4 Reasons Why You Should Do Freelancing Even If You Have a Day Job

Updated: October 21, 2021

Having a day job creates an illusion of financial security for most people. It’s easy to get stuck inside this comfort zone because the money comes at a regular schedule.

However, there’s a quote I like that says, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Indeed, when you don’t challenge yourself and don’t strive to grow beyond who you are, then you’ll end up drifting through life. Years will pass and one day, you’ll wonder what notable achievements have you accomplished in your life.

Thus, enter the world of freelancing. What used to be a career path reserved only for those who don’t like the corporate world, is now an opportunity that everyone can afford to pursue – even to those who are employed.

Here are four reasons why you should do freelancing on the side, even if you have a day job.

1. It is a learning opportunity.

Your work will help you develop the skills you need to perform your job well. But freelancing will open up learning opportunities for you beyond what employees need.

You’ll have stronger motivation to develop skills in personal finance, business management, and productivity. And you’ll also become better at the specific skills linked to the services you’ll offer as a freelancer.

Moreover, part of running your own freelance business is the adrenaline rush associated with risks and dealing with clients. You’re constantly making decisions and that allows you to learn a variety of different skills.

You’ll become interested in learning about marketing, networking, organizational planning, and negotiation strategies, among other things. And knowing these will certainly be useful in other aspects of your life, other than freelancing.

2. It opens new career opportunities.

As you acquire new skills in your freelancing endeavors, you can discover new career opportunities. If you have the talent or are willing to learn, a freelance venture can help open new doors with new companies or entire industries.

I know a handful of people who never worked a formal day in their life in sales and marketing. But because their freelance writing jobs required them to know about copywriting and even social media management, they eventually found lucrative careers in digital marketing and advertising.

3. It’s an additional source of income.

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of becoming a freelancer is earning extra income for yourself and your family.

It adds a layer of financial security, and it can be your safety net in case you suddenly lose your job. Building a freelance career on the side while employed can ensure that if you do get laid off, you’re not stuck without a plan.

You’ll have existing clients and hopefully, be in a place where you can ramp up your freelance business to either keep at it full time or hold you over until you find new full-time employment within another company.

4. It helps you discover your true passion.

Whenever someone asks me how to become a freelancer, I always tell them that the first step is to find the answer to the question:

“What do I love doing that people will be willing to pay for?”

You will be doing your freelance activities during your free time, especially on weekends. That’s why you must choose to do something that excites you, something that you’re really passionate about.

It can take some time before you discover what type of freelancer you want to be. So just keep trying. And eventually, you’ll find your true passion and build your success doing what you love.

Final Thoughts

When you feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end job, freelancing can be your door out of the office cubicle. So give it a try.

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Disclosure: The author is a PayPal Philippines freelancer mentor. This post is part of a campaign to engage and grow the Filipino freelance community.

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  1. Great information for this post. Have a full time job as a safety net first while learning a skill before getting involved in freelancing. You can earn freelancing as your side or it can be your full time career. Start small first. Most people fail because they only want to earn money. Don’t think of the earnings. Be sincere on what you are doing and deliver your best service to your clients. Money would just follow. Just be patient on taking this journey.

  2. Absolutely GOLDEN information in this post. I have commented before how my wife began writing papers for fellow students when she was still in college. She did some short work stints in the areas she had earned her degrees but working freelance as an academic writer became her passion in life. Eighteen years later and she still loves it. I know my wife will shout YES for #1 in this post. When she saw demand for certain skills she did not yet master, she would lock herself in a room and study nonstop. Certain specialized skills that she can offer have made her stand out from the crowd. When clients approach a company looking for statistics, multiple regression and other very specialized work, the pool of available writers is few and far between. With these skills as well as taking on thesis and dissertations have allowed by beautiful bride to earn far above average money and do so steadily from several companies in different geographic regions.

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