decide to take some profit from investments we made on their behalf and diversify into a few crypto positions. Thank you both for a great podcast.

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