4 Great Reasons Why You Should Join Business Academy PH

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Enrollment for Batch 5 of Business Academy PH is open only until this Friday, June 16. In the past two weeks that I’ve been promoting this online learning course on entrepreneurship, there was one question that was often asked to me.

“Why should I join Business Academy PH? There’s a lot of resources on the internet where I can learn how to start a business for free. And there’s also other courses that are cheaper.”

I agree with them. Just search on YouTube and you’ll have hundreds of free videos on entrepreneurship. And there are institutions such as Negoskwela that offer practical business courses at a lower price. So what sets Business Academy PH apart?

4 Great Reasons For Joining Business Academy PH

1. It saves you time.
There are hundreds of resources online, and most of them are free. But not all of them are good. You’ll probably spend a lot of time just sorting through websites and videos, and wasting valuable time that you could have spent learning.

Why do you choose to ride a bus instead of walking to a destination? Walking will not cost you anything. But you still take the bus and pay the fare because it’s faster and less tiring.

It’s the same for Business Academy PH. You can spend months walking through hundreds of free resources. Or you can spend money to get to your destination faster.

2. Beat procrastination.
One of the challenges of self-studying is beating procrastination. Because learning is not an urgent task, it’s often delayed when you’re just learning by yourself.

Because Business Academy PH has a set and structured program of learning sessions, you will have no choice but to prioritize it on your schedule.

A lot of people want to learn entrepreneurship, but they seem to never have the time. With Business Academy PH, there’s no room for procrastination, and you will learn to make the time.

3. Learning continues after the course is done.
When you attend a business seminar, the learning and interaction from the teacher stops when the course ends. And all you have left will be your notes and the learning materials given. It will be self-study from that point onwards.

It’s different with Business Academy PH. Because after graduation, you will become part of our exclusive Facebook group where we continuously discuss and learn.

The lessons go beyond the weekly sessions because you will also receive business mentorship through 1-on-1 consultations from either Romy or me.

4. Get investors for your business idea.
Lastly, and probably one that sets Business Academy PH apart from other courses is that we will teach you how to pitch your business idea to get investors.

But also, we’ll connect you with venture capitalists who can give seed funding for your business. Imagine starting a business with you owning at least 90% of it; yet all the startup capital was provided by an investor.


How can that happen? We’ll teach you that in Business Academy PH.

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Testimonials from Graduates

Christian Lagota (Coffee Shop Business)

Iloisa Romaraog (Events Planning Business and Pet Business)

Berns Jose (Tech Startup Entrepreneur)

Chinnie Chin-Asilo (Events Planning and Supplies Business)
It’s been my long time dream to have my own business. I have lots of ideas but I don’t know where to start. Then I came across Business Academy PH. The support and advice that they give is priceless… you can’t find it anywhere else. I’m currently working on my business with their help and guidance. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking the leap to entrepreneurship.

Via Nuguid (Pastry Business)
Business Academy PH taught me lessons I never knew I needed before starting a business. Both Fitz and Romy were generous in sharing their knowledge and experience in their fields. The bonus of listening to other entrepreneurs was very informative as well. For startups like me, the amount of learning and guidance was definitely worth the value.

Marlon Caaya (Courier Service Business)
The best learning I’ve learned is the practical and simple ways to validate the idea. Actually ang pinaka gusto ko is yung mentorship kasi based talaga sa experience ‘yung advice. After attending Business Academy PH, I gained lots of confident to pursue doing business.

Learn how to start a business, step-by-step.



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