12 Enterprising Ways to Make Money from Pokemon Go

Updated: August 8, 2016

Pokémon started in 1996, and this is why a lot of adults are now so much into Pokemon Go.

Those who grew up playing the video games and watching the anime series are just happy to have a part of their childhood back in the form of this mobile game from Niantic.

However, young adults and kids are also joining in on the fun. And for enterprising minds, this large and captured market presents a great opportunity to make some money.


Pokemon Go Game Basics

For those who are not familiar with the game, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game that was released in July 2016.

It’s free to download in iOS and Android. And with the help of GPS that’s present in smartphones, it uses the real world as the setting for the game.

A player is a Pokemon trainer, who needs to go around to hunt, capture, train, and fight virtual creatures called Pokémon, a stylized term for “pocket monsters”.

There are PokéStops and Pokémon gyms in the game where players can restock game items and battle other Pokemon, respectively.

And the best part is that these portals are represented by actual places in the real world!

Download the app and play to learn more how the game works. The mechanics are simple and easy.


How business owners can make money from Pokémon Go

1. You can contact and pay Niantic to have portals in or near your premises. McDonald’s is already doing this in Japan.

2. If your business is lucky enough to have or be located near a portal (PokéStop or Pokémon gym), expect players to be always nearby.

But to really attract players, drop a Lure Module at your nearby PokéStop. This game item lures Pokemon to the area for 30 minutes and you’ll have a crowd of people there in no time.

Restaurants, for example, can create special promos on refreshments and snacks for Pokemon trainers. If possible, park your food cart business in these places.

A Lure Module can easily be bought for $0.99 (cheaper if you buy more) in the game.

3. Pokemon Go uses a lot of mobile battery, and it’s been known that some businesses are now offering phone charging services within their premises. Stores can perhaps sell power banks, too.

4. Take advantage of this gaming trend by selling accessories and complimentary items.

The game forces people to go out and walk around. So boutiques can come up with Pokémon-inspired fashion, or have special discounts on caps, walking shorts, and cotton shirts.

Meanwhile, sporting goods stores can bank on people’s increase in physical activity by having promos on pedometers and other outdoor gears.

5. Lastly, software developers and tech companies can launch support apps and online tools that can help players improve their game.

A friend suggested that perhaps, there can be a Tinder-style app that will allow you to connect and chat with Pokemon players nearby so you can more safely walk around with a group.


How individuals can make money from Pokemon Go

6. Study your area and offer to drive players around to visit portals. You can charge by the hour, per distance, or per portal visited.

Taxis and Uber drivers can ask their passengers if they play the game, and perhaps offer to drive them around for a while to earn a little extra on the fare.

7. If you own an internet hotspot device, then you can rent it out or offer data tethering services to groups.

8. The game requires a lot of walking, especially if you need to hatch a Pokémon egg.

Some people may want to get a bit of rest without missing out. You can offer to play and walk for them while they grab some snacks and take a breather.

9. Alternatively, you can offer to watch their kids or pets while they’re out playing the game and walking around.

10. If you have the skills to level up fast in the game, then you can coach other people how to optimize and improve their game.

11. And if you’re tech savvy, you can create a website or a blog that focuses on trivia, news, stories, tips, and strategies for the game. You can earn from advertisements or by selling related products and services.

12. Lastly, just like most massive multiplayer role-playing games, there will come a time that the game will have its own economy.

Stock up on rare and useful items, or create and level-up several accounts — maybe you’ll be able to sell them for profit in the future.

What about you? Any other tips on how to make money from Pokemon Go? Share them below.

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