5 Home Office Desk Arrangements That Inspire Productivity

Updated: October 1, 2021

Last year marked the era when the majority of the world worked from home.

People learned to dedicate home offices in their homes to inspire creativity and productivity. They invested in items that will amplify their working-from-home experience. The bottom line is that where people work influences their productivity and grit.

Besides having a designated workspace at home, the items you put in it also help inspire creativity and productivity. With the long weekend around the corner, here are five features you might want to add to recreate a more conducive workspace.

Have a Reminder Corner

Back then, people used post-it notes, journals, and virtual calendars to keep track of their schedules at work.

At home, these devices can remind you of your meetings, conferences, and deadlines. However, these can still get lost amidst all your tasks, documents, and errands.

Keep things organized by designating a reminder corner on your desk. Essential items you should include are:

  • sticky notes
  • corkboard or wire mesh
  • journal
  • chalkboard or whiteboard
  • desk calendar

These items make it easier for you to check the dates and the tasks you need to complete every day. You may also add your favorite quotes on frames or artworks to inspire you to work. Reminders from the people who inspire you can do wonders to your health and productivity.

Hang different-sized prints or canvasses of quotes and art to give life to your bare walls. Homeowners of Lessandra Calamba may do the same to style their home office walls.

Use a Desk with Drawers and Shelves

Your work surface is vital to your posture, comfort, and energy levels.

Since office desks are large and wide, modular work desks are designed to fit cozier spaces, just like Lancris Residences’ units. Select one that has drawers and extra shelves to hold your work-from-home items neatly.

A work desk with drawers helps you organize your office supplies, virtual meeting essentials, and snacks. Use the shelves to hold books, file organizers, and other items that may get in the way of your workflow. Having a neat desk is essential in keeping your productivity in check.

Maximize Your Storage

Besides drawers and shelves, maximize the storage space you have to keep your work-from-home essentials organized.

Efficient storage is also excellent for keeping cozier spaces, such as Alpina Heights’ units, clutter-free and look more spacious.

For example, storage boxes are ideal for storing Bluetooth speakers, headphones, extra keyboards, and even your computer mouse.

For your desk, use jars to keep your writing materials organized and baskets for storing items such as staplers, scissors, glue sticks, markers, paperclips, and thumbtacks. Use cord boxes to keep your chargers and cables free from tangling.

Keep your workstation as tidy as possible. Having less clutter and eyesores may reduce your stress and anxiety. After your shift ends, put things back where you got them. Waking up to a clean desk helps refresh your mind and boost your productivity.

Use Tech Support

In these digital times, most meetings and get-togethers happen online. It is crucial to invest in devices that help us maintain a smooth workflow throughout the day. This is what many offices in Parañaque do to ensure optimal comfort and productivity for their employees.

One support you must invest in is a stand for your tablet and laptop will elevate your screen to your eye level. Virtual meetings will also look better because your webcam will show your face better.

Height-adjustable desks are also excellent for keeping your posture correct, whether you are standing or sitting. Comfort is also vital for productivity, so investing in items that will boost it helps you achieve your goals.

Place a Mini Pantry

Food is life. Not only do they sustain your hunger, but they also recharge you with essential nutrients and chemicals that stimulate your brain and body to stay focused, energized, and ready for all your tasks. That said, you could opt to place a mini pantry in your home office.

Assign a drawer in your desk to store your favorite sweets and snacks. You may also set a smaller table to hold your coffee maker to make your favorite coffee blends.

If your home office is blessed with extra space, consider putting a mini-fridge to store food items such as ice cream, ice for your cold blend drinks, water, and skincare products. You’ll never know when to pop on a mask when you need your skin to look fresh for your next meeting.

With home offices becoming integral to people’s work, it is crucial to furnish them with objects that encourage focus and passion for your work. Consider adding these five items into your home workstation to amplify your work experience, creativity, and productivity.

Note: This article is written in collaboration with Lamudi Philippines.

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