25 Trending Income and Business Opportunities in the Philippines

Updated: September 27, 2017

What are the popular income sources and favorite businesses that Pinoys put up today? I asked these in several online groups and tallied the answers. Here are the top 25 below.

I hope you will be able to draw inspiration from these business opportunities.

1. A Buy and Sell Business

This is one of the most fruitful ventures for Filipinos. However, you just need to align it with your passions to make it more rewarding.

It can be done in different scales and using various business models. You can do drop shipping, buy-and-sell secondhand goods, bulk purchasing abroad for local retail sale, and so on.

2. Bakery Business

What would Filipino breakfasts be without the pandesal? Not only are they cheap to make, they’re also guaranteed to become sold out, as long as you did your research on the demand in your area.

3. Blogging

Do you like sharing stories? Do you a lot of knowledge on a particular topic that you want to teach? Then blogging might be for you.

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4. Car Wash Business

There’s traffic everywhere and that means there’s a lot of cars out there. And because they’re all tired from driving through traffic–taxi drivers, Uber and Grab drivers, and private car owners will probably just look for a car wash.

5. Sari-Sari Store

Regardless if you live in the metro or a rural village, a Sari-Sari store can be highly profitable. It will also help inexperienced entrepreneurs grasp the basics of business management.

6. Thrift Shop Business

Once you have saved a hefty sum from your sari-sari store, you can consider branching out by opening a thrift shop, also referred to as Ukay-Ukay stores.

These are establishments that sell non-branded goods, usually clothes and accessories, at prices that appeal to the masses.

7. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing, also known as networking, may not make you rich overnight. At first, it requires your full-time commitment before you can start seeing substantial profits.

Moreover, you also need to learn about automating your product distribution channels to scale your income. But don’t worry, all legitimate MLM companies will teach you how that’s done.

8. E-Loading Business

An e-loading business is perfect for those who are busy with their full-time jobs. It may not fatten your bank account, but it can help you make ends meet.

9. Fruit Stand Business

The Philippines is a major producer of a lot of tropical fruits, like coconuts and bananas. This means you can easily find a reputable supplier as an aspiring fruit stand vendor.

10. Freelancing Business

If you’re adequate in creative writing, graphics design, or web development, then you should consider entering the freelance market.

It becomes a “business” once you’ve established your personal brand and can effectively outsource jobs from other service providers.

11. Eatery or Carinderia Business

If someone told you that they’ll gladly pay for your cooking, why not charge them then? You can also transition to a full-fledged catering business once you have sufficient savings.

12. Event Planning Business

As an aspiring event planner, your greatest assets would be your people skills and ever-growing network. Sure, those things don’t come by easy, but at least they don’t require you to shell out cash.

13. Internet Café

Even when most Pinoys already have internet access in their homes and mobile phones, there’s still a good market for internet cafes or “computer shops”. Particularly, you can tap the network gaming market.

It may require a sizable initial investment, but you can always leverage PC dealers that offer internet café packages.

14. Barber Shop Business

If you can find a commercial spot near a school or any other crowded area, then a barber shop or salon is an idea worth considering.

Not only is it easy to run, it can also be easily expanded by adding value-added services such as manicure, hair dyeing, and rebonding.

15. Laundry Business

Filipinos traditionally hire in-house laundrywomen, also known as labanderas. But today, the market for laundromats and dry-cleaning businesses have been burgeoning, especially in the metro.

16. Tutoring Business

Being a part-time tutor makes the most sense if you’re a teacher by profession. If not, you can establish a tutorial center instead and look for willing instructors to join your cause.

17. Ridesharing

Despite being under fire from the government in 2017, ridesharing company Uber is on a path to full recovery.

You may not be one of the early adopters who made the most out of ridesharing, but it’s still a good time to rake in profits as an Uber driver.

18. Indigenous Product Retailing

Believe it or not, there is a healthy market for indigenous products such as peanut brittle, dried fish, civet coffee, longganisa, and handicrafts both locally and abroad.

If you’re willing, you can help bring these products to those potential buyers whilst pocketing a handsome amount of profits.

19. Rice Retailing Business

For Filipinos, anything without rice can’t be considered a meal. If there are no nearby rice retailers in your area, then this might be the golden opportunity for you.

20. Purified Water Refilling Station

Just like rice, water is another necessity that has evergreen demand. That’s why purified water refilling stations can pull in thousands of pesos per day, especially during hot days.

21. Coffee Shop Business

This particular business idea is perfect near subdivisions. Just remember that, in coffee shops, consumers are willing to pay more per cup as long as you have a nice spot.

22. Digital Printing Business

A “printing business” may mean different things. It can be anything from a t-shirt printing shop that makes a decent amount per month, or an enterprise-grade printing company that works with big manufacturers.

Regardless of your scale, you have a great market in a developing nation like the Philippines.

23. Duck Farming/Raising

A balut or duck embryo served with vinegar and salt is a popular delicacy in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations.

To start farming for the eggs, a rule of thumb is to have about 3.5 square feet for each duck. You may also need to purchase supplementary feed to improve their health and the quality of their eggs.

24. Food Cart Business

Planning to start a food cart business? You have the option to create your own brand or choose from hundreds of food cart franchises in the Philippines.

Although the latter is significantly costlier, you’ll have to engineer everything from scratch — from developing your products to networking with suppliers.

25. Convenience Store Franchise

A convenience store franchise may not be suitable as a first venture, especially without an ample cash cushion. But when the time is right, it can be the cornerstone that will help you attain financial independence.

Just remember to pick the right location and a trustworthy brand.

Final Word

When it comes to business success, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Different ideas work for different folks — it’s up to you to determine which one matches your interests, capabilities, experience, and risk level.

Have an awesome business idea you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let the world know!

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