7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Office

Updated: August 12, 2018

Harold is a friend who works as freelance wedding photographer. He meets clients in coffee shops, and he does this at least twice a week. His clients don’t really mind, but sometimes it gets too noisy and they’d have to transfer.

His home office is not that presentable to clients. Additionally, he’s also not too keen on giving out his landline number, so he has no choice but to give his mobile number to clients and make sure he never runs out of battery when he’s on the field.

Sometimes, clients need to send materials, so he gives his residential address. Since he lives in a big subdivision, couriers would occasionally get lost or worse, nobody would be home to receive the parcel.

Many Filipinos are like Harold. They’re freelancers and small business owners who can’t afford an office yet, so they do their best with what’s available – coffee shops and a home setup.

Fortunately, there’s a low-cost solution to their problem – and that is to rent out a virtual office. I recently talked to Luigi Santos, Business Development Executive for vOffice Philippines, whom I learned these 7 compelling reasons why getting a virtual office makes good business sense.

Luigi Santos of vOffice PH and me
Luigi Santos of vOffice PH and me

1. It’s really cheap.

How much does it cost to rent an office space in Makati or Bonifacio Global City? I’m sure the figure will run to at least P20,000 per month.

The most expensive plan in vOffice Philippines, for example, is just P3,600 per month. Their most affordable rate is actually just P1,200 per month.

2. You can use it as your registered business address.

A virtual office is actually a physical office. However, the space and facilities are shared in use with other members and not entirely exclusive to you – this is why the rates are so low.

Despite this fact, you can still use their address as your registered business address in your legal documents and calling cards.

3. Enjoy working in a professional environment.

No more coffee shop meetings. You’ll actually be proud to bring your prospects and clients to your virtual office and conduct your business in a more professional environment.

The reception area will have staff who will greet and welcome your guests, and even offer them free drinks while they escort them to your meeting room.

vOffice Fort Legend Tower Reception Staff
vOffice Fort Legend Tower Reception Staff

4. No more home deliveries.

Virtual offices can receive mail and parcels in your behalf. And since it’s located in a business district, couriers will not have a hard time delivering your packages.

Also, since most virtual offices are open 24 hours, they can likewise receive your documents and parcels beyond business hours.

5. You get a secretary who will answer your business correspondences.

No need to give out your mobile number and monitor it the whole day. You can just give out your virtual office phone number and a real person will handle your calls. They can take messages, and immediately forward important ones to you.

Virtual offices can also provide staff who will handle your email. Plus, they can call or send out SMS notifications to you if there’s an urgent matter you need to attend to.

vOffice One Global Place
vOffice One Global Place

6. Access to business facilities.

No need to buy a fax machine, rent out a projector or get a photocopying machine. Virtual offices are often equipped with all these and more.

For example, in vOffice Philippines, you also have access to meeting rooms where you can do presentations, Smart TV and Skype video conferencing, and even conduct seminars.

7. Less administrative tasks.

There’s no need to worry about leases, mortgages and rental contacts. No electric bills, internet subscription and other overhead costs to monitor. No need to pay salaries to secretaries, cleaning and maintenance staff too because that’s all taken cared of in your behalf.

Just pay your monthly dues and focus in growing your business. Plus, contracts can be as short as 3 months, so if your business warrants moving to a more permanent space, then you can just sign off and leave.

vOffice Meeting Room
vOffice Meeting Room

A virtual office eliminates the high costs of setting up an office while providing small businesses, startups and freelancers the services and facilities they need grow professionally.

With more than 99% of businesses in the Philippines belonging to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. I’m really glad that vOffice Philippines has decided to branch out to our country.

I encourage you to check out vOffice and see how they can help you with your business requirements. They have very flexible plans that can be customized to your needs.

Additionally, they also offer serviced office suites, business email hosting, incorporation services, accounting services, graphics and web design services, and many others.


But wait there’s more…

For a limited time, you can have 2 additional FREE months when you sign-up through my special vOffice page using the link below. Now isn’t that a great deal? So go ahead and hope to bump into you one of these days in vOffice.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner for vOffice Philippines.


  1. @Mon, I believe that’s possible, but the account will be just under one name, or your business name. Please look for Luigi to ask.

    @Rey, yes just mention my name, better yet look for Luigi to assist you. 😀

  2. Hi Mon! I am Luigi from vOffice Philippines. I would like to address your question. Yes, you may share the cost of a VO with your business partner but per VO should be under one company only. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at [email protected]


  3. I’m so glad you have written a post about this Fitz. I knew you’re website was the go-to for freelancing inquiries. I’ll be contacting VO soon…

  4. Hi Ralph, vOffice has plans already for Cebu. But I know there are already co-working space there, which you can also use. The only difference is that you won’t get the office services such the concierge, but it’s still a good venue to hold meetings with clients and even just work with your team or by yourself.

  5. Those are great facts about virtual offices. Renting a virtual office gives businesses competitive advantages because of its business-ready features. There are other office space for rent in cebu city being offered by various firms and agency, and to my knowledge I think one of the best office space provider is located at Skyrise 4, 18th Floor, West Geonzon Street, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City. I’ve been there before and to be honest, they have one of the best offices around.

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