7 Domestic Skills that Will Help You Save Money

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It’s the weekend, and it’s laundry day. But before you could go to the laundromat, you had to call someone first to fix your car because it won’t start.

For lunch, you decided to eat at a fast food. And then upon coming home, you discovered a leaking faucet. So you call a plumber to have it fixed.

In just one day, you have spent around P1,500. If you’re someone on a tight budget, this would have been a bad day for your wallet.

Truth be told, there are lot of things that we can do ourselves, but we often opt to have others do it. Reasons vary, but the most common would be because we don’t actually know how.

Despite good information and numerous do-it-yourself tutorials being available online. People still rarely make an effort these days to learn basic domestic skills.

Below are some of these skills, which if you learn them, can really help you save money.

1. Cooking your own food

Food is one of the basic necessities of people to survive. We eat three or more times a day, which makes cooking at home an essential skill.

Plus, knowing how to cook can save you thousands of money each month. Imagine eating your favorite chicken dish for half the price because you cooked it at home. And it’s healthier too!

2. Washing and ironing clothes

Learning how to do your laundry on a washing machine is easy. And you can do other chores at home in between cycles. Thus, saving you time.

Washing and ironing your own clothes can save you a lot of money. And you don’t need to worry about losing the other pair of your socks at the laundromat.

3. Sewing

This is a useful but underrated skill. Being able to sew back your clothes buttons or patch a little tear could help you save a lot of money from having it repaired at the local tailor, or from even buying new clothes.


4. Plumbing

You don’t need to pay hundreds of cash for someone to fix your leaking faucet, unclog your sink, or install your new shower. There are thousands of YouTube videos that teach these.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do these yourself. Just reserve the call to the plumber for more complicated problems.

5. Troubleshooting electrical problems

Fixing electrical problems will require you to have some technical skills. And it’s recommended that you call an electrician for major fixes.

But there’s still a lot of simple stuff you can do, such as changing bulbs, replacing a broken fuse, organizing electric cables, and troubleshooting appliances.

6. Fixing your car

If you own a car, then you know how expensive it can be to bring it to the mechanic for repairs. However, there are maintenance tasks that you can easily learn how to do, which can definitely help you save money.

Among them, changing gear oils, rotating the tires, and jump starting a car battery. And of course, just wash your own car instead of bring it to the car wash.

7. Growing your own food

How great it would be if you could just pick the ingredient you need instead of running back to the grocery store?

There are numerous videos and articles online, where you can learn how to grow a vegetable or herb garden at home. Watch them and see how easy it is to grow them on your own.

Final Thoughts

Time is money. And for some, it would make more sense to hire help or outsource these tasks. But I know that for most people, learning these domestic skills is the more financially-smart choice.

Additionally, learning how to be handy at home will not just help you save money. It can also be a source of good pride and self-esteem. And a great way to impress your family and friends.

How about you? What other domestic skills can you add to the list? Share them below in the comments section. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “7 Domestic Skills that Will Help You Save Money”

  1. Anie says:

    You don’t actually need skills in order to save a lot of money. You just need practical inteligence or common sense. Smartly make use of what you have to solve simple domestic difficulty. Know the different R’s of Ecological Solid Waste Mgt (e.g. reduce, reuse, recycle, repair etc) and there you go, a pretty lot of money can be saved. Next time be smart don’t be lazy and ashame to do simple/practical solutions yourself. Merry Christmas every one.

  2. Carmen Alcantara says:

    you can also be you child’s tutor… if your child is having difficulty in school, hiring a tutor means Php500/hour more or less depends on how hard the subject is or how desperate you are in finding a good tutor who can dramatically raise your child’s grades…. but its really hard to be a tutor.. you will have to study the subject again

    Thank you Fitz and more power!

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