7 Types of People You Should Avoid If You Want to Become Rich

Updated: June 27, 2024

There’s a saying, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

It’s true that we become the average of the people we spend the most time with. That’s why you must be careful whom you become friends with; they can influence your mindset and actions.

Below are seven types of people who can be detrimental to your journey to becoming rich, and you should avoid them.

The Heartless Scammer

He’s the kind of person who wants to make money, regardless if it was acquired through illegal means, and he doesn’t care if he’s cheating others in the process.

Avoid this person because he cannot be trusted. He only thinks about himself and will have no second thoughts about lying to you for personal gain.

Instead, spend time with The Wealth Advocate because he is honest and has integrity. He believes that wealth is acquired by delivering value to others.

From him, you will learn long-term ways to make money that will bring you consistent cash flow, and he will always be more than willing to teach these methods to you.

The Get-Rich-Quick Believer

He’s the kind of person who doesn’t believe in the value of hard work. He’s always looking for a shortcut to making money because, deep inside, he is just plain lazy.

Avoid this person because sooner or later, he will become The Heartless Scammer. When he realizes that the only way to get rich quickly is to cheat people out of their hard-earned money, he will certainly do just that.

Instead, spend time with The Patient Investor because he will teach you how to both work hard and work smart. He believes in leveraging his resources to multiply his wealth but will not avoid work when necessary.

From him, you will learn how to properly plan for your future and achieve wealth by taking small but consistent steps every day.

The YOLO Spender

He believes that “You Only Live Once,” and that’s why he is all about just being happy now. He fails to recognize the fact that his actions today will have consequences in the years ahead.

Spending time with this person is dangerous because he can easily convince you to live that way too. It’s good to enjoy life today, but it should not be at the expense of your tomorrow.

Instead, be friends with The Smart Saver because he knows how to have just the right amount of fun without sacrificing his future.

From him, you will learn that you don’t have to choose between saving and spending because you can do both if you know how to properly budget your cash flow.

The Discouraging Pessimist

He believes that something bad will always happen. He believes that life is hard and unfair and will constantly remind you of that. I avoid this kind of person because all they do is complain, and they have nothing valuable to really teach you about wealth.

Instead, spend time with The Realistic Optimist because he believes that life is hard and unfair and works hard to swing the odds to his favor instead.

He will teach you to grab opportunities from people who don’t want them and keep you grounded enough to realize that you will sometimes fail, and that’s okay as long as you keep trying.

The Risk Avoider

This person rarely goes out of his comfort zone. If an opportunity presents many obstacles and too many unknown variables, he will simply give up and avoid it.

Spending time with him is not good because you will be in danger of drifting aimlessly through life like him. You will become a boring person, and you will fail to see the achievable opportunities that are out there.

Instead, spend time with The Brave Analyst because he knows that failure is just a stepping stone towards success. He will teach you how to take calculated risks and help you discover and go beyond your limits.

From him, you will learn that ignorance and inaction is the greatest risk of all.

The Hopeful Dreamer

He is a daydreamer who always wishes his life is better but does nothing to make it happen. He wants a lot of things and hopes to achieve them one day, and for them – that day will never come.

I like talking to hopeful dreamers because they help me come up with interesting goals, but I don’t spend a lot of time with them because they usually sound like a broken record with a litany of hopes and dreams.

Instead, spend time with The Dream Chaser because their imagination is as creative as hopeful dreamers, but he knows how to take it a step further and make a plan to make those dreams come true.

He will teach you how to turn those wishes into concrete goals. He will teach you how to break down your dreams into a doable list of steps and make a plan of action to achieve them.

The Spaghetti-Mind Thinker

He is the brother of The Hopeful Dreamer, who likes doing many things all at once. He is better than his brother because he knows how to take action, but he is wavering in his plans and gets distracted easily.

He will pursue a goal this week and switch to another next month. After a year, you will see half-finished projects with no success to show for them. I don’t spend time with this person because he is confusing.

That’s why you should spend time with The Focused Doer instead. He is the one who picks a goal and takes it to the finish line. He is dedicated and motivated to achieve his dreams.

From him, you will learn the power of discipline and the importance of laser-point focus in attaining your goals in life. He is always a great companion in your journey toward financial freedom.

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  1. I classified myself as ‘The Dream Chaser’ and ‘The Focused Doer’. I’m the type of person who always dream that I will achieve my goals in life someday… “,)

    its really for me cos my name in IG and Growler is ‘juancho_chaser’.. see! hehe”,)

    love this blog so much♥

  2. thankyou for the informative post sir fitz, as much as I want to avoid this kind of people, I am living with a discouraging pessimist and she happens to be my mom. She sees every single negative things around, I am trying to ignore her pessimistic attitude but its hard to avoid it sometimes, What can I do to turn her to be realistic optimist? Please Help!

  3. wandergirl, parents are “mostly” (not all) protective and that is the reason they tend to be conservative and pessimistic for fear their beloved children might go in harms way. i think this is going to be too difficult to change at their age (unless they change themselves). what you can do is listen to what they say, add it as a factor to consider in decision making. (do not ignore the counselling of an elder. they bear good sense most of the time. it could be a generation gap that makes the difference.) do not be wild or reckless in your decisions (actions). it is different from being aggressive. it has to be planned with calculated risk considered, then execute. remember decision is yours not theirs. inputs should be welcome, but the bucket ends on you desk all the time. if you are a minor at the age of looking for adventure and freedom it is another story. you better listen to the elder’s counselling. for what it is worth. . ben

  4. The get-rich quick kind are the ones that scare me the most. Getting rich requires hard work and patience.

  5. I would like to think im the Patient Investor. As usual, Thank you for the very good article.

  6. …on the other hand…there’s no need to avoid these people…just be smart and don’t be like them…sell your products to them…

  7. I am a Dream Chaser, i never stop until i get my dreams, and I am always positive that if you pursue your dreams time will come you can get it. Be positive all the time even though some times I fell lowbat but remembering my dreams make me strong again.

  8. Lol, this are great round ups of who you don’t want yourself to be, me im a spaghetti mind thinker now, but i am improving by the day. Thanks for this

  9. I can see myself in all of these. :p Seasonal nga lang. Like a certain day, The Spaghetti-Mind Thinker. The next day, iba naman. :) I’m glad that I have financial advisor that is more than willing to help me. :)

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