23 Responses to “For 2017, Be Sure to Invest in P.E.R.A.”

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the info sir fitz.

  2. Daddy's Girl says:

    Yayy! Sa wakas! Long awaited. 🙂

  3. Rosenel says:

    This is very interesting. I will be waiting for more updates!

  4. Ram says:

    Thanks a lot for this update sir Fitz. Indeed it’s a happy new year for all Filipinos!

  5. tedd h says:

    Hi fitz..

    Hope there’s no age limit?
    Can a 50+ contribute or participate in PERA?


  6. migoy says:

    This is really another good option for expanding our investments.
    Thanks sir!

  7. 100 k annually is the minimum contribution?

  8. Maryen Janelle Ordonia says:

    May insurance po ba ito?

  9. […] While it took a time for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to announce a launch date, it seems that the new investment vehicle is now ready to roll out. Among one of the most excited about this development is seasoned financial coach Fitz Villafuerte. […]

  10. N says:

    Can someone detail the fees and expenses involved? From what I’ve read they will only discuss these in person.

  11. MJESP says:

    Hi Fitz, just want clarification on this……..

    ” Client Suitability

    Participation in the Fund shall be open to Participants who are (a) individuals; (b) have legal capacity to contract; (c) who have a Philippine Tax Identification Number (TIN); and (d) whose funds are in a PERA. The Fund is suitable for Participants with an aggressive risk profile and who seek potentially higher returns through stock market investments but are also aware of the possibility of capital losses that such investments may entail. In order to minimize risks and maximize earning potential, Participants are recommended to stay invested in the Fund for more than three (3) years. The Fund is not suitable for short-term investing. ”

    This is from BDO PERA Equity Index Fund but it is not stated here that you will incur flat rate penalty based on the total income. . . . . accordingly, there’s a minimum holding period of only 30 calendar days…. Please enlighten us on this…..thanks

  12. MJESP says:

    This is from BDO PERA Equity Index Fund but it is not stated here that you will incur flat rate penalty based on the total income when redeemed before reaching the age of 55. . . . . accordingly, there’s a minimum holding period of only 30 calendar days…. Please enlighten us on this…..thanks

  13. Alexander says:

    Hi Fitz, as an ofw who will restrict or monitor me from placing 200k or more on each of my pera acct from different bank?

  14. […] the Roth IRA and 401(k) of the United States,” explains financial guru Fitz Villafuerte on his website. “It is primarily a financial tool meant for […]

  15. SavingsPinay says:

    […] I  know that it could benefit a lot of SavingsPinay readers. I first heard about PERA through Sir Fitz of Ready to be Rich. Reading his blog post is a good primer to know the facts about PERA. After 8 years, PERA is now […]

  16. Jessica says:

    Hi Fitz! Have you gotten your PERA already? May we know from which Administrator? 🙂 Also, I would want to understand if it’s wise to invest in PERA while I’m still 23. I’m investing in stocks, insurance and cooperatives already. I’m planning to invest in UITF or MF to diversify. If yes, why? If no, which UITF or MF company do you recommend other than PERA? I was thinking I’ve got 32 years to wait before I could make use of my investment. Yeah I know it’s for retirement but isn’t 55 too old already? Hope they reconsider the terms soon, so I could at least get to enjoy my hard-earned money and retire at a younger age, say 45-50 (22-27 years of contribution of max 100K is not bad enough) Hope you could enlighten me. Thanks in advance!

  17. Fitz says:

    Hi Jessica, no I have not. It’s still not available in BDO nor BPI, where I plan to get them. I also suggest defining your investment goals first, so you can determine the best investments for you.

  18. JCE says:

    I just went last week and it’s already available in BPI. They emailed me the details as well.

  19. Fitz says:

    Hi JCE, that’s good to hear. Which BPI branch is this? I’ll go to my branch next week and inquire as well.

  20. wezzer says:

    Please update us Fitz. Thanks

  21. JCE says:

    According to the Investment Councilor I spoke to…
    Since it is in its early stages, all account opening for PERA will be done
    at the BPI Head Office only — 17/F, BPI Head Office
    Ayala Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City 1226

    Hope this helps!

  22. […] additional sources of retirement income, such as the Personal Equity Retirement Account (PERA). This voluntary savings and investment account allows you to save up to Php 100,000 (or Php 200,000 […]

  23. Dyx says:

    Hi Fitz thanks for this article. Just want to clarify if the 5% tax exemption is applicable 1 time or applicable throughout the entire investment?

    I overheard that it is only applicable to the first 100K? Please advise.

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