8 Wrong Beliefs About Money (Episode 8)

Updated: December 7, 2021

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Summary of Episode 8:

If you believe that having too much money will cause bad things to happen to you, then subconsciously, you’ll avoid becoming rich. (2:10)

We want to be happy. And if you believe that money cannot buy happiness… subconsciously, you won’t make financial success as a goal and priority in your life. (3:30)

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Having lots of money is a big responsibility. But that’s what I’d like to call a good problem. (5:30)

Our own character is responsible for the people we attract in our life. If you think that the only reason why people would want to be friends with you is because you’re rich, then those types will exactly be the one you’ll have. (6:25)

Focus on what you can control, which is how you spend your money, the sources of income that you have, the investing strategies that you can do. (7:35)

We don’t have control over the global and national economy, but we do have control over our personal economy. (8:50)

Personal finance is not rocket science. (9:40)

Even if you don’t have business capital, basta meron kang magandang business idea and you are able to develop a sound business plan, you can always find a seed investor or a venture capitalist to build your business. (11:25)

Question of the Week:
If you had an extra P5,000 right now – how would you use it to make someone happy?

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