13 Things You Should Stop Paying For to Save Money

Updated: December 4, 2023

Would you pay for something that you can actually get for free? Apparently, most people will.

Below is a list of things that Pinoys usually spend on unnecessarily. These expenses can be avoided because you can get them for free, there’s a free alternative, or simply because you don’t really need to spend on them.

I hope these tips can help you save money, especially when you’re trying to minimize your spending.

There’s a free alternative

Apps and software
Before purchasing any app or software, see if there’s a free alternative that can do what you need. There’s already a lot of open-source software that is as good as the paid ones.

Instead of spending money for a trim or simple cut, why not do it yourself? It sounds ridiculous, but I actually know people who do, and they look fine.

For some of them, it’s their spouse who cuts their hair. They said they learned from watching tutorial videos online. And the only time that they go to the salon or barber is if they want a new hairstyle.

Data charges for Internet
The President has signed into law the Free Public Internet Access Program (RA 10929), which means that it should be possible for you to access the Internet in most public places.

Therefore, instead of spending on data, you can just look for places with free public WiFi. Moreover, a lot of malls, coffee shops, and restaurants now provide customers with free internet access because it’s good for business.

Storage devices
Email and other online service providers give you a large amount of storage. From files to photos and videos, they provide a storage platform for you without any charge.

Instead of buying large capacity hard disks and backup storage devices, why not just store your files on the cloud? Most of these are free within a certain limit, which is usually more than enough for personal use.

You don’t really need to spend on them

Bottled water
Studies show that the Philippines is the third-largest contributor to plastic wastes in the world. Do your part for the environment and stop buying bottled water.

Instead, bring your own water bottle. And there’s a lot of places where you can have it refilled for free. From your office water dispenser to restaurants and coffee shops.

Museum fees
The museums under the National Museum of the Philippines are open to the public and no entrance fees are charged. Practically, you can visit any museum nationwide without paying anything.

Text and call promos
There’s no need to register for text and call promos. Just use an online instant messaging app, like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

It’s like going back to the days when text messages are free and unlimited. And these apps can be downloaded for free, too.

Gym fees
Drop those gym memberships and just exercise at home. You can also look for free Zumba and other aerobic classes in local parks and malls.

Garbage bags
Just reuse the plastic bags, which you got from the market or grocery stores.

Bank fees and credit card memberships
Before maxing out your cash on hand, always keep in mind where your bank ATMs are located. This way, you won’t incur bank charges for withdrawing from another bank.

Also, ask your credit card company to waive your membership fees. And if you usually pay on time, you can ask them to reverse the finance charges if you unintentionally missed paying before the due date.

Go to a local cafe and read the day’s newspaper there instead. Or, just read the news online.

Extended warranties
If an appliance doesn’t break down within the normal warranty period, it’ll most likely last for a long time. Thus, making that extended warranty fee an unnecessary purchase.

There have been consumer reports, which show that appliances rarely break down within the extended warranty period anyway. Moreover, most appliances and electronics can be affordably repaired by third-party service providers in case they have problems.

Landline subscription
Mobile phones are now the main channel of communication for most people. When was the last time you used your landline to call someone? If you can’t remember, then better just stop your subscription.

Final Thoughts

I hope you take advantage of what you can get for free so you can save money.

And this is just a shortlist of such expenses you can avoid. If you know something else that isn’t mentioned above, then do share them in the comments section. Thanks.

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  1. Frugality has a limit. I do not have a problem with that. For museum fees, though, we need to pay entrance fees because most museums are underfunded and they get their operating expenses mainly from the entrance fees of visitors. Salaries of already underpaid workers, and maintenance costs come from what the guests pay when they enter.

  2. I was laughing out loud when I read a DIY trim. How can I do that? 🙂 So funny but somehow true. At least you can save around 25 Dirhams per month (in Dubai price for trim).

  3. Honestly I would still get a haircut at a salon but one important bit is that I wouldn’t spend more than a 100 pesos for one. Nowadays there are so many overrated barbers charging over 300 pesos for a haircut.

  4. If only there was free high speed internet at an all night mall, that could save me almost P3,000/month on the fiber-optic bill! WOAH is me, I guess I will have to keep waking up and going to the next room to “go to work” each night? One freebie that I truly appreciate is after a long night when both my wife and I are mentally drained, we often go out to breakfast. I am an option trader on US markets so there is a 12 hour time difference in my “worknight”, my bride is an academic writer with many of her projects coming in overnight from all over the globe.The wonderful staff at several establishments we frequent will place a newspaper in front of you to enjoy while you wait for your food. That is a simple pleasure I never had in my home country!

  5. Free public WiFi means an increase in cybersecurity risks, though, so it’s helpful to download the best app you can find (and it might be worth the expense to pay for one) to combat those risks.

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